bottled water may contain ‘hormones’: glass - plastic water bottle suppliers

by:Koodee      2019-07-21
bottled water may contain ‘hormones’: glass  -  plastic water bottle suppliers
Researchers in Frankfurt, Germany, have just had evidence
Imitating chemicals can seep out of certain plastic bottles.
It is disturbing that their data suggest that mineral water distributed in some glass bottles may also contain hormone-like contamination --
Not because it oozes out of the glass.
This means that the water was contaminated before bottling.
Several scientists now suspect that a source could be used to transfer water from a natural reservoir-
And/or through-
Processing Equipment of bottling plant.
Pipes are widely used by industry, for example.
So if the mineral water is delivered through a PVC pipeline pump, it can be picked up and-“because [PVC]
Is the source of all of this, "noted Environmental Epidemiology.
She added that all of these materials found in PVC have an estrogen-like self-change.
Plastic is also used in industrial pipes and pipes, Boston's endocrine scientists point out.
The basic component of this plastic is the molecule of biphenol A, and her team has shown that this compound is an effective estrogen analog.
Soto recalls an anecdote a few years ago when she had just started working with a new comer to find potential hormone-like contaminants in the Bay of Massachusetts.
"I suggest that the man send the water to the Environmental Protection Bureau for extraction.
"Certified laboratories," she said.
"But he told me no. I’m a chemist. I can do this.
So she suggested taking care of some clean samples first.
Then she will screen them for pollution.
Sure enough, she recalls, the first few samples he sent contained "beta estrogen ".
The researchers changed a plastic filter and the next sample did not have estrogen.
Soto said that she found that unless the liquid is stored in a glass or ceramic container, it is possible that it will come into contact with some estrogen analog, filter or heat, when passing through the pipe.
Phthal acid salts are a widely used volatile industrial solvent and plasticizer that can also pollute water or any other material
Soto points out that it's outdoors or bottling plants.
Another potential source of water "hormone": excreting drugs.
Many substances known to pollute the water supply can open up estrogen receptors in the body.
Soto concluded, "We live in a 'estrogen 'soup if you want, and we can get it almost anywhere.
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