etape suisse: the summit of luxurious cycling - stainless steel water bottles

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etape suisse: the summit of luxurious cycling  -  stainless steel water bottles
Etape du Tour and La Marmotte are one of the hardest amateur bike sports in the world, but what if you want to have fun without suffering?
Are you comfortable?
Maybe you stand up and wonder if there is a sport or Etape you can take part in, but you can enjoy riding in it instead of simply knocking the kilometers off?
There is an alternative to the Swiss Alps and may be the ideal solution.
Note the lack of quality sports to meet the needs of both semi-Sports
Pro and amateur riders Robert Simpson and Stephen Fryer make up Etape Suisse, a club that offers opportunities for all riders to ride in challenging places, regardless of their abilities, but the focus is on luxury and comfort. Sounds ideal?
Their motto of commitment to material without sacrificing style certainly resonates.
The company has now entered its third year, enjoying the pro-
The cyclists are the same as celebrities, having hosted a very successful first season in Davos last year and another trip scheduled for September.
The wheels are very sporty if you like.
In 2016, Etape Suisse will be based in Gstaad, a picturesque alpine town that is a stylish resort for wealthy and famous people, perfect with Cannes
The city is busy as a luxury ski resort in the winter and offers plenty of hiking opportunities in the summer, but strangely overlooked is the obvious bike route-almost 500 km kilometers.
This is good news for experienced cyclists;
The road was almost completely deserted during my visit, banning some locals and allowing you to focus only on your own needs.
Nearby towns and villages are also surprisingly vacant, and perhaps it is this serenity that has attracted people like Michael Jackson, Peter Cyrus and Paris Hilton who have been on vacation in the mountains over the years.
Every tour of Etape Suisse is attended by a celebrity guest.
On my journey, Sky Sports experts and former England international cricketer Michael Vaughan joined the race, replacing the pedals with foot pads and playing on the Alpine highway.
As a former captain in early 2000, he must have gotten used to the uphill challenge-his experience will definitely come in handy?
One of the many benefits, however, is that you don't have to be an international athlete to attend.
The point is not to break the record and PBs, but to allow all the abilities to ride together on a customized route that is inclusive.
It is a personal challenge, but not a challenge;
No prizes for the first time, no wooden spoon for the last time.
It's an intimate experience worth enjoying, not a separate trial that pushes you to the limit.
This concept will be reflected in September.
Retired former Tour de France champion Cadel Evans joined the group.
His presence will provide a unique opportunity to ride with the best athletes, but luckily he doesn't have to drive at full speed.
In order to achieve this feat, Etape Suisse offers a variety of bicycles-the choice of BMC road bikes (
Impressive disc
My eyes were weighed at 8. 1kg! )
Or super electric bike, very powerful power-
The auxiliary alternative rotates up at Froome's speed, but the drop rate slows down due to the need to charge.
Experienced cyclists may belittle a relatively short route (
The longest is 61 km-you can choose a longer route or a completely bypassed section)
Or it's relatively slow, but different itineraries offer you an opportunity to look up and enjoy the scenery without motivation-a surprisingly unique sporting gift.
Support Experienced local guides to provide back office services
So if you unfortunately suffer a puncture, want to change your bike, or need additional energy drinks or supplements, all you want is a few minutes away.
Dining is even more impressive: When most pelotons pick up the water bottle, you reach out and grab the cutlery and tuck it into threeMichelin coursestar lunch.
Social activities are also planned in the evening.
It's all part of the fine.
Exquisite restaurant-cycling.
After an open day, test the bike and stretch your legs through the majestic Lac du Vernex Reservoir (
A scenic, mostly flat 50 km-kilometer cyclical route north)
The second is a more challenging Western mountain climb.
It was left to Vaughan, who led England to the glory of Ashes in 2005, again leading from the front-this time, before we joined the main road and climbed the first two climbs of Gsteig, pass south along mattenstrese.
Right here on the road between Gsteigand Les Diablerets you can see all 24 snow
The peak on the earExplosion shed 4, 000ft.
But your attention is very down on the road and tilted in a long but stable direction towards Colonel Pilon.
At 1,546, it is one of the highest passages in the region and the bottom of the glacier at 3000.
With the influx of sweat and the burning of the legs, there is a short break before the eyes to breathe and directions
The steep waterfalls of du pilong and the ticket holders are very beautiful.
Despite the tricky corners, the shocking narrow and steep 6 km drop is the highlight of any trip.
In a few minutes, you will see the Ormont --
Dessus is an exquisite town that sits gracefully in the valley between Chamossaire and La Para ranges, bringing idyllic snow to the village --Capped background.
When I visited, the sun was dazzling and seemed to be endless flowers --
The decorated cottage is a perfect distraction-as soon as a steep right turn route leads to an initially daunting 15 km m rise.
Every turn you think you have cracked it until another village road comes along.
All arrows and guides point above and it does take every ounce of muscle to reach the peak of La Torneresse.
Compared to the first drop, the road here is more flat and wider.
The distance of 9 km is also longer, giving you enough time to speed up and enjoy the journey.
Turning around on the spires and stone bridges, you may forget that more than 400ft of the vertical drop goes into the Grande River-a blue river from Lac de l'hongrin-and it gradually appears on your left.
As the road passes through mossy village, we stop and take a break on the terraced seats in Le Bivouac (
Part of Hotel le Relais Alpin)
It offers a wonderful panoramic view of Gros Van, but is mainly a place to rejuvenate the palate and pain in the hip.
Short descent through perfection and pictures-
Perfect resort in Castle
Before we arrived at Saanen and gathered for a glass of heavenly wine, Deaux and rugemont followed --
Stop at lunch time at Alpine Lodge, a convenient place to transport, just 2 km metres from the Gstaad, offering idyllic respite in shady trees.
The route took four hours, but in the afternoon offered 20 km rides of all sorts of different difficulty: take Turbach to the east, head south to Launen, and head north to saenmoser.
For those who like to indulge, the hotel spa's care service and the diving of the outdoor swimming pool are only a short drive away from the hotel.
For some, deciding on unlimited options will be the biggest challenge of the trip.
On June 2016, Etape Suisse, Switzerland held a sports bike, social and luxurious weekend in Gstaad, Switzerland.
Price, excluding flights, starting at £ 2,500 per rider and £ 2,300 per non-riderrider.
Book online at www. etapesuisse. com.
There are also reservations in Davos, Switzerland, from 10-
September 13, 2015.
Travel in Joel provides travel in Gstaad (www. gstaad. ch)
, Accommodation provided by hotel Gstaad Palace (www. palace. ch)
Swiss Airlines (www. swiss. com)
He flies more than 190 times a week from London Heathrow Airport, London City, Manchester, Birmingham and Dublin to Switzerland.
Bicycles are provided by BMC and Stromer, thanks to the good foundation, bike health and high 5 nutrition of Lawrence Sports.
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