colored glass makes cameo appearance - colored glass water bottles

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colored glass makes cameo appearance  -  colored glass water bottles
At the turn of the century, many French companies are making guest glass made of colored glass layers.
The artist etched the part of the top floor and formed a color picture with the remaining glass.
The price of antiques depends on their rarity, quality and availability.
The signature of a company or artist will almost always increase the price. Cameo-
Gals of glass fragments, Legras, Daum, d'Argental, DeVez, Degue, etc.
Fortunately, most of the works are signed by the manufacturer.
Look at both sides of the guest --
A glass vase with a logo seems to be part of the design.
Names are usually written vertically with fancy letters.
Unfortunately, there have been guest glass copies of similar names since the 1970 s.
For example, some new glass is marked as "Galli" instead of "Galle ".
"When the auctioneer reads the name to the crowd, it sounds as if the vase was made by a famous artist, not a new company.
There are ways to polish a mark on an old product so that the mark is lifted and looks original.
If you have a Chuan heir embossed vase with a signature, it is valuable.
* Problem my bronze vase is covered with sterling silver floral decoration.
The design of the new art style makes me think it was made by Alphonse Mucha.
It has a diamond.
The bottom of the surround letter "AHSM" is marked in shape.
"There is a patent date: August. 27, 1913.
* Answer Wood tea did not design your vase;
The mark on your vase is actually "Ham ".
"It was made by the Heintz art metal store in Buffalo, New York. Y.
The company operates from 1906 to 1929. Its silver-on-
Bronze vases and other utensils are made in crafts, art deco and new art style.
Collectors value them very much.
Your vase is worth $200.
* Q: I have eight photo frames for Dogs Playing Poker.
12 by 16 inch per measure.
The artist's signature is "C. M. Coolidge.
"These prints were made by St Brown & Bigelow. Paul, Minn.
* Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844-1937)
Grew up at a big farm near Antwerp. Y.
Coolidge moved to Manhattan in his 1870 s and began painting photos of dogs doing human activities.
He signed a contract with Brown & Bigelow, the printer and advertising company that printed thousands of posters, calendars and prints.
These paintings are called "poker dogs ".
"The company gave these prints as gifts to customers aged 1930 and 40.
Some versions of the dog pictures are still being made.
* Q the shape of my green glass doll bottle is a bearded man with a stick.
It has a metal screw cap, 10/1/2 high.
The label on the front of the bottle says "Polish spring gin, Lawrence company"
Lewiston, Maine.
"* Your bottle has changed a lot since it was first produced in 1885, for taking water from spring water in Poland, Maine.
The bottles were originally made near Hartford, Connecticut.
, Depicting the biblical image of Moses, known by collectors as the "Moses hit the rock" bottle.
Moses bottles were used by several companies, including Hiram Ricker Co.
And Lawrence.
It is made of transparent, green, or amber.
Some of the bottles produced before 1914 have changed from the sun to the purple crystal.
Your bottle sells for about $35.
* Q: I have a statue of a little girl in old clothes
A full skirt.
The top of the skirt has six openings about a penny size.
The bottom of the statue is marked with "original Joseph ".
"What's the use of it?
* A you have A lipstick holder.
This is a statue of lipstick on the dresser.
From 1945 to 1962, Josef Originals were produced in California.
After that, they were made in Japan until 1985.
Later produced in Taiwan, South Korea and Mexico.
* Q in my childhood property there is a hard plastic, hollow, unmarked black cat.
We used to fill it up with lollipops on Halloween.
It is 3 1/2 high and in very good condition.
It cannot be over 45 years old.
Is it worth more than a few dollars?
* A your cat starts at 1950.
It was injected.
Molded polystyrene is a shiny, lightweight, durable plastic that was launched in 1937.
Your cat may be one of many molded plastic Halloween toys and novelty toys produced by providensboro plasticI.
Tianchuang Rosbro bought the portabit, R of the mold toy. I.
A black cat candy dish like yours costs about $45.
Larger, more rare plastic toys from the same era sell more.
For copies of 1998 leaflets from kovels, 153 books and brochures are listed, which are price guides for various collections and antiques, please send $2 and a self
Address, stamp (55 cents)No.
10 envelopes for price guides for antiques and collectibles, Kovels, P. O.
Case of Beachwood, OH 22900,44122.
Current prices are recorded from antique exhibitions, flea markets, sales and auctions across the United States.
Prices vary depending on location due to local economic conditions.
* Squeeze your bipy game, "Laugh-
1968, Hasbro: $60.
* Silk brocade jacket, rotating feather pattern, hot pink lining, Scaasi, small, 1960 s: $180.
* Carnival glass fruit bowl, inverted fan feather, longevity chrysanthemum, inside grape rack, feet, 9 3/4 by 5 1/2: $175.
* Little Miss Ginny from fashion magazine, hard plastic head, blue sleep eye, golden curly hair, 5 years old
Body, yellow organdy dress, 1952, 8 inch: $225.
Rose Pitcher and four wine glasses in the French desert: $310.
* Quimper cigarette butts, shoe type, red, blue and yellow flowers, four red dots, $1/4: $440.
* Howdy Doody doll, plush body, rolling eyes, neckerchief, ideal, 1950 s, 20 inch: $665.
* Sampling, Ten Commandments, flowers, animals, "John Phil and Diana married in June 1799", 19 by 22 inch: $775.
* Pinball machine, San Francisco World Expo, 10 balls for 1 cent, view of San Francisco bird, 1933, Rock-
Ola, 38 by 42 inch: $1,200.
* Swan chair made by Fritz Hansen, Denmark, Arne Jacobsen, cushion, black leather, $1957: $4,255.
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