cruising to new orleans? here are six amazing ways to explore america's great southern city - swizzle stick cocktail

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cruising to new orleans? here are six amazing ways to explore america\'s great southern city  -  swizzle stick cocktail
No matter how you arrive in New Orleans, you will find yourself stuck in the gumbo of Caribbean, West Africa, Catholic France, and British and American cultures.
Music is everywhere, the food is spicy, and every local has their favorite cocktail and jazz bar, and it seems that no one fully agrees with the exact definition of Creole and Cajun.
Since British Airways launched four times a week
On last March, flights from London stopped and the city became more attractive as a starting point for flights to Mississippi.
The cruise terminal is close to the French Quarter and other major attractions.
New Orleans is known for hiking, mainly in the French Quarter, from literature and jazz to voodoo, movies, gardens and cocktails.
Tennessee Williams's desire to become famous tram no longer exists, but St. Charles (Route 12)
Operating since 1835, it is the oldest continuously operated tram line in the world and will take you to the North Country Ridge garden area and other places.
Start at the corner of Cardondelet and Canal Street.
When the tram bumped on St. Charles Avenue, it passed through the hotel, twice as many as a brothel in Louis Mahler's 1978 film, beautiful baby.
The garden area is full of pre-war mansions on sleeping oak treestree-lined streets.
Hang out in quirky shops, quiet restaurants and bars.
Magazine Street is more lively with many quirky shopping opportunities.
One reason Hurricane Katrina caused so much damage in 2005 was that New Orleans was flat. The upside (If any)
This is ideal for cycling.
The French Quarter is the best walk to explore, but it's fun to explore the neighborhoods by bike.
There are several excellent rides available for free cycling tours (
Neworleansbiketour. com;
$50 for three hours).
Far from the French Quarter and the central business district, many of the most charming neighborhoods are very quiet.
Tourists are attracted to Bourbon Street, but jazz has recently been replaced by hard rock, and it feels more like a stag and hen joint party at night.
Hang out in the street;
The elegant Royal Street has antique shops, galleries and more relaxing bars and restaurants.
The back of St. Louis Cathedral is incredibly surreal.
Stop at the Napoleon building on chatterres Street for a cup of Pimm.
After crossing the lively Jackson Square in front of the cathedral, chartel becomes a hidden courtyard and a forged Wonderland --
Iron balcony decorated with flowers and tropical plants.
N' awnier is known for cocktails, from traditional daiquiri to hurricanes and deadly-
Sounds like zombies and grenades.
Until you had a cocktail before breakfast, then a cup of au lait and begnets at the World Cafe, and then a po'boy (baguette-
Sandwich with sloppy beef or fried seafood)
Can you be accepted as a "native" at lunch?
If common sense prevails, order the official cocktail of New Orleans.
Rye whiskey, vermouth and vermouth)
Hotel in Lois bar. For a pick-me-
After getting up, have a big glass of Ramos gin at Roosevelt's Sazerac Bar, the city's classic "next morning" drink since the 1880 s.
Another great place is the Hotel listed earlier, resonating with past indiscretion;
Relax in the Victorian lounge or order a mint julep on the terrace.
Jazz is as much a part of New Orleans's life as ever, and its street musicians have their own classes.
You'll find them all over the French Quarter-rising from the wet courtyard or the conservation Hall on French Street-in Jackson Square, where there are some of the best plays.
If you are lucky, you may be hijacked for a noisy jazz funeral.
Anyone who has seen David Simon's New Orleans anthem drama Treme should be guided in this avant-garde neighborhood to see where the show is (
If you go to tray at night, take a taxi).
If you have time, travel to other places;
Plantation tours and boat tours of swamps and bays are the most popular (
Graylinenian. com; from $51).
Many of the films were filmed in the plantation, and the most famous ones were the liberation of ginger and the 12 years of slavery.
If you rent a car, buy a car with GPS, because the road sign in the state of Louis Annaexistent.
Hertz's life
Save GPS that has never been lost. Pick-ups and drop-
Flights are available at the airport and downtown.
Both sides of the river are Mississippi, with many of the best plantations in the West Bank.
There are at least two Oak Alleys, Majestic living oak trees, and notuwe, the largest pre-war plantation in the south, all with great restaurants. Other must-
See the plantation houses including Whitney, evergreen, Laura and Horma on the East Coast.
For more information, see neworleans. com.
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