empty wine bottles sell for £300 in china - empty plastic drinking bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-20
empty wine bottles sell for £300 in china  -  empty plastic drinking bottles
Counterfeiters have begun to collect empty bottles and then refill them to deceive wealthy Chinese.
One of the most popular is the Lafite Rothschild Castle 1982, which sold a full bottle of wine at auction for £ 2,000.
"We only accept Lafite and Maotai [
The most famous spirit in China
A Beijinger said
His name is Mr. Huang.
"We pay in cash and can charge the seller.
We offer 2,900 yuan (£282)
This is a good bottle of Lafite Rothschild wine.
"We will offer a 100 yuan discount for Lafite Carruades de Lafite," he added . ".
Huang said his company collected some empty stuff from bars and restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing,
The Chinese New Year until February is the peak season, as counterfeiters aim for wine lovers who want to celebrate in a stylish fashion.
"The bottle needs to be in the best possible condition," said Mr Ye, another distributor of a Shanghai company . ".
"It's important.
"I only want real bottles, no fakes," he added . ".
In the past year, China has become the fastest growing country in the world.
With the growing wine market, millionaires are eager to appear sophisticated.
Last year, Lafite's 2009 winery was sold in Hong Kong for £ 43,000, three times that of London.
"It's always dangerous when people drink not out of passion, but because they think good wine is something they think should be seen drinking, adam Bilbe said at the Hong Kong offices of the Berry Brothers and Kevin Rudd.
China currently accounts for 65 of its sales, according to wine dealers.
"We definitely opened a fake bottle," said Mr Bilbe . ".
"There is a big red from the South of France.
It's not actually a bad wine, but it's not what it should be.
He predicted that more and more fake wine would be "shocking" by a scandal ".
"All dealers are here because Hong Kong and China are currently seen as major markets and not everyone is as strict as they should be.
"Someone will be badly stung and the weeds will be pulled out," he said . ".
Le ne Bolton, operations director of one of Shanghai's top restaurants on the Bund couple, said some of his clients had checked their bottles for up to 20 minutes before deciding to take the risk.
"What's more dangerous is that old wines tend to be repackagedcorked.
"From 1965 until now, all of our wines have been given new cork, which makes it even more difficult to find fakes," he said . ".
Chinese high-end spirits like Maotai are more fake.
1950 of the original Moutai bottle can now reach up to 600.
"We spent tens of millions of dollars cracking down on counterfeiters," a spokesman for Maotai said . ".
We use holographic, physically sealed, light.
Sensitive ink and watermark.
We have an office of 80 people.
But it is impossible to eliminate these false souls, "he added.
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