eu proposes total ban on plastic cutlery and straws to reduce single-use litter - metal drink stirrers

by:Koodee      2019-08-06
eu proposes total ban on plastic cutlery and straws to reduce single-use litter  -  metal drink stirrers
According to a proposal put forward by the EU, disposable plastic products including cotton buds, machetes and straws may be banned in most parts of Europe.
The move, which follows a similar attempt to reduce the harmful effects of plastics in the UK, is part of a global effort to reduce garbage and destroy beaches and ocean beds.
The European Commission said the goal of the proposal announced on Monday was 10
Use the most common plastic products on European beaches and seas, as well as lost and abandoned fishing gear.
It seeks to cut the marine waste of these items-equivalent to the garbage found in continental African waters and beaches-and removes the bill on environmental damage for the next 12 years
Under the new regulations, single
The use of plastic products will be prohibited if there are alternatives and the price is reasonable.
This will include plastic cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straws, beverage mixers and balloon sticks, all of which must be made of sustainable materials. Single-
Using coffee cups made of plastic, it is only allowed to go on sale if the lid and lid remain connected.
"Europeans need to act together to solve this problem," said Frans Timmermans, vice president of the EU . ".
"Today's proposal will reduce disposable plastics on supermarket shelves through a series of measures.
"We will ban some of these products and replace them with cleaner alternatives so that people can still use their favorite products.
"The proposal also specifies how individual EU Member States must achieve a reduction in the single-
Use plastic and have the obligation to collect all disposable beverage bottles by 2025.
For fishing gear that accounts for about a quarter of all beach waste, manufacturers will be required to pay for waste collection and disposal.
Michael Gove, minister of the environment, put forward the idea of banning plastic straws and cotton buds in the UK, but the government only announced consultations on the issue, not the draft legislation.
Prior to this, Mr. Gove and Mr. timemans had a spat on Twitter when Britain withdrew from the EU-
Supporters of conservative lawmakers say EU laws are holding back Britain's progress in the environment.
The EU vice-president responded by saying Brussels was "one step ahead" and urged Gove to "align with us ".
Prior to the announcement, the independent newspaper launched a campaign to cut the waste of cups, which has been pushing businesses and governments to take action in an effort to better address the waste of disposable coffee cups.
The EU Parliament and Member States will evaluate the proposal, but timemans hopes the plan will be implemented within 12 months.
Lasse Gustavsson, European executive director of environmental organization Oceana, supports these proposals.
"The only way to stop plastic from flooding into our oceans is to close the flow of its sources: production," he said . ".
The European Parliament says plastic production is now 20 times higher than in 1960.
China's decision not to import part of EU waste has also prompted the EU to take action.
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