cocky erin mcnaught ads to be wound up - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-26
cocky erin mcnaught ads to be wound up  -  wine glass
Erin mcnott.
The storm in the wine glass
Next month, when parrot Ridge stops its controversial advertising campaign, it will inevitably die.
But it's not because they give in to the controversy surrounding their cheeky slogan, "she loves parrots," said Peter Perrin, managing director of Phoenix parrot Ridge.
Because "billboards are very expensive", they are cutting back on advertising.
Perrin told qconfidentification, "the billboard will only run for more than two weeks in any case," he added, "only in Sydney, the whole event will stop in May ".
Irene admitted this week that she was shocked when she first saw the ad, but Perrin insisted that the slogan did not mean shock.
"We don't think too much about double
That means, "he said.
"If we want to feel stupid about it, we can put ads in FHM magazine, but that's not our purpose.
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