film-inspired cocktails: pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides - swizzle stick cocktail

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film-inspired cocktails: pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides  -  swizzle stick cocktail
X is still the sign of the place, but bitcoin, a little spice and the gold of Flor de Cania are the treasures of this Pirates of the Caribbean --
Inspired drinks by Seattle chef Brian McCracken and Dana toough. By Brody Brown.
Usually, Disney's most popular rides are inspired by movies with very good box office performance --
Office or occupy a particularly important position in the film canon.
Think about "Peter Pan's Flight", "Flying Elephant" or "the terrible adventure of Snow White ".
"Other times, they are riding elements from Disney movies, such as the spinning teacup of the Mad Hat party in Alice in Wonderland, or the" horse peak sled "at Disneyland ", this is in the smaller-
1959 Disney film the third person on the mountain. But in the mid-
Disney film after 90to-
Ride the model on its head and start making movies based on the theme park rides, starting with 1997 TV films, the Tower of Terror, apparently based on the Tower of Terror ".
On 2000, Disney released the mission of Mars, inspired by the show of the same name in the park's world of tomorrow.
Despite being forgotten, at least the mission makes a little more noise than 2002 of the country bear, although it is based on the appeal of the beloved "country bear Gala, not getting much love from critics or Disneyphiles.
But before the release of the film "The Bell"to-
Disney released Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of black pearls.
Maybe the power of Verbinski-
"American love for Johnny Depp", or maybe the true story of the film (gasp! Imagine! )
But the film went against the trend and robbed the box office.
Ordered the sequel!
The thoughts behind unconventional riding --to-
Applaud the movie concept!
Inspired by fashion designers!
Then, when they think of something good, Disney released the haunted house to a new open audience later that year.
Despite minor success, critics generally see this as a failure to order a follow-up sequel.
Sorry, Eddie Murphy.
Despite the setbacks, on the eve of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: a wave of strangers, we came here, the fourth film of the very profitable pirate series.
Can Disney succeed in turning rides into movies only when the story revolves around gold?
The dead man with teeth?
"Mouse House" doesn't seem to think so, recently confirmed it has invited Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to live
The adventure park is adapted to the action of the "Jungle Cruise" boat ride.
Even the "Haunted House" got another life lease on the big screen, this time at Murphy-
Guillermo del Toro, director of the rare edition.
Mountain space-
Inspired movies or stories set in a canyon not far from the great Thunder Mountain Railway?
Or, perhaps, a story of tolerance and global solidarity, brought up from the multicultural waters of "This is a Small World" in the fantasy world?
Amateur Bartenders may drink to the latest issue of Pirates of the Caribbean, a suitable wine.
Cocktail seasoned with white cheddar cheese
What about this limited edition pirate loot powder?
A drink of medicinal value that can cure the disease of pirates and fight bad vy, malaria, syphilis or abies sore?
There is no doubt that a delicious drink may make you taste like the main pirate of the movie, and he is often praised as the sexiest man in the world?
With so many options, it's better to leave it to the pros, which is why we got the help of Dana Tough and Brian McCrackenchefs and co-
Owner of Seattle Spur and tavern law.
"If the pirate's collection contains exotic spices, then it is precious --
It was an expensive luxury at the time, "said Togh.
"We captured the appeal of spices to pirate robbers, such as Captain Sparrow, with Tasmanian pepper syrup that adds spices and tells the story.
"Raw materials like falernum bring the depth of the various spices that these robbers have successfully raided.
"We may have a whole bunch of ingredients for our cocktail, but that's why it was named the chest of the deceased," McCracken added . ".
"The soul-gathering coffin is inspired by Dana's tenacity and Brian macleken's excitement and pub Law troy ounce.
Flor de Cana for 4 years-Old Gold ¾ oz.
Bennett Blanca oz
Half an ounce of lemon juice
Pineapple juice 1/4 ouncesfalernum ¾ oz.
Tas fish pepper syrup * 6 dashes put all the ingredients in the Boston ice shake machine.
Shake and squeeze into the Collins glass on the broken ice.
Decorated with wine bar, light green rose.
* Put a cup of sugar, a glass of water and 2 tablespoons Tasmanian pepper in the pan and bring it to a boil.
Mixing and strain.
Keep the remaining syrup for multiple rounds of cocktails.
Brody Brown studied fashion crime in Montreal and New York, studied social issues, and carefully considered cocktails.
He is now continuing his exploration in Los Angeles, where he has written articles on spiritual, music, gay, bisexual and transgender themes, entertainment and nightlife.
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