drinking glasses from glass bottles - drinking glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-28
drinking glasses from glass bottles  -  drinking glass water bottle
According to the excellent instructions on this topic, I think I will try to recycle a lot (too many)
Empty whisky bottles I have been collecting are placed in wine glasses.
It's a bit frustrating and I 've put too much time into it and there's nothing in return.
To be honest, I think I just need to buy a good pair of whisky glasses.
Still, this short note is some of the tips I 've learned that I'm trying to share, hopefully it will help others find more success.
I pieced together a temporary cutting fixture with scrap.
I want to be able to adjust the length or height of the glass but am too lazy to put T-
Slot or stylish sliding mechanism.
The clamped scrap 2x4 works fine, but if it is not equal to the bottom of the bottle, it affects the score line, resulting in uneven.
If you're not as lazy as I am, there are more elegant examples to follow.
The biggest problem with this fixture is the casters.
Because they are "sloppy"
Played a lot on the wheel-
The bottle did not turn smoothly and the shift caused the score line to not be perfect enough.
This will result in uneven cutting, which means it will take longer to grind or Polish.
If I do this again, I will look for a design that uses a slide wheel bearing or other stand that is not too hasty.
I still don't know how hard it is to push down on the glass cutter while turning the bottle.
I think I had the greatest success with the lightest touch, which still created the obvious score line, but I really don't know.
As often happens, the first time I tried to cut the bottle, I gave me a false hope.
After scoring the bottle with the fixture, I put the boiling water from the teapot on the grading line, followed by the cold water on the tap, back in the hot water, etc.
The bottle broke so clean that I was on the road.
However, the continuous attempt was terrible.
As you can see in a few photos, the bottle just refuses to break evenly along the score line. (
I can bite it off the edge with pliers, but they are still jagged. )
Of course, I don't know anything about the glass, its inherent structure, the actual way the score works, etc.
But I think the problem is that I put the bottle at one end and the weight of the unsupported end affects the way the bottle is broken.
Once I changed to soak the bottle in hot and cold water, I achieved even greater success.
I also noticed that the longer the time, the better the result.
Again, I don't know anything. I think it has something to do with the temperature difference.
If I use tap water and ice water, the process will be longer and the result will be more consistent. (
I want to know how to use tapper (? )
Will it actually be better to separate the glass once it starts to break? )
Of course, it may all be nonsense, but try it if you have trouble.
Obviously, uniform cutting will vary in terms of smoothing edges.
Even so, there will be imperfections.
I have found the fastest way for amateurs like me to solve these defects, which is to use a Sander.
The sanding machine, then continuously hand-polished with higher grits, can obtain a uniform and smooth surface.
However, the whole process was too long for me to hold on.
This, and the attention to the glass particles in the air (
Even with breathing apparatus)
I bought a good whisky glass in the market. Best of luck.
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