can you drink fracking fluid? one gas exec did - safe plastic bottles for drinking water

by:Koodee      2019-08-23
can you drink fracking fluid? one gas exec did  -  safe plastic bottles for drinking water
An energy company executive took a sip of hydraulic fracturing fluid at an industry meeting this month, which was called a demonstration by some and a gimmick by others, however, it has drawn attention to new formulas for hydraulic fracturing fluid that used to contain chemicals commonly used for antifreeze or bleach hair.
In a keynote lunch speech delivered by the Colorado Petroleum and Gas Association and Halliburton at the meeting
CEO Dave Lesar spoke about addressing public concerns about fracking, which extracts natural gas by blasting a mixture of water, chemicals and sand underground.
According to two participants, he held up a container of new Harry Burton fracturing fluid made of materials from the food industry, and then summoned a high tube to show how safe it is to drink the liquid.
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Putin met with the executive, laughed at his reluctance, and then drank.
He was apparently drinking clean stim, when Burton announced on November that it was conducting field trials.
A spokeswoman for the Burton company did not answer a question about how the executive is doing now, or who he is.
Instead, she asked a reporter to browse a web page on clean stim.
Houston, which has operations in about 80 countries, said the product should not be considered edible.
"I think if these things are benign, why don't the CEO drink it himself?
Frankly, this is my first thought, "said Mark Brownstein, who saw the environmental protection fund for the demonstration.
"What's more, my second thought is that on the one hand, I'm happy to see that there is a measure in place in which Burton is taking steps to remove toxic chemicals from hydraulic fracturing fluid.
I was wondering why it wouldn't be a standard practice if they had this technology.
The "60 minute" report on the pros and cons of shale gas drilling "hydraulic fracturing" the cause of two minor earthquakes?
EPA: The natural gas driller contaminated the Texas aquifer, "I also think to some extent that such gimmicks are largely indicative of what the industry says about assuring the public that they actually take the public's concerns seriously.
"Because to be honest, the owner of Pennsylvania has no choice to drink his water.
He must do it himself.
"There are about 90% oil wells in the United States. S.
This is fracking, according to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
Each component of the hydraulic fracturing fluid has a different effect, such as killing bacteria or preventing corrosion.
Ken Carlson, professor of environmental engineering at Colorado State University, said that with the development of fracturing technology, engineers have discovered other substances besides synthetic chemicals to perform these functions.
"What I took away is that the industry is stepping up on these issues and taking them seriously," said Carlson . ".
"The caliberton company has shown that they can get the same economic benefit or approach this by working a little harder to reformulate the liquid.
"For competitive reasons, companies refuse to disclose the exact formula for hydraulic fracturing fluid, and companies that voluntarily publish information at the public online registration center called hydraulic fracturing can exclude some chemicals.
The website of Harry Burton lists the enzyme of clean stim, the deoxate sugar composition
The raw materials are fatty acid ester, inorganic and organic acid, inorganic salt, malt aldehyde, organic ester, some hydrogenation vegetable oil, polycarbohydrate polymer and sulfuric acid alcohol.
The use of raw materials in the food industry does not necessarily make the fracturing fluid safe for drinking water, Brownstein said.
Salt is a kind of food.
"Grade ingredients, but if you have too much salt in your tap water, your tap water is not available," Brownstein said . ".
Carlson still said that the introduction of hydraulic fracturing fluid by Burton and others was a good sign, saying that hydraulic fracturing fluid pairs due to the use of biodegradable components or the allowing for water reduction, among other reasons
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