eleven windows smashed at highlands businesses - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-30
eleven windows smashed at highlands businesses  -  coffee mug & tumbler
Shopkeepers near Edmonton Heights cleaned the glass on Friday morning after being smashed at the 112 Avenue storefront.
Edmonton police said a blunt object was used to break about a dozen windows near 65 and 112 Avenue.
Charges of mischief against 36-pendingyear-old woman.
Drugs and alcohol may be a factor, police say.
Her Majesty and her friend's host, Julie Morrison, said she received a phone call from the security company around three in the morning. m,.
Said her business was broken.
Two of the windows were broken and a chair was added to damage, she said.
"My glass is in a mess;
When I got here at three in the morning, the glass shards and the products were mixed on the ground, "she said.
She said both businesses except the street were affected.
"It's kind of like a midnight party where all of our business owners are sweeping glass in the street," she said . ".
But nothing was damaged in the store except a broken coffee cup.
Staff at Bodega Highlands and Mandolin Book & Coffee
Make sure their windows are broken, too.
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