easy-breezy: planning ahead can make your picnic just that - glass water bottle with plastic outside

by:Koodee      2019-08-24
easy-breezy: planning ahead can make your picnic just that  -  glass water bottle with plastic outside
As the weather warmed, many of us began to think about enjoying the food outdoors.
But a seamless, successful picnic requires some planning.
There is a list and some ideas about what food works best to keep it simple
The breeze of a picnic in summer is average.
Whether you want to make a simple outdoor lunch or a more stylish meal, a set of lunch menus, or a romantic dinner for both, be prepared.
I understand that garbage bags and bottle openers are not just the hard way to show up in the field.
From classic picnic baskets to solid, flat baskets
Bottom bag of metal or plastic box or box.
Some coolers are included.
The food is simple to choose from and there is no need to make a fuss during the picnic.
Avoid fragile food, take away foods that are not soaked, delicious at room temperature, can be held in the sun for a while, can be eaten by hand or with a fork
It's hard to cut things on a paper tray that balances your legs.
Usually, there is no regular indoor dining process specified for a picnic.
Someone may be chewing a piece of frittata while others are eating cookies, which is very acceptable and lovely.
But if you plan on a more laid back afternoon, you might want to start something about nibbley.
Cheese plus bread or biscuits are always welcome, supplemented with condiments such as olives, corn, nuts, dried fruits and fig jam or chutney.
If you make one or two crostini toppings, take it out with some baking slices brushed with olive oil and let people assemble it themselves.
Think about dipping it, cut it --up vegetables.
There are a lot of interesting sales to go with chips.
If you bring a lettuce salad or anything that will wither quickly, pack it separately and throw it there.
Make and wear stronger cereal and vegetable salads before leaving (
Some cereal, pasta or potato salad can be made a few days in advance).
Sandwiches are always good, but they are tightly packed so they don't break apart.
Roast chicken or roast chicken (so good cold)
Salad including chicken or tuna, chicken skewers, fried foods and other protein
Really, anything you eat at room temperature is fair.
Including at least one vegetarian and one gluten.
If you think a free option may be needed.
Avoid desserts like pies and cakes that require cutting and plating. Go with pre-
Durable candy like brownie, bar cookies, drop cookies.
Grapes, cherries, melons, and strawberries are good packaged fruits.
As for drinks, please put a category in the jar or bottle.
Make sure that glass bottles and/or alcohol are allowed if you are going to the park;
The boxed or canned wine may be your friend and some good ones.
A bottle or two of iced tea or lemonade may be served.
Refrigerate drinks with a large amount of ice.
We are all trying to be greener.
At least for a smaller group, reusable products tend to be more attractive and eco-friendlyfriendly.
Take one more bag for recycling. MAKE THAT LIST!
Here is a sample of the list to prevent those moments where "does anyone pack napkins": picnic baskets or other portable container coolers with ice or cold packaging (
Best waterproof if the ground is wet)
Picnic table picnic chairs (
Catering service)
Towels (
There may be wipes)Dishtowels (
These can be used for anchor dishes in transit or for cleaning)Drinks (
Large amount of water included)
Bottle opener and/or bottle opener cutting boards (
Also useful as a level service surface, perfect for drinks)
Knife, pepper, condiments (
Take out the remaining ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise
You can use it when you come out! )
Games and Activities: flying discs, balls, bubbles, water guns, etc.
Additional containers for leftovers, utensils, etc. or bags that can be sealed.
Pack your PICNICPut to put the heaviest and strongest items at the bottom of your container, and put lighter and more refined items on it.
Make your picnic blanket available
This is the first thing you want to open the package.
Refrigerate drinks and perishable foods before you pack them.
Of course, finally leave the way you find the picnic place.
Shake off the last few crumbs on the blanket or no one knows you're there. ——
Katie Waterman has written two recipes for a relaxed family
"Dinner is settled!
"Mom's 100 recipe. She's on the blog.
She can be contacted.
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