designer cubes for the new ice age - steel cubes for drinks

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designer cubes for the new ice age  -  steel cubes for drinks
23, 1999 first come
Zero, Thermidor, Viking, Vulcan and all other powerful appliances with names like comics
Book superhero
Now a new kitchen God has joined the pantheon: the stands --
Latest and unnecessary professional ice machine
Domestic luxury premium accessories.
New Yorkers who are tired of cloudy, irregular-shaped ice have realized that there is a better way. Designer ice. Crystal-
Clear square cube distributed commercially
Quality ice machine. These counter-
For years, machines that can deliver up to 60 pounds of high-quality ice per day have been present.
But recently, architects, kitchen designers and manufacturers have noticed a rise in residential demand.
Either people are becoming more and more picky about their entertainment and drinking, or they already have nothing to pay.
Wine lovers can have their $4,500Zero coolers.
Liquor lovers can now taste their single malt and vodka in a holiday drinka-
No thons stained by inferior cubes.
Ice makers are invading wet bars, tea rooms, family gyms, media rooms and bedrooms, and kitchens ---
Drink alcohol, Evian or weight loss soda wherever you are.
Peter Pawlak, architect at Gwathmey Siegel Associates in Manhattan, said the ads "a lot of customers are very special about their ice cubes . ".
Sir, with the traditional cube, the rectangle in your fridge.
Pawlak explains, "when you tilt the Cup into your mouth, the cube will appear on your face at the same time.
Who hate this? Ice-
He said that people who make cubes tend to be "smaller"
The glass is larger in size and more compact, and it is easier for them to swim with each other.
Advertising vendors and bartenders have been introducing their luxury ice towns to many New Yorkers.
Manufacturing equipment, sir. Pawlak said.
"In some cases, it's very picky about your drink, and in other cases it's just pretentious," he added . ".
Mark Stumer, partner at Mojo.
Associates of counterfeit money Roslyn, N. Y.
He said he catered to many Long Island customers for the same expensive taste.
"Everyone seems to want them in the bedroom, under the TV unit," said Mr. Stumer said.
Everything is OK except walking to the kitchen, which is equivalent to crossing inland Australia in some houses in the Hamptons.
What Sir's revival?
Called "walk-
Behind the bar used to be an important place for entertainment
As Perry Como in hi-
Fi, make it necessary for ice makers.
"Everyone's cigars and drinks are a big deal," he said . ".
For the chairman of an investment bank that is building houses in New Jersey,
Two walks designed by Stumer
Behind the bar, specify an ice machine for everyone. The Milwaukee-based U-
Henry ulain, vice president of marketing at Line Corporation, said Line Corporation's sales of ice-making machines increased by 60% this year.
Residential use, top sales-of-the-
The CLR60 line model has exploded, he added.
CLR60 produces 60 pounds ice per day in 7 dayseighths-of-an-
Inch cube with adjustable dimples, shop up to 35 pounds. U-
Line has been trading ice machines since the 1950s.
"My father is selling pallets when everyone is using them in the freezer," Mr. Uhlein said.
His company, along with Marvel, Scot and submarine, is one of the important players in the ice trade
Zero, its ice machine provides the same customization
Paneled as a refrigerator but made by Whirlpool.
However, interest has increased sufficiently,
Paul Leuthe, corporate marketing manager at the company, said Zero is now considering making its own.
At Bloom & Krup, East Village electric Mall, the price of basic Marvel models ranges from $660 to $1,875Zero.
They are all about 15 inch wide and produce 40 to 50 pounds of ice per day.
Abe Krup, the store's owner, said ice makers 'sales have increased by about 20% this year to more than 1998.
"They want the healthiest cube . "Krup said.
"When they see a clear cube, they feel like it's what they get.
"While there are some impurities filtered in most ice machines, the clarity of the ice cubes comes from the way the ice cubes are frozen.
The water is sprayed in a thin layer on the wire grid.
When enough water freezes, the mesh is activated and the paper is cut into perfect unfrosted cubes.
For this layering technology or heat
The grid method is called work, and most ice makers need a separate drain pipe, and of course, also need to be connected to the water pipe.
The advantage of the cheaper Marvel model is that it doesn't need a drain pipe because it uses all the water to make ice.
Disadvantages: ordinary old fog ice.
Long Island developer Ronald Horowitz owns a submarine
There is no ice machine in the study of the Big Neck house designed by Mojo.
Counterfeit money a year ago.
"This is the convenience factor to have all the ice in the place where you are going to serve it," Mr. Horowitz said.
It is made of beautiful rectangular cubes.
As for the clarity factor, he said, "I don't know if I would notice it if I didn't point it out to me.
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