eco-friendly bottle for ethical water - the best glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-31
eco-friendly bottle for ethical water  -  the best glass water bottle
CNNLONDON with clothing stores by Julie, EnglandCNN)--
A water company that invests all its profits into clean water projects in developing countries has built an eco-friendly bottle with biodegradable plastic.
In May 2004, Belu Spring Water began placing socially responsible Water on supermarket shelves and tables in some of the UK's top restaurants.
The company was founded two years ago when a group of people came up with the business idea under the stimulus of the United States. N.
Secretary-General Annan used capitalism to improve the movement of the Earth.
Managing director and Belu
Reed Paget, a former documentary producer, told CNN that the idea behind the business is to create water in areas where water is not popular.
"We think, why don't we start a company to solve the possibility of using capitalism as a positive way to solve the outstanding problem of water pollution," he said . ".
"There are 25 people on Earth who cannot get clean water supply, so an easy way to solve this problem is to create a company that does so.
"Belu water has been in glass bottles so far, but starting next month, the company will launch its" bio-bottle "," which is made of a plastic, can be broken down in 8 to 10 weeks.
The plastic is made of corn starch from the United States. S.
Pag and Paget say this is the first time this has happened in the UK.
He said the company began an investigation using the ecosystem.
He was very plastic friendly six months ago, but it was only recently that the technology caught up with the high standards he was looking.
"Plastic always seems a bit suspicious because it has always been considered a pollutant.
"Belu water can be found on Waitrose's shelf, which is a high
Supermarket chains in the UK, as well as some of London's most upscale restaurants, including Nobu, Sketch and Groucho Club.
Reed said the company focused on the high end of the business, government and restaurant industries.
The water comes from a spring water on a hill in the West of England.
"We don't want to sell it as moral water.
We hope it is considered the best water you can find, which happens to be beneficial.
"Belu is not yet profitable as a new business, but when it is profitable, it plans to put all its profits into clean water projects.
Nevertheless, it has allocated money from its sales to fund water projects, including a village with a population of 10,000 in the Tamil Nadu region of India, where Belu has created four water sources for the town, health facilities were provided for children and health education was carried out.
It also plans to clear the Thames in West Africa, as well as in London closer to home, ahead of 2012 Olympic Games, to be held in the city.
Said Bellu padit. -
From the word blue and the beautiful Italian "Bella "--takes a three-
A two-pronged approach to its clean water program not only provides clean water sources for drinking water, but also for washing hand-held water supplies and educating the importance of hygiene.
Reid said that the people behind Beilu have been looking for inspiration in companies like body stores, which were founded by Anita Roddick and have not tested products on animals, A company founded by screen legend Paul Newman has made most of the profits from selling food to charities.
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