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by:Koodee      2019-07-29
dna theft should \
A report from the British government's genetics consultant said Andy Coran, who "stole" the DNA of others, should face criminal charges.
Such crimes, for example, would make it illegal for journalists to obtain celebrity DNA by stealing celebrity coffee cups.
For example, an analysis of DNA may reveal that a host is prone to a specific disease, such as the intestines or breast cancer.
"Stealing" DNA to resolve parent-child disputes will also become a crime.
A recent parent-child relationship case involving Steve bin shows that the problem is more than just a theoretical one.
Private detectives raided bin's bin and found some floss with his DNA.
Then the test proved that Bing was the father of the four. year-
The daughter of California billionaire Kirk kerkran.
Helena Kennedy said: "This activity is a serious violation of the privacy of another person and there is not enough legal protection to prevent this from happening . " Chairman of the British Commission for Human Genetics (HGC).
"That's why we suggest criminal offences that deceive the acquisition or analysis of genetic information of others.
"If a person needs genetic testing for medical reasons and cannot agree, an exception will be made.
Another exception would apply to police officers who could legally acquire, analyze and store DNA samples without consent.
It is debatable that the Commission refuses to make suggestions as to whether the police should be allowed to continue to retain the DNA of suspects who have proved innocent.
"We will urge the government to promote a greater degree of public dialogue to discuss the reasons for the apparent increase in the range of crimes that may be sampled," it said . ".
As a compromise, it advocates an independent agency to monitor and supervise the operation of the police DNA database.
Similar independent institutions should supervise all research.
Database based on DNA
But HGC says new laws should be introduced to prevent police from getting DNA from research databases that have been established.
HGC also suggested that employers should be prevented from forcing job seekers to accept genetic testing as employment conditions.
"Everyone should have the right and dignity to be respected," the committee said . "
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