escape to tulum - stylish glass water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-09-01
escape to tulum  -  stylish glass water bottles
Once a hippie territory. to-
Celestial bodies, leisurely
Back town on the Caribbean coast of Mexico is attracting a new group of fashion travelers without sacrificing its quirky charm.
This jungle
The Riviera Maya waterfront is probably the latest White in Mexico
Popular destinations, but Tulum is far from the spoiled places you can get.
Here, getting rid of real world worries is as easy as taking off your sultry city clothes to buy swimsuits and sarong.
From the stunning pristine mangrove forests, canals and wetlands of the UNESCO biosphere of Xi'an, to the famous Toulon archaeological areapre-
The Mayan ruins of Colombia, located on the magnificent cliff, are located in the "hotel area" and almost the entire area uses solar energy, wind and occasional generators, and Turun has something for everyone.
Tulum has always been a tourist's obsession, and their idea of happiness is to lie in a hammock, play a guitar on the beach, and perform sunshine greetings from the sea.
It's still all about it, but there's a welcome addition on site.
In addition to cheap and cheerful huts and country squares lined up along the waterfront, there are now resorts and restaurants to cater for the more upscale and luxurious needs
Addicted customers
Country style hotel, simple, bare
Bones decor and warm commitment to the cause of the environment, as well as charming resorts-
Each has its own unique charm.
In our most recent visit, we decided to soak our toes at both ends of the pool starting this week
A decoration point called Zamas hotel and then in the next few days in hyper-
Stylish Turen.
Our first stay in popular decades
The old zammas on a piece of land between the road and the road (
There is only one hotel area in Tulum)
And the sea, the "front desk" consists of a small table and two rattan chairs, two rattan chairs sandwiched between the bar and the open bar
Air restaurant, mural!
These exclamation points succinctly summarize the spirit of the hotel, the way the hotel works is leisure, relaxyour-shoes-
The warm service is accompanied by a large number of primary colors and seaside colors.
Very tacky decoration
However, some things are serious, such as the hotel's commitment to responsible environmental practices: plastic and glass recycling, free refilling of guest water bottles and reliance on solar and wind energy.
We had a wooden fish-shaped room key in our hands and came to our room wobbly across the beach --
The hotel's 18 cozy cottages, each of which is made of rough stones with a thatched roof on top.
The atmosphere inside is retro beach cottage full of innocence-
Fish murals and mosaics in styletiled shower.
We have a terrace surrounded by wooden fences and two hammocks, where you can see the view forever.
The mood of the ocean changes, clapping on the shore just a few steps from our front door.
We paddle on the shoal to see the pelican dive-
Bomb fishing and crawling around rough rocks on headland.
We relax in a world of fresh scrub covered by a brilliant blue sky, grab our beach cruiser and walk down the road in a wobbly way.
From one end of the hotel area to the other is a simple and flat journey that ends at the entrance to Xi'an.
The route is dotted with open-air tacos-and-
Tequila joints like Mateo (
Also serving top-notch espresso)
The Grill in Argentina is also very chic, like a delicious Casa Banana (pictured).
Low in the streetkey eco-
So far, a number of featured boutiques selling premium boho staples have joined dense jungle hidden resorts such as fedoras and hand-
Printed maxi dress.
I particularly enjoyed visiting Josa, a small boutique founded by New Yorkers filled with sexy silk and chiffon designed by vintage cafes and Los Angeles troupes. A converted container that shows floating dresses and elegant handmade shoes that stand out for its blue "cool"
The logo was drawn in front.
Read more about escape from the charming lighthouse of life on the world coast from America's happiest coastal town 5 to turenmore-
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