cocktail tips: the importance of ice - stainless steel drink cubes

by:Koodee      2019-08-02
cocktail tips: the importance of ice  -  stainless steel drink cubes
We went to the bar to buy cocktails for a reason.
It tastes better when a professional bartender makes it.
Even if you bought top-
Shelf wine, a drink at home is not the same as your order. Why is that?
Is there anything special about the bartender?
Yes, No.
Bartenders know some tricks that make a difference to just people. can't-get-
Enough cocktails and a very mediocre drink.
But don't be discouraged, you don't need to make a drink to make a killer drink.
You can easily learn these trading techniques to quench your thirst
Drink at home.
All you have to do is understand the importance of ice.
Ice can make or break cocktails.
First, a lot of ice is needed when making a drink, even if no ice ends up in a glass with a cocktail.
It is used not only to cool drinks, but also to dilute drinks appropriately.
One of the biggest mistakes of domestic bartenders is not to dilute their drinks.
No hard-and-
But the average dilution of 25% is ideal.
There are simple clues to know when your drink is properly diluted.
You'll want to see the edge of the ice when making a stir cocktail.
Once they lose their sharpness and have a round quality on the edges, your cocktail is ready.
The Bar mixed spoon helps to achieve this result and is easier to use than a regular spoon because it is super long and the handle is very thin.
When mixing drinks in a metal shaker, you will know that once the Shaker is frost outside, it is fully diluted. (
For this cocktail, you may want to invest in a stainless steel cocktail mixer and a hybrid glass ---
It will make everything different. )
Apart from the ice, the proportions mean everything when preparing cocktails.
Therefore, it is important to correct classic cocktails when remaking them at home ---
Too much rye, or too light a bitter ale, will give off a full cocktail.
This is where the jig comes in handy. A jigger --
Measuring an ounce of small cups-
It is a small and useful tool to control the ratio.
Another great help to control the quantity is the free flow.
Not only can Pourers make it easy for you to have a full drink without overflowing, but it also allows you to end up making drinks without a jump machine-
Reverse with count.
You know this now.
Looking at the bartending techniques, you can enjoy expert cocktails at home.
If you would like a quick tutorial on how to shake cocktails, watch the video below.
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