carlingford lough battles plastic scourge - buy plastic water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-22
carlingford lough battles plastic scourge  -  buy plastic water bottles
When CS Lewis created his best work
The famous works of the 1940 s are said to have inspired him from a very special place.
"The part of Rostrevor overlooking Carlingford Lough is what I think of Nanya," the locals often quote him and take pride in what they call home county.
But like many coastal areas, it is fighting the beast.
Garbage and plastic in particular.
Fishing gloves, plastic bottles, glass bottles, beverage cans, and even football are common on the coast.
Fire extinguishers, advertising panels, sound insulation boards, and even Rubik's Cube are not so general.
But they're still there.
Shay Daly is a volunteer who loves your Lough and is not always an eco-activist, but after years of living from Australia and returning home, there is a growing need to do something.
He's "two-minute clean-
"Up", which urges the public to spend two minutes while visiting a beauty place to clean it Up.
After two minutes of work outside the Narrow Water Castle near Warrenpoint, his bag was filled with everything from the gallon barrel to the crispy bag.
Shay wants the public to do more, but also believes that local governments should make a difference by providing water dispensers so that people don't have to buy plastic bottles.
"Things must change --
"We want to change our mindset," he said . ".
There seems to be some progress on the horizon.
Newry, Mourne and Down District Council said it will install free water dispensers in all buildings while exploring the feasibility of installing water dispensers throughout the Council area --
This is a familiar clause for CS Lewis.
Across from lough in Luce County, Ireland, activists are fighting the same battle.
Every week, Carlinford attracts thousands of tourists, leaving a mess among ethnic minorities.
Richard Lewis of Carlingford Tidy Towns said that some people often throw things into the sea.
"Just two weeks ago the whole community came out to clean the beach and I looked at it today and we need to clean it again," he said . ".
"I think this is a classic case of very few people. . .
Some people don't seem to realize that garbage will be washed away somewhere.
"It really seems like a failed battle, but it's not the one we're ready to lose.
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