coffee & gum disease - coffee mug & tumbler

by:Koodee      2019-07-17
coffee & gum disease  -  coffee mug & tumbler
When it comes to tooth health, taking care of your fleshy, pink gums is as important as brushing your teeth.
Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the inflammation of tissues around and supporting teeth.
Certain dietary choices can put you at risk for periodontal disease and can cause teeth to fall off if not treated.
Your mouth is inhabited by bacteria--
Some are harmless, some are harmful.
This bad bacteria is attached to your teeth with a sticky substance called plaque.
When plaque builds up, it stimulates soft tissue, resulting in swelling, redness and inflammation associated with periodontal disease.
Harmful bacteria thrive in an acidic environment with a large amount of sugar in the food.
Coffee is a highly acidic beverage containing Danic acid. -
A chemical that corrupts the protective coating of teeth, called enamel.
If you stir sugar and cream into your joe Cup, you give the microbes what they need to make sticky patches and stimulate your gums.
In order to prevent periodontal disease, drink black coffee and brush your teeth immediately after drinking the Cup.
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