get innovative with ice creams - times of india - stainless steel wine cups

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get innovative with ice creams - times of india  -  stainless steel wine cups
There is a sentence in a poem: "The only Emperor is the Emperor of Ice Cream.
With the temperature of the city soaring every day, it is natural to crave ice cream.
And, if you're the kind of person who wants to dig a bucket of ice cream on a regular basis, it's recommended that you spend it on ingredients and make it at home instead of picking up expensive ingredients from the shelves.
Here are five unusual and interesting flavors you can try to make at home: the basic way to make ice cream
Prepare your mixture and cool in the ice bath.
Meanwhile, freeze a shallow stainless steel container. -
Pour the cold mixture into a frozen pan. -
Check the ice cream for 20 minutes.
When the edge begins to freeze, stir the mixture hard with a spatula or mixer to make it smooth and smooth.
Continue to freeze after stirring. -
Every half hour, about four to five times, stir the ice cream vigorously until it is firmly frozen.
If the ice cream gets too hard to stir, let it sit outside before freezing again until it is soft enough to stir. -
After three hours, your ice cream should be ready. this summer, ginger sauce ice cream can't stay away from carbonated drinks? Don’t.
Just give it an interesting form to beat the heat.
Stir the eggs and sugar to pale in a bowl.
At the same time, Mix ginger chili sauce with cream and heat it with heavy taste
Bottom pan until it enters sim.
Slowly add in the bowl of sugar and eggs.
Place your mixture in the pan, cook it with low heat, and stir until thick. -4 egg yolks -½ cup sugar -
1 cup of ginger chili sauce
If you and your family don't like eggs, here's a perfect recipe.
Hot coconut milk until it is stewed for a while.
Put it aside and put it in the sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
Add lemon leaves, lemon grass and pepper for 10 minutes.
Remove lemon leaves and lemon grass and add cream and vanilla cream to freeze. -
2 cups of coconut milk-½ cup sugar -
Chopped 2 red peppers8-10 lime leaves1 lemon grass -
A cup of heavy cream
2 cups of vanilla cream frozen Khatta Meetha ice cream, mixed with two bold flavors of sweet and spicy, heated cream, milk, mint leaves, coriander, chili, turmeric and salt until it is stewed slowly.
Let it cool for 10 minutes.
At the same time, stir the sugar and eggs to pale.
Gradually add the heated and cooled mixture to the sugar and eggs and stir slowly.
Pour the final mixture into the pan and heat it until it is thick. -
2 cups of heavy cream-1 cup milk -
A cup of mint leaves
1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder-½ tsp paprika -
Teaspoon ginger powder
A pinch of salt1 cup sugar -
4 egg yolk dark chocolate and walnut ice cream you can never escape even if you try to avoid
I like chocolate ice cream.
First, mix cream frozen, cocoa and sugar in half a cup of milk.
At the same time, heat the remaining milk until it is boiling.
Then, mix the cocoa mixture with the boiled milk and let it cool a bit.
After that, add cream and vanilla essence and stir until the mixture is thick.
Once your ice cream is ready, put a walnut on it and make it crunch. -2 ½ cups milk -
1 tablespoon egg soup powder
2 tablespoons of black cocoa powder u 1 cup of sugar-
A small spoon of vanilla
1 cup of heavy cream
If you can't stay away from Oriental cuisine, there is a cool fit here.
Mix milk, cream, sugar, kaffir lemon zest, sea salt, egg yolk and kaffir lemon leaf strips in a bowl.
Stir the mixture thoroughly and freeze it for an hour.
Then, pour the mixture into a pan and cook the cream freeze with medium fire, stirring continuously until the sim is reached.
Place the mixture in the bowl to discard strips and dandruff. -2 cups milk -
1 cup of heavy cream
2/3rd cups of sugar-
Fresh kaafir lemon zest-teaspoon
Teaspoon 1/4 sea salt-4 egg yolks -
4 fresh kaafir lime leaves
Kaafir lime slices for decoration-
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