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  -  collapsible silicone water bottle
Lydia Slater was updated in a Sunday Email: EDT, Banana Guard, Poach Pods, Toastabags, 17: 30 on July 9, 2010. . .
If your kitchen is full of gadgets, Wendy Miranda will most likely make sure they work properly.
Because she's a secret weapon for the cult British family store Lakeland
It turned her into a star.
Many people don't believe Wendy Miranda, just like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.
Customers always call and say, "Oh, my God, you really exist," she said . ".
As the "customer ambassador" of Lakeland "(
Home of Toastabag, 2-
Indoor bottle and mango bottle)
Wendy is a big celebrity in the domestic gadget industry.
Her photos are decorated with all the catalogues, and her chatty endorsements, she's used to strangers hugging her in a hurry on the street, or writing excited letters about them finding her body
She admitted that I must always pay attention to my behavior.
Lakeland and its banana guard cow-for those who are not active-
Shape brush and jumper
Fuzzers, may be considered a bit ridiculous.
But for true believers
I'm one of them)
The catalogue is very simple. it is a Bible.
After a stressful day, I crashed into the bathroom, browsed the web and immersed myself in a wonderful world of family order, while laundry and dirty dishes piled up downstairs.
You will never use so many things except in your fantasy life.
TV show host Kirstie Allsopp says basically Lakeland is a porn shop for anyone like me who has a tendency to have a goddess of family.
Not just us: Which one?
The magazine recently announced that it is the best retailer in the UK.
Although there are Lakelands far away in the Middle East, Wendy insists that no matter where the customer comes from, the company's customers have the same core values.
They love cooking, baking, family and doing things right, she says.
For example, Poach Pod (
Silicone bag to produce perfectly shaped poached eggs)
It is the best-selling item in Windermere and new Dubai stores.
Anything related to breakfast, our customers were very satisfied.
Wendy started working in Lakeland four years ago, and after the company went too far, he was thought to have turned the company's reputation around.
But she thinks her role is to work for the client, not for the company.
On their behalf, she said, I think about the company.
In her 40 s she had long dark hair, warm smiles, generous curves and friendly manners that looked exactly what she was supposed to be --
That's why so many clients think of her as the invention of a savvy marketing manager.
I think I'm really a typical Lakeland customer, she said.
"So if there's something that doesn't work for me, it might not work for them.
Wendy is located at the headquarters of Lakeland, a one-minute walk from Windermere railway station in the center of the Lake District.
The staff of the company's call center stared at the magnificent Longdale pique, while in Wendy's shaky marketing department, the window looked at a steep and tranquil sheep.
Internally, however, everything is an activity.
In Wendy's messy room.
The tray is a prototype of a new spoon. cum-measuring jug-cum-scraper -
"Customers like to do more than one job "-
A foldable jelly filter and a bunch of letters.
She receives poems, cards and photos sent to her every day.
A letter to Ms. ambassador came from a witty former
Army pensioners ask for some tips on fish cooking (
Wendy sent him some recipes).
Another guy sent her a snapshot, he took a picture of Lakeland bin, he put a gold-plated number on the front and a 9-year-
The old boy wrote in his best handwriting to express his admiration for the Lakeland catalogue.
'We have a lot of children writing letters, 'Wendy said.
There's a little girl who's always inventing.
She is very smart.
Then there was a woman who asked for a guide for her mother's 60 th birthday present (
Incredibly, this store is the second most popular tourist attraction in the area, with more than visitors each year, and more than visitors to the country's Beatrice Potter family); an 85-year-
The old sent a handy family reminder book to Wendy, and others wrote to inform Wendy that a drop of lavender oil added to the water will make you betterfree cleaner.
I'll send her a can of cookies, she said, because it's really a good suggestion.
One of her tasks is to pick potential winners from the idea of not counting new devices --
Some of them come from customers themselves.
Made by the prototype designer of Lakeland.
She is currently working on something rather odd.
Chart from one of her regulars: Tea
Bag and drain with a complete straw.
Wendy thought: "This is a good idea, but the design is a bit overdone . "
The Holy Grail invented by customers-
A simple and obvious idea, but no one has come up with it yet --
Represented by an additional oven rack designed two years ago by customer Helen Proud, it can be stored at the bottom of the oven.
