eu proposes ban on straws, other single-use plastics - cocktail drink stirrers

by:Koodee      2019-08-06
eu proposes ban on straws, other single-use plastics  -  cocktail drink stirrers
EU proposed a group on Monday
Single is widely banned
While urging the collection of most plastic beverage bottles by 2025, plastics such as straws, tableware and cotton buds are used.
This series of proposals is part of the EU's growing efforts to eliminate plastic waste, which has begun to appear in the food chain.
"There is no denying that plastic waste is a big problem and Europeans need to act together to solve it," said Frans Timmermans, first vice president of the EU . ".
"Today's proposal will reduce the single --
Through a series of measures, plastic is used on our supermarket shelves . "
Timmermans ).
The proposal requires a ban on plastic cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straws, beverage mixers and balloon sticks, but no deadline has been set.
Under plans that must be approved by 28 EU member states and the European Parliament, these projects must be made of sustainable materials.
Member States must reduce use by promoting the sale of alternatives or ensuring that plastic food containers and beverage cups are not provided free of charge.
Producers must contribute to the cost of waste management and will be rewarded with the development of alternatives that are less polluting.
For example, it requires plastic fishing gear producers to pay for the collection of waste from Port receiving facilities.
Sustainable alternative Member States must collect 90% single
For example, a plastic beverage bottle is used by 2025 through a deposit refund plan.
The plan requires producers to clearly label the product and inform consumers how waste should be treated.
These proposals, coupled with the January proposal that all plastic packaging in Europe be recyclable by 2030, were made after China decided to ban imports of foreign waste for recycling.
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