countertop machine claims to age cheap wine using ultrasound technology - stainless steel ice balls

by:Koodee      2019-08-04
countertop machine claims to age cheap wine using ultrasound technology  -  stainless steel ice balls
The wine world is buzzing with a new machine that claims to be able to use the power of ultrasonic energy in 20 minutes to age cheap young wines.
It is called "onic Decanter", a table top machine that changes the molecular and chemical structure of the wine by touching the button, using ultrasonic energy to simulate the aging process.
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20 minutes later, a cheap bottle of young red wine will "re-energize", claimed Michael Coyne, creator of Seattle, Washington, to convert the liquid into a more "even" wine, the flavor and taste.
At the end of the process, the aroma of the wine usually does not appear in the young, unaged wine, the Danic acid will soften, the flavor will enhance, the manufacturer promises.
It can also be used to bring the previously opened bottle back to life.
The machine aged red wine in 20 minutes, aged white wine in 15 minutes, and can be remotely controlled using Bluetooth devices.
The app alerts users when wine is ready.
The idea has drawn a lot of interest on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, with more than 700 supporters helping the project exceed the original $85,000 fundraising target.
Three days before the deadline, manufacturers have raised about $105,000.
When the machine is put into commercial production next summer, it will retail for $249.
At the same time, Sonic Decanter is not the only machine on the market that claims to be able to quickly age wine.
British inventor Kathy Jones created a stainless steel ice bucket in 2008.
Ultrasonic technology is also used to help improve the flavor of cheap supermarket wine type machines.
Made from a "patented metal alloy", Clef du Vin claims that it takes only a few seconds to immerse the stick in your vino glass to speed up the aging process.
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