cargo ship's lost containers bring windfall to dutch islanders - glass containers with silicone sleeve

by:Koodee      2019-08-27
cargo ship\'s lost containers bring windfall to dutch islanders  -  glass containers with silicone sleeve
AMSTERDAM (Reuters)-
Dozens of containers including tablets
A ship lost some of its cargo on the high seas, bringing an unexpected fortune to the local treasure seekers.
The Dutch Coast Guard says there are as many as 270 containers falling off the coast of Panama.
One of the world's largest container ships, the flag-flying MSC Zoe, floating southwest to Dutch waters in bad weather near Borkum Island, Germany.
On the shores of the Dutch Terschelling and Vlieland islands, containers were broken.
Others float or run aground on the coast of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, part of a series of islands defending the Dutch coast.
The Coast Guard warned ships in the area to be careful about floating containers.
The Coast Guard said three containers containing hazardous materials had not yet been found.
According to Dutch media, a range of items, including light bulbs, auto parts, Ikea furniture, clothing and toys, were found in the container by local treasure seekers.
Local media broadcast photos of a group of people gathered around the blue container on the beach, and a group of people holding flat-screen TVs that still seem to be packed with foam.
This material is considered floating, and the inhabitants of the island have been around for centuries
The old tradition of collecting it.
It's not clear whether the goods are water. damaged.
Tineke Schokker, mayor of Vlieland Island, said the city government wouldn't mind cleaning up the garbage.
"People are really good," she told the local Xinhua news agency . "
"The cost of dealing with these things will exceed the value of these things, and in any case, with our two officers, these things cannot be protected and they are scattered all over the beach.
"A spokesman for the vessel operator MSC did not immediately comment.
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