fine arts: masayuki koorida: sculpture - stainless steel ice balls

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fine arts: masayuki koorida: sculpture  -  stainless steel ice balls
For you, the first and most important thing to know about the current exhibition of sculpture venues is that photos and words do not fully convey the impact of Koorida Masayuki's huge stone carvings.
Is it their obvious weight (
A tour guide at the museum said one of them was only 16 tons. )
Their organic shapes (
Ball, tentacles, tentacles. )
It's their shiny, high-polished surface that reflects overhead lights that seem to be jewelry necklaces, hanging on top and around, and when you walk in the middle of them, they finally come to the conclusion, you might have those things.
Tom Moran, GFS's chief curator, selected the works in the exhibition materials and said, "when I felt the power of Masaki's work during my visit to China, I know we have to take it to the sculpture site for everyone to experience.
Thanks to Koorida's powerful vision, the forces and temptations of forms and materials combine with the biological morphological shapes found in nature.
When you enter the museum, you will be greeted by "Ho", a tall oval granite with highly polished dents with oval and round shapes, holding yellow
The white reflection of the interior lighting and the blue natural light coming from the windows.
Not far away, "tentacles" seem ready
Glide on the low platform.
It is made of shiny black marble, balanced on 12 spheres, and 12 rides on the slender back.
There is a large block of textured granite on the floor with one that can be described as five
The petals lay flat on its surface.
Its title is "tribute to Noguchi", and its work at 1970 Japan World Expo in Osaka is said to be the main inspiration for Koorida to study art at Mushashino University of Art in Tokyo.
Koorida was born on 1960 at post-
World War II, Kyoto, Japan.
After studying in Tokyo, he received a special residence allowance for the Netherlands.
He moved to Taiwan from there.
It was then that he began to display his sculptures in Italy, Germany and China.
Many of the works in this exhibition were created by stones from all over China, and over the past 12 years he has completed in his studio in Shanghai.
According to the exhibition materials, the largest exhibition materials will take two years to create.
Accompanied by a large sculpture is the graphite picture on nine pieces of paper.
They also suggest weight and firmness.
The drawings centered on a white background are black and dense.
They come up with the form of biological form, and interestingly, circles appear in everyone, a universal symbol of totality and none.
Therefore, the painting reflects the eternal quality of the huge sculpture.
Ten pieces of work with lighter weight, concept and lighter material are shown in the mezzanine.
There, a sphere similar to the design is displayed together. They are "Ball-Black" (marble), "Ball-Transparent" (cast acrylic), and "Ball-Reflection" (
Grinding stainless steel).
These are not just balls, their shape and the way they are sunken indicate facial features.
A glow, a glitter, a reflection. "Bleed" (Stainless steel)
And "bleeding and transparent "(acrylic)are flower-
Just like the shape lying flat on the display stand, while "light" and "light twins" stand upright, it seems to be to celebrate the sparkling light sources on all round assemblies.
There are six coreda sculptures in the outdoor garden.
Just a few steps from the museum.
Granite "Black Flower" is located by multiple
In the tone of small stones, these stones are imitated under the petals of its globules.
"Nature" is quite high outside the main entrance of the museum, and the bright darkness points to the sky.
"From our first site
The specific outdoor Committee for the recent installation of Aylin Zimmerman and Mark Meining, the Garden State of Isaac wikin, the sculpture site has a historical record of showing the immortal works on the stone.
Koorida is based on his highly stylized and polished sculptures, "said Gary Garrido Schneider, executive director of GFS.
"The work is simple and elegant, but there is a warmth and invitation in the organic shape and mirror --like surfaces.
"While GFS is beautiful in every season, it's especially true that everything is open now.
After you explore and absorb Koorida's sculptures and paintings in the museum, pick up a map of the venue, take a leisurely walk outdoors and look for his work in the garden.
You will find "memories" on the big lawn, "black flowers", "black seeds" and "nature" in the museum orchard, and "Untitled" in the playground garden ".
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