creation wines: the pairing artists - wine glass

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creation wines: the pairing artists  -  wine glass
If you are looking for a gorgeous, delicious and fun exploration of West Cape, be sure to travel on the tasting room Road near Hermanus.
Roze Marshall visited Jean-
A wine created by Claude and Caroline Martin to experience their innovative pairing style.
Driving wine creation is the beginning of an amazing experience.
The atmosphere is light and almost too pure as it welcomes you to one of the most memorable experiences you will have on Hemelen-
De Ridge near Hermanus
Enter the Walker Bay wine farm with its well
Considered a tasting area, it feels like a heavenly transition.
The tasting area is based on the owner Jean-Claude (JC)
Caroline Martin's vision is to create an experience of wine, food and art that complements wineries located in remote corners of this wine region.
This is the journey that the two men began in 2002.
Both JC and Carolyn grew up learning about wine, they fell in love with wine independently and then came together to find their own special way, share this love and appreciation with others as a team.
While introducing the fall menu, they talked to the trends of all the farms that started.
JC is from Switzerland, where his childhood is surrounded by his grandmother's vineyard.
At the age of 14, he decided to become a winemaker-a dream he had achieved at the age of 20.
Caroline, who grew up in wine country, developed her love of wine making at her grandfather's Hartenberg Farm in steerenbosch onto the slopes of Mount Portali.
Her father.
The famous winemaker Walter Finlayson made everyone fall in love with blauwklippen, followed by the Glen Kalu wine estate.
Caroline explained: "When it comes to [farm]Creation Wines]
It is nothing more than a small flying land of rolling hills and valleys, where several sheep graze in fynbos.
It has never planted vines before, providing us with a unique new start.
She said there was no infrastructure or even electricity or tap water on the farm.
"It's not easy, to say the least, to build a winery in a remote corner without basic facilities.
However, when the first grapes were harvested in 2006, we persisted and the quality was very good.
"Their amazing tasting room overlooks the vineyards, and the tables and surrounding areas have beautiful artwork from the sculptor Nanette Ranger.
These works are specially created for the creation of wine, inspired by everything within reach of the farm and its surroundings.
A blend of nature's richness, complemented by the skills and innovations of Martins and those around them, creates wine hospitality.
The couple pays close attention to every detail to ensure that the person visiting the wine tasting room feels happy with the senses.
Caroline perfected the art of creative concepts, perfectly combining creative wine with the story menu, and became the ultimate destination for food and wine matching.
The story of the FynArts creative menu consists of seven chapters, each of which is creatively coordinated with wine and provided to Nanette's fascinating sculptures in an artistic manner.
Try each food carefully with wine.
My personal favorite is the elegant creation of Viognier 2019 with mushrooms and spinach dumplings, or the creation of the reserve heipino 2017 with cable fish, beets, Moulin Rouge, radish and
Coupled with the chords collated by local sound designer Ivo Ivanov, this will be an amazing sensory experience.
This pairing changes with the development of the selected wine, and Caroline wisely uses her skills and expertise to plan each of them so that you can experience an incredible flavor and taste
"When we were creating, we believed that the matching of wine and food was an art in itself," said Caroline . ".
"To prove this, our brand
The story of the new FynArts creating a pairing menu brings you the kind of art we like to describe as "delicious", but there is an exciting difference.
"Thanks to the guidance of consultant chef Ryan Anderson, and the guidance of our landscape designer and fynbos expert Meindert Poerink, our new menu is filled with wild garlic flowers and wild rat Plum from citrus buchu, which can stimulate our senses and make our wine more beautiful.
FYI: The children are not forgotten.
There is a special pair for them.
Another place worth a visit has nearly 100 local wines as well as 12 locally produced méthóde Cap classque options, and Hermanus's glass of wine offers a tasting and enjoyment of these
You can do this through the tasting experience of glass, bottles or six people.
This is an easy way to appreciate and learn about the wines produced by the Walker Bay wine region.
From botrriver, Hemel-en-
De de, Stanford, Elim and Agulhas, if you're not sure which wine farm to go to, this location in the heart of the old town of Hermanus is a perfect starting point.
What is unique about wine glass is that many of the wines offered, especially high-end wines, cannot be tasted at the wine estate.
There is also a restaurant offering delicious food.
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