This year is the volume tank-or 'scrudle' -
Designed by the pensioner Margaret O'Callaghan, will be in-
Store later in the year (
Margaret will receive a percentage of all sales).
There is also a clever medicine pot that is screwed at the top of the water bottle designed by the customer Judith Crown.
Interestingly, although it is generally believed that men are creative, the vast majority of amateur inventors here are women who design the products they want to have in their own homes.
Last year, Lakeland launched a competition for the next generation of kitchen gadget designers judged by chef Heston Blumenthal, eight of the top ten winning designs were designed by women
In addition to suggestions for gadgets that customers see elsewhere and think Lakeland should stock, of course there are complaints that need to be dealt.
Recently, Wendy received several letters insisting that baking paper is no longer a miracle product --
Not so strong or soft, it's easier to stick to it.
However, the supplier categorically denies that it has changed.
Wendy said: "I don't see any difference, but I don't bake like my customers --
They are the real experts.
I sent the paper out for analysis and it came back and it was actually slightly different.
So she sent replacement supplies to the most convincing complainant and asked them to choose their favorite replacement.
In addition, she often receives calls from people who cut off their fingertips on the mandolin vegetable slicer.
"We talked about it for a bit and it usually turns out that they have lifted the protection," she said . ".
"I know, because I did the same. . .
The company entrusted Zyliss with a non-
Removable guard and safety trigger for sale in the fall.
When a Lakeland buyer finds a new product, Wendy can test it for the customerfriendliness.
Often, she says, she throws away instructions first.
That's what most customers do.
It should be obvious.
But if I have to read how to make it work then I hope it is simple.
I was annoyed by some words. like flange. . .
I hope everything is easy.
Speak, she said.
She has a good violin too-
Product developers no longer let me touch the prototype because I will break it immediately, she said.
She brought me into the sample room, a cave of Aladdin's family gadgets.
Stuffed with messy shelves, you will find the wheels
Bins for pet food, tagine dishes with foldable silicone covers, smart blender with slow automatic start-up, fast speed, onion-
Shape container for vegetable storage. . .
Wendy said warmly that it was something that made me very excited. She opened the tin paper with grilled parchment on the other side.
Next door is the test kitchen with three different rotating mops working there
Go out, and a pale oneblue plug-
Among the cupcake makers, it is showing off its own things.
Wendy liked it but asked to decorate it with a floral pattern.
It's just more Lakeland, she explained.
Even the profile on the catalogue is within her remit.
For example, it says, "Why not put something on barbie this weekend?
I changed it to "barbecue ". ' Why?
Because our customers say "barbecue ".
It seems like a little thing, but they like it because they know we're at the same wavelength.
Wendy, 49, grew up in Tunbridge Wells, a spiritual center in central England, and it seems entirely appropriate.
Her life is not as traditional as you think.
After school, she worked as a nanny in the United States, where she met her husband.
After their divorce, she returned to England with her son Ashton.
Now a 25-year-old musician)
Before joining Lakeland, he started working for the mail order clothing company Clothkits.
She worked at the Tunbridge Wells store for 16 years and was lured four years ago to Windermere for her current role.
As poster girl for perfect family organization, you will expect Wendy's own home to be organized very well, but she lives in
The bullpen reconstructed by the bedroom has brought difficulties to the logistics work.
She explained that I fell in love with the location before I saw the inside of the building.
The view was great, very calm and peaceful.
But there are no cabinets except the six in the kitchen, so I put my tumble dryer out thereof-
Seasonal clothing and extra duvet and pillows are provided in the stone shed on the side of the road. ' (
Sealed in Lakeland's backpack.
Naturally, the storage bags are equipped to protect them from moths. )
"Cottage, and a few of the following
The bed storage box made my stay more organized and relatively messy-free life.
Before I accept the job, I have to think hard for a long time, she said, because it means moving to the country, which is a lifelong job. But I love it.
Sometimes I just can't believe I'm lucky enough to get it.
I think Lakeland's customers are lucky. www. lakeland. co.
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