bottled water ban doesn't trickle down - plastic water bottle suppliers

by:Koodee      2019-07-21
bottled water ban doesn\'t trickle down  -  plastic water bottle suppliers
Yesterday in Toronto, the sun rose as usual and as usual, you can still buy a bottle of water at the Town Hall.
It may be a surprise for some people.
After all, the City Council passed a motion on Monday night asking for "an immediate ban on selling or distributing bottled water in the municipal center.
"But yesterday afternoon, the cafe at the Town Hall Square restaurant still offers several bottles of Dasani water for plastic bottles, as well as St. pergrinno or Perrier in glass bottles.
Upstairs, in the hallway outside the committee meeting room, delegates lined up there for hours last month to express their views on bottled water, and a vending machine still produced a bottle of water bottle.
The same goes for vending machines in the basement of City Hall.
Melvin Lee, general manager of Plaza Cafe, said her knowledge of the city's new policies came from reading newspapers.
As of yesterday afternoon, no one in the city had contacted her about the ban, she said.
Despite no formal notice, Li said she would cut off sales of bottled water once she ran out of her current inventory.
"It could last up to a week," she said . ".
Li said she always offers tap water and bottled water in the cafeteria
The style restaurant also has a large take-out business.
But customers, some of whom are on their way to paying taxes or getting a city permit, often want to pick up a bottle of drink that they can carry with them and have a drink while in line, she said.
Treasury Department spokesman Cindy brosley said city staff were arranging meetings to explain the new policy to the snack bar and restaurant manager in the city center, the town hall of the old Metro municipality.
There is no restaurant and cafeteria in Metro Hall.
"This will be written in future contracts: no bottled water," she said . " But privately managed restaurants will not be forced to break existing contracts with suppliers.
"Depending on the contract, it may take a little time to replace.
"The city staff also got in touch with the vending machine --
She said that the machine operator must remove the water bottle from the machine in the municipal center as soon as possible.
Li wants to know if the new policy allows her to sell soda in glass bottles, such as Perrier.
There is no difference in the bill passed by the City Council, but it is forbidden to sell "bottled water" from the Civic Center ".
The staff report submitted to the council regards plastic bottles as the main objective of the ban, but does not distinguish between glass and plastic in the proposal.
Patricia Barrett of the city's Solid Waste Division says the aim is to sell bottled water that is basically the same as tap water.
"The soda water in the glass bottle will not be affected," she said . ".
"We are not targeting any carbonated drinks.
"While the new policy will soon end selling bottled water in civic centres, it will take longer to sell bottled water in urban buildings such as entertainment centres, arenas and theaters.
City staff have been instructed to work with bottled water vendors to plan to end water sales of these buildings by the end of 2011.
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