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chef paul\'s kitchen: work hard, drink wine!  -  glass and silicone water bottle
You often hear me complain about how much I work.
It's not a long day to grind it out in the hot kitchen.
The ownership of a small business is accompanied by the benefits it deserves.
One such example is a quick holiday this weekend.
I wanted to give my staff some incentive last fall to help me achieve our goals, so I took the opportunity to travel to Okanagan.
Well, they did their part, so it's time to fulfill my promise.
After sorting out my calendar and trying to choose the most inconvenient time to leave, it turned out to be the weekend before Mother's Day.
What I was thinking, I obviously didn't, but hey, who can complain about spending a weekend in the Okanagan Valley, especially after we had the winter.
We packed up our luggage and set out for the adventure for six people.
As a businessman, the trip was both relaxing and working for me.
While the main purpose of this trip is to thank some of my great people for their hard work, I would also like to take this opportunity to share with them the treasure trove of great wineries found throughout the valley.
I would also like to find some great gems for our upcoming summer wine list.
After the first day of relaxation, we spent the next day turning around the nearby area and visiting Cedar Creek, Martin Lane and Mission Hill, had a great meal at Quail's Gate and ended the day's work.
Next is my most exciting day.
A few months ago, at the recommendation of a trusted friend, I contacted a company called Uncorked Okanagan wine tour.
Owner Debbie and I exchanged emails for a couple of days as I tried to create a custom trip and itinerary for this visit as I had a collection of wineries in my head.
Debbie was great from the beginning.
Usually, custom tours are not what they do, but because it's on Monday, and she's willing to do it early in the season, she even provided her services as a guide for our day.
She came to our door early to pick us up with coffee and a cooler full of bottled water in her hand.
The van was spacious and comfortable.
Before you know it, we're going to the Golden Mile to start our trip to South Okanagan.
Our first stop was the kalmina winery, where Sarah Triggs, daughter and business partner of famous wine tycoon don Triggs, greeted us.
We are very happy to receive the gentleman.
In the restaurant where march came back, he was the most passionate and humble wine man I had never seen before.
His daughter will not fall too far from the tree.
With such a belief, she talked about the way her family opened the winery and determined what they wanted to grow, found land, studied terroir's care, and set out to produce excellent wines.
As far as the wineries are concerned, they are still very young and the project starts in 2006, but I suspect they will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.
If you can find it, I highly recommend that you pick up one of their recently released bottles.
This is a rich, terroir-
The Red mix, dominated by Merlot, is full of spicy blackcurrant and plum flavors.
The wine is delicious today, but in my opinion, it has many years left and is valuable.
Considering the quality, it may be a good idea to come in early before everyone finds out.
Our journey continues to the boutique winery check mate next door to kalmina.
This winery is very unique for the Okanagan Valley because they do not grow many varieties of grapes, but only focus on two varieties, Chardonnay and Merlot.
Dedicate their efforts to these two grapes so that they can create some top grapes that are different from others.
Layered wine, extracting grapes from individual blocks or vineyards to show the diversity of grapes produced due to terroir.
There, we tasted four kinds of chardonnay wines in 2014 and four Merlot wines in 2013.
As a person who doesn't know much about wine, the experience of tasting grapes side by side, first-hand tasting the difference between the grapes planted on one side of the valley and the grapes on the other side of the valley a few miles away is instructive.
It also humbled me and gave me a greater appreciation of the world's sommelier.
I don't know how they stick their nose in a glass, tell you where in the world a particular wine has been produced, and even pick out the year it grew.
It is a humbling reminder that for the rest of my life I can drink a bottle a day instead of being close to having this skill.
Although check mate's wines are not for everyone, they are worth a try if you appreciate good wines.
I like this very much.
A few steps along Route 13, we arrived at the next destination-Route 13.
Their winemaking approach is completely different from our previous two visits, offering a range of projects for all.
Although their honest John range wines are cheap and expensive, I like their wines best.
It's big, bold, but balanced.
Our day continued, visiting cave owls, stopping for lunch and tasting at their restaurant.
The wine was good and the presentation was friendly, but this visit didn't have the kind of wow we felt at the previous few stops, probably because the others were chatting with the boss and the winemaker, it's hard for any employee to recreate their passion for the project.
To be frank, I would not like to have lunch here either, because the price here is too high.
It takes me a lot of time to say this, but this time I think it makes sense.
Be sure to get a bottle yourself.
After lunch we arrived at Church & State, another boutique winery, and produced some special wines.
I stumbled across this winery during a visit last fall and fell in love with their essence (
Now called a coup).
On this visit, the assistant winemaker shares excitedly that since they have new ownership and want to see them flourish, they are considering releasing more single varieties.
I especially like the fusion of Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier.
The winemaker also secretly gave us a sample of the port that has not yet been released. style wine.
I have to say that even if it comes straight out of the barrel it is pleasant and I am anxiously waiting for its release.
At the end of the day, I visited the Blue Mountains.
Taste the bubbles on their simple terrace overlooking the vineyards and lakes on the west side, which seems to be the perfect end of a great day, though it may be the result of a glowing wine.
I highly recommend their reserve pinot noir, that is, if you can get it because their fanatic followers will buy them off before they get to the store shelves.
Join their club, my suggestion!
A short holiday is a great opportunity to connect with some of us.
This is also a great opportunity to experience the best producers in our country.
I can say with confidence that our Winery is the best in the world.
Even if we are with BC now, we should be glad we are so close.
Don't take it out on the winemaker. go to OKANA.
Call Deb at Uncorked.
Let her show you around.
Visit earlier this week so you have more time to interact with those passionate producers and have a look in person.
You won't leave disappointed.
If not, come to the restaurant as many of these great wines will find their way on our list in the next few weeks.
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