floating trash bin gets to work on uk’s south coast - buy plastic water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-23
floating trash bin gets to work on uk’s south coast  -  buy plastic water bottles
Australian surfer Pete cheglinski and Andrew Turton's creativity first installed Seahawks near the Land Rover Ben Ansley racing base (BAR)
The fleet of Portsmouth on the southern coast of England.
The team introduced the plastic-
Make the invention part of "the most sustainable sailing fleet in the world.
"This machine can only be used around ports, docks and yacht clubs, and it uses a submersible pump to suck waste from the water surface into the inner bag of the bin.
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Two Australian surfers raised more than $250 (VIDEO)
Through the workload of 1. 5kg (3. 3lbs)
Waste waste every day, garbage bins can accommodate up to 12 kg (26lbs)
Before it needs to be emptied.
This means that Seahawks can collect waste from more than 20,000 plastic bottles or 83,000 plastic bags each year.
"It captures everything that is floating in the water, plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel and detergent," Ceglinksi said . ".
This will require entrepreneurs to raise a $50,000 to start production, but this is a public interest in the project and they have managed to raise funds totaling $267,000.
Later, they tested the seabirds on docks across Europe.
Currently, Seabin's purchase costs around $5,000, and Ceglinski and Turton want to produce 360 units per month when their plant in Lyon, France is fully operational.
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As part of the local conservation program, oysters were introduced in 2015.
Recently, the problem of plastic production is often raised.
In July, American scientists estimated a total of 8 people. 3 billion tons (metric)
In the course of history, enough plastic has been produced, enough to cover such a large country as Argentina, and a ton of plastic has been produced for everyone on Earth.
In 2016, a report from the Alan MacArthur Foundation predicted that by 2050, there would be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
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