cystic fibrosis gala art show in regina on may 29 - glass wine glasses

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cystic fibrosis gala art show in regina on may 29  -  glass wine glasses
This is the art of a career-Brenda Conwell is passionate about two things.
2 p will hold an artistic performance of the cystic fibrosis party. m. –4 p. m.
May 29 on the willow tree in vasacana
Conwell donated her time, her artistic talent and souvenir wine glasses to charity to help make the fundraising campaign a success.
This is a very important reason for her heart because her family has experienced cystic fibrosis.
"I have two grandchildren born with cystic fibrosis," explained Cornwell . ".
"A child died of the disease (
Six months old).
The remaining grandson, who is 11 years old, has physical therapy and medication every day. He frequents (the)
Pediatric ward with lung infection
It's hard for children.
"Although the research has made great progress . . . . . . But only children with the disease live to be over 30 years old. So (the disease)
Mortality remains high.
There is still a lot to do.
"From emerging professional artists to international renowned artists, more than 20 artists including Wilf Perreault, Jack Sures, Vic Cicanskyand Jason Robins participated in the event.
"I launched this art exhibition because I am a visual art teacher and artist and I belong to the professional Artists Association," she said . ".
"So I feel comfortable having other artists donate some of their artwork.
"Some artists donate 100, but we only ask them to donate 45.
But there are actually quite a few people who have donated 100, which is very generous because they have to pay for all the supplies and time.
"The bid opening price for artwork offers ranges from $100 to $650.
"Generally speaking, 95 of the art is ready to hang," says Conwell . " He explained that it was either framed or on the finished canvas (
Painted around the edge).
Artistic features include sculpture, pottery, various watercolor paintings and acrylic paintings, as well as professional photography.
Sizes vary from small to large.
Every year, a literary party for cystic fibrosis is held.
The last event raised $14,000.
Tickets for $35 include a glass of wine in a souvenir wine glass
Painted by art students at Balfour and Campbell High School. “(New)
The glass is painted with glass paint and processed to make it a dishwasher. proof.
We put them all in the dishwasher before we took the dishwasher that day to make sure they were disinfected before we gave people wine, "Conwell explained.
"Students in grades 9 to 12 have painted their glasses.
"We hope we end up selling some tickets to people who may be looking for special Mother's Day gifts because it's a really good event and we have a lot of repeat customers.
People seem to really like it.
Most of them come back every two years.
"The funds raised in this event are used for research and support local care for Saskatchewan people with cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system.
Approximately75 tickets Wascana on the Willow Tree of areavailable, elegant QE3, Lianmei hair salon and spa, by calling (306)522-5868 or (306)584-
0469 or email gcornwell @ sasktel.
NET or dietrichrosemary @ hotmail. com.
The event will be held indoors and outdoors and will also include silent auctions and 11-year-
The old man with cystic fibrosis and her father, the chairman of the CF chapter in South sa province.
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