chalkboard wine glasses - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-25
chalkboard wine glasses  -  wine glass
The bottom of these glasses are painted with a blackboard so that your guests can write their name on the glass and know in an instant which glass belongs to whom.
I 've seen the idea on the Internet, like here and some other sites I can't seem to find anymore, but I think I'll try it myself, see if it's really as easy as it looks.
Yes, it is very easy to do.
Skills are not required.
Well, a vague skill is needed to point the spray in the right direction, but that's it.
Red wine glassesalkboard spraypaintMasking tapeNewspaper (
Not displayed/not visible)
Wrap the stem with tape where you want the paint to finish.
Then tape a newspaper and plug the other end into the glass.
You have now covered up everything you don't want to paint on the blackboard. Easy! Now. . . paint! Be in a well-
Ventilation area, put on a respirator, apply at least 2 to 3 light coated paint to allow the paint to dry between the coatings.
15 minutes is usually plenty of time.
After the paint is dry, remove the tape and let it be placed for 24 hours before your first use.
Your glasses can now be written in chalk.
In order to look for names cleaner and more colorful, I used chalk ink marks.
Write down some names now and drink!
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