business; an american in jalisco: living out a tequila dream - stainless steel bottle manufacturer

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business; an american in jalisco: living out a tequila dream  -  stainless steel bottle manufacturer
2000 The Startup Challenge is not a new concept for W. Park Kerr.
After all, he and his mother founded El Paso Chile by selling Chile ristras or red garlands
On the roadside of their hometown El Paso, hot peppers.
Today, 20 years later,
Knitting family business-
Including his mother, Noma. sister, Monica; and brother-in-law, Sean --
Make a range of salads, chili sauce, sauces and chips that bring in over $10 million a year.
Good business, but Sir.
Kerr took a selfie.
Announced a midlife crisis a few years ago, eager for a new crossoverborder thrill.
"In our company, any family member who has a good idea can sell it," he said . ".
"So, I said, 'I want to make tequila.
Are you there?
They gave me $30,000 and a credit card to explore the project with their blessing. '' (
He has spent about half of his time so farMillions of dollars. )
He decided to enter a market that was already very crowded and to accept the national obsession of another country, which attracted the attention of the spirits industry.
Those who know the world of tequila in Mexico doubt
Kerr can accomplish his custom goals.
High quality products distilled.
After all
Mexican companies are just distributors, buy ready-made-
Made tequila and put a private label on it like Brown's Don Eduardo
Foreman or pofidio from Martin Gasol.
Bob Emmons, an industry consultant who wrote the book of tequila, said: "Mexicans are carefully guarding their tequila.
No outsider can do this.
'Advertisementrobert Denton is also skeptical about importing premium tequila, El tersoro and the Mediterranean.
"Trust me, no one is renting out their winery to Americans to make their tequila," he said . ".
But the charming Mr.
Cole was able to convince a winemaker to make a tequila the way he wanted it.
After nearly three years of development, the newly launched Tequila Nacional Silver of El Paso, Chile, has listed 6,000 bottles in the US market.
The tequila is already available in Texas and will be available in New Jersey this week, New York and several other states will be available in the coming months.
It's not easy, sir.
Kerr recently said on a fully chilled margar Tower (with salt).
But perseverance and connections are helpful.
All his knowledge of Tequila went well.
He hired a Mexican bottle manufacturer and then introduced him.
Cole to winery customers
This connection is crucial.
"These people are very traditional . "Kerr said.
"It's probably just because of the personal nature of what I introduced and the fact that I speak Spanish, I ended up winning their trust.
He studied the fruit pina of the agave plant that grows, harvested, and distilled the spires, and it looks like a steroid pineapple, weighing 100 pounds.
By last winter, sir.
Despite a bunch of standards, Parker is ready to sign up with the winery.
It must be medium. -
Small enough, so an annual revenue increase of $500,000 will vary, but large enough to deal with the number in the plan.
It cannot have a competitive brand in the United States.
It should be in Los Altos, Jalisco, where, sir.
"The Earth is red and agave is sweet," Kerr said.
"This is not all: tequila does not have the ammonia nitrate, condiments or urea that is often used in commercial tequila.
Pine fruit to be baked before the traditional adobe oven hornos fermentation, the distiller must agree to bake the fruit slowly and let it cool for a full 24 hours before distillation to improve taste. Mr.
Kerr wants to provide his own yeast and yeast food.
For a more authentic taste, he insisted on tableware made of stainless steel instead of copper.
To ensure purity, all production must be carried out in a clean plant without chemical contamination.
Did I tell you my favorite story? '' he asked.
"I visited a winery and he was very proud of how clean his factory was because he scrubbed machines and floors with pine trees every day --Sol.
How do you like his tequila?
The winery he visited told him to be a good boy and buy ready-made --
Made tequila and put your own label on it.
Who knows the difference?
Once the winery understands
American businessman Kerr wants to control how his tequila is made, and no one will play;
They didn't return his phone.
The advertising of despair began, sir.
Kerr met the owner of coca, Thomas Fernandez.
At a cocktail party, Coke bottling makers in five parts of Mexico.
"I play in two worlds ---
He said he told Obama that the United States and Mexico.
Frustrated Fernandez
"I live on the border.
I speak Spanish.
I like the culture and food here.
But no one understands me.
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Fernandez thinks one of his sons might be able to help. When Mr.
Cole, with Miguel Fernandez (Miguel Fernandez), a man of American and Mexican descent who attends schools on both sides of the border, knows that he has found an ideal ally
Young sir.
Mr. Fernandez is by his side.
Kerr found that the winery was willing to talk about the project and he could start to choose instead of begging.
"Of the 20 people, 5 went out because they were too big, and 5 went out because they were too small . "Kerr said.
"Seven people have not been cut due to integrity and cleanliness issues ---
Believe me, this is a big deal below.
We have finally made a list of three distillers.
At the last minute, one is hesitant to bring our own yeast and distillation technology, and then the price is reduced.
There's a guy who's going to charge $10 a liter of tequila, which is a lot of money.
In April we finally had destieria San Isidreo, who agreed to all the terms. ''As in-
Agave Nacional, national coordinator, sir.
Fernandez explains the complex Mexican culture.
"It's about building a strategic partnership with fluent people on both sides of the Mexican border who can understand the urgency of the United States and Mexico's politics . "Kerr said.
Although St Isidreo of destiileria agrees to use it.
Kerr's recipe, sir.
Fernandez personally supervised the matter.
He visited the winery unexpectedly, making sure that there were no rotten or rotten Aggs entering the mixture, and reminded the Brewers why they had to be cleaned before splitting pinas up and throwing them into hornos. Mr.
Fernandez said the winery's own planning and organization were very different from his own.
Kerr's finally accepted our proposal.
"Although the paperwork of the Mexican government is a bureaucratic nightmare, the project is progressing relatively smoothly . "Fernandez said.
If a word is misspelled or "I" does not have a dotted line, the document will be returned for correction. ''Mr.
Kerr said he admired some aspects of the Mexican system.
"Here, we got the trademark in three months, much shorter than the US," he said . ".
"The task now for advertising is to make tequila stand out on crowded retail shelves. Mr.
Kerr has long thought about this problem. he has an established company in his corner with related products.
Take advantage of the current market position in El Paso, Chile-
It is the highest leader in the industry.
Price levels in salsa market-
The company started guerrilla marketing before nothing was sold.
It launched a series of names called borgogo (
"Drunk" in Spanish ")
The words "made with tequila" are displayed on the label, along with the margar Tower mixture and margar Tower salt.
The recipe for El Paso Chile's margar Tower, published in last May, includes a complete
The national label of color restoration tequila. Mr.
Kerr is confident in the niche marketing and brand loyalty of this tequila, which retails for about $35 to $40, with a medium premium brand price. Mr.
Importer Denton thinks this is not possible, he admits that Parker Kerr brought a custom thing that seems to break the situation
Distilled tequila to the market. But like Mr.
He doesn't understand why Mr. Kerr is here.
Kerr insisted on washing the bread before baking.
There is nothing to live by distillation, he said. Mr.
Kerr's answer: "I'm a little obsessive-compulsive.
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A version of this article was printed on page 3003006 of the National edition on May 21, 2000 with the title: business;
An American in Jalisco: living a dream of tequila.
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