coffee on the rocks? starbucks reserve might shake up industry - swizzle stick cocktail

by:Koodee      2019-08-09
coffee on the rocks? starbucks reserve might shake up industry  -  swizzle stick cocktail
The idea of having the public buy a cup of coffee for $12 is: get the barista to wear a sling, plus a Bourbon
Flavor Bar.
I mentioned here that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz plans to launch a series of luxury cafes, a concept that has long been associated with another
Long-term social effortsthe corner bar.
When thinking of super
Premium comparison with high-
My mind kept coming back to the craft cocktail lounge and its respected bartender.
I think there is a good reason for this.
According to Bloomberg, Americans drink less but consume more because we choose higher prices for beer, wine and cocktails.
Nearly half of all the wines sold (48%)
Now, the price of a glass of wine is over $10, and the price of cocktails can easily climb from this point.
Coffee is also experiencing its own innovation and development.
In addition to latte and macchiatos full of vanilla, salty caramel or pumpkin, the talented barista offers us a choice of plain white, cold beer or nitrogeninfused coffee.
Prices are rising with every new idea.
But for success, in-
The store coffee experience should live up to the hype --and the price.
With this in mind, let's take a look at Schultz's latest coffee fancy by craft
Cocktail goggles
From regular Joe to gingerbread LatteCoffee like beer and vodka, its core is a commodity product.
20 years ago you bought a cup of coffee for $5 and could be considered a fool.
For decades at Starbucks, however, Schultz changed the way people drink coffee, and as the Wall Street Journal observed, he even socialised: "Starbucks has shown Americans that coffee may be more ambitious than a family --brewed Folgers.
In this way, Schultz followed the leadership of the cocktail bar, which itself was very ambitious.
Cunning bartender (
Used to be called bartender)
Making $20 cocktails.
Batch spirits, plant infusion and chef-
Quality ingredients.
Two years ago, Schultz started his plan to pursue the concept of baking in a position in Seattle. he will retire and become the legendary CEO of Starbucks.
At the bakery in Seattle, coffee is baked on site and then carefully selected by Starbucks baristas from all over the country. A 12-
A cup of coffee is $12 an ounce.
Starbucks plans to open 20 to 30 such locations, plus up to 1,000 similar locations, known as Starbucks reserves. site roasting.
The cost of building these locations is $100 million, which will reflect the price of $12 for taking out coffee.
Some analysts estimate that Starbucks will invest about $100 million a year to build stores.
Unless Starbucks intends to get its traditional store to help pay its bills, selling enough coffee to pay for it will be a challenge.
A bigger challenge may be to distinguish between the fares of the two chain stores.
The regular Starbucks already has a very complex menu.
As Credit Suisse analyst jason weststput said in the Wall Street Journal: "If you want to add another espresso bar to this top and innovative base, it can make things more challenging.
Schultz said, in-
The store experience at Roastery will attract computers
Binding consumers who spend a lot of time shopping online leave their homes.
Speaking of which, I can't help but ask: have you been to Starbucks recently?
I guess 90% of people are staring at the glowing screen.
Perhaps Schultz is also trying to make a more sophisticated coffee experience for regular Starbucks visitors.
This experience includes a view of the entire baking operation, and
Stocked coffee bank and beer extracted from the best coffee beans Starbucks can collect (
Less than 1% of beans are eligible). Justification?
With the maturity of the coffee market, the market is definitely entering the field of vision of Schultz.
Young consumers are more willing to try new coffee drinks or preparation methods, according to the National Coffee blog.
When asked where to drink coffee the day before, about half of consumers between the ages of 18 and 39 said coffee had left home.
The annual sales of specialty coffee increased by 20%, which is not surprising at all.
Still, the gap between the $5 cup and the $12 Cup is still large.
In order to maintain its target customer base, the bakery has to ship them to a new cafe plane
A luxurious environment that can be used as a personal indulgence.
This defense is achieved by stimulating the senses in a purely emotional way.
Compared with craft cocktails, it is equivalent to eating a well.
It is worth taking a break in a comfortable environment or celebrating a festival with friends.
Let's face it: it also has a snobbish aspect.
Anyone who buys a cup of coffee for $12 will appreciate the difference on the surface, so you can enjoy the feeling of being different.
Given the number of people willing to wait in line for 7 minutes to buy a $5 mixed coffee drink, and not even willing to stay, it may not be difficult to make them pay twice as much, if it makes customers feel special.
Therefore, the success of Roastery depends to a large extent on the whole experience.
Atmosphere of the hotel-
The way it makes tourists feel
Higher prices must be justified.
Just as Starbucks transformed coffee from a traditional doughnut chain to a living room break, the shift from Starbucks to baking concepts now must be accompanied by the same tempting changes to the experience.
This is crucial for consumers to accept a $10 latte break.
Coffee, like handmade spirits, becomes mysterious and magical.
If Schulz was able to do that and get the right experience, a glass of $12 worth of java might not sound as crazy in about five years.
Bring the bar.
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