ben column: stray dog found - please help!; pancakes and sausage today at hopewell crest; need a yearbook?; movie night at the millville army air field museum - colored glass water bottles

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ben column: stray dog found - please help!; pancakes and sausage today at hopewell crest; need a yearbook?; movie night at the millville army air field museum  -  colored glass water bottles
By BENjhummel @ sjnewsco. comWeb: nj. com/benWeb: nj.
Com/bridgetonGood morning!
In his 40 s today.
Watch out for the melting snow.
It may snow on Monday night and rain and snow showers in the afternoon.
Pancakes and sausage dinner at unewell Crest School today.
It's West Cumberland. ruitan is cooking.
Tom in the Tom & Mabel restaurant in Greenwich is making pancakes.
Seats at 3: 30, 4: 30 and 5: 30m. Appear at any time.
Get your ticket at the door.
As soon as they start cooking, try to keep up with the snowstorm, like snow plows.
Except for Everett Newkirk.
He's second in Ruritan.
So they asked him to have coffee. Tickets are $8.
These benefits will one day benefit your child.
Let's say you lost your yearbook.
Where do you go to buy another "if there is space, please feel free to print any or all of this in the column.
"I recently connected all BHS by calling some super nice local elderly in their 80 s who are happy to have lost or never owned or wanted the yearbook for any reason.
"Also, some people outside the state read books every day!
"I still have BHS for 43 years, 40 for two years and 47 for one year. ’’—
Provide the following Yearbook: Bridgeton High School
1940, '43, '47 vineland High-
Vineland High 9, 10 th grade 1982, 92non-
Transition, senior yearbook, 1980
1984, 85, 87, 89, 91, 92 Cumberland Regional High School
1979, 81, 83, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92 schalick High-
1990 Cumberland Christian School in Weilan
High heart 1994-
1987 Collingswood High
1930,34, 35,38, 45 Hatton Heights-
1944,45, 47,48 Kingsway region high-
No. 1981, 82-overbrook High School, Pine Hill
1952, 61, 62, 78 Camden High School
2002,63, 64 woolderot Wilson High School
1977 high Pemberton town
1978, 79 Palmira High School
Somerville High-1962
1953 of Somerdale, '54 high-
Woodbury 1977 high
1982, '83 woodstown High-
1999 pre-Bishop Camdon yustas-
1977, '78 glasboro high
Friends School in 1971 K grade mullikah Mountain12 —
74 Harmon 1973 high
Atco-1957, '59edgewood high
Catholic High School Gloucester 197419791987-
88 bank Croft SchoolJ.
For learning disabilities.
Bridgeton beat Port egg township, 48-30, in Cape-
Atlantic junior basketball game on Thursday afternoon
After 10 games, there are 8 Bulldogs-2 record.
Coach Sean Bridges and his assistant Maurice desfield emphasize teamwork and defense.
This has worked for the team so far as the team will not step back from any other team.
Although shorter than every team they face, the Daos followed the coach's formula and formed another great season.
Bowman Stefon took the lead on Thursday
Rounded up, scored 18 points and sent out 6 assists.
Craig Singleton took the lead with 14 points and scored 8 rebounds.
Although he didn't score, Tate Lille Stubbs made his teammates happy by sending out seven high assists. —
Jerry Young "congratulated bhs afjrotc on the recent game at Jackson High School.
"The students brought back seven trophies.
"The trophy won is: individual knockout
2nd ~ Armed forces show-
3rd ~ Armed police-
3rd ~ Non-armed team show-
3rd ~ Armed regulations-
2nd ~ Armed double show-
2nd ~ Non-armed double exhibition-1st place.
"We are very proud of all your achievements and hope you have good luck in the Washington town game. ’’—Mr. and Mrs.
The February SwansonLavender bead necklace is first-class. 28, at 1 p. m. Cost is $50.
Learn to make real beads with lavender flowers and other natural ingredients, just like in ancient times.
Add lavender colored glass beads to string fragrant lavender beads.
The finished product looks professional, fragrant and beautiful.
The supply includes strings, glass beads, silver and lavender.
A bottle of lavender essential oil and a container for beads will also be obtained per person.
There are other recipes for Rose beads.
Call Lorraine Kiefer 694-4272.
The Milville Army Aviation Field Museum is proud to announce that they will be in Henry E.
Wyble research library and education center, Milville airport.
The dates are from 8: 30 to 6 on Tuesday, March 9. m.
The fee is free, but donations are always welcome at the door as a snack.
The upcoming film is beyond by Robert Taylor.
Also, we were asked to have Bill Hogan, a World War II veteran, come back and finish his story. Bill was a B-
24 crew members landed safely and parachuted in Austria.
He spent a year at Camp pow in Germany.
Additional attractions will be included.
I hope you can join us by P-
47 Thunderbolt advocates—
Lisa Jester soup!
Soup for Fortescue Chapel and everything is on sale today, starting at 11. m. to 3 p. m.
The aroma of chicken soup, ham and beans, vegetable beef, potatoes and ham, chowder, etc. will fill the air.
And the delicious peppers and the present ones.
The famous pork and sauerkraut on the bread, the most important is the delicious dessert. Meet Ruth C.
Nell, Church of rock Fortescue.
Ask your child to sign up for the spring sports! Soccer. Baseball. Softball. Flag football. Just pick one.
The small League of North Cumberland will start registering at 10: 00 today. m.
Clubhouse on Hoover RoadA late sign-
The update date will be held on Saturday, February. 27, from 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. $10 extra.
But don't worry about this. Sign up today.
For more information, please call 455-3161.
When Station owner Jim Quinn named all the good people in the world on Thursday afternoon at wsnj am 1240, did he mention George Mitchell Sumner Lippincott Tony surakide Andre Jane Christie Steve Schuster and he called us and let us and
Guess what he did on the 28 th. he ran the 26 th.
2 miles in Cape May, no parking.
We can't drive the 26.
2 miles without parking.
He ran for hunger.
It is called the ocean-driven marathon.
He ran it in 2007 and raised $5,300 for help and hope pantry.
In March 2008, he participated in the green trail marathon in Seneca Creek, raising $11,000.
On last March, he ran on the Mississippi Highway 50 and raised $6,700.
You do math to end hunger.
Pastor Steve asked for your support again.
Pay the check to the help and hope Department.
Send to: Help & Hopec/o First United Methodist Church. O.
083 32hey, NJ, Owen Garrison, Box 116 of Sports Illustrated, knows nothing about us.
Please keep in mind that they deducted $39 from our Bank of America check account as we did not order and it has been put back.
Thanks to William, he handled these things nationwide for Bank of America.
We mentioned your name, Owen. —
Where are you eating the sun? How about a meal opposite Russell and Helen stomes? They help run food storage rooms in commercial towns.
They see hunger every week.
Lake Laurel community day and volunteer society will sponsor a 3 to 6 p meatloaf dinner on Sunday. m.
$10 per adult, $6 for children aged 10 and under, and free for children aged 3 and under.
You can leave more tips when you go out.
You can't talk to Russell storms.
It will be held in Lake Laurel fire hall, 5436 battle Lane.
Menu includes salad, meatloaf, real hands
Mashed potatoes, corn, peas, gravy, bread, desserts and hot and cold drinks.
You don't want takeout.
Chat for a while.
This is a buffet and Russell will serve you if you like. Give him 327.
7810 tell him to see you at the door
If he yawns when you see him, there's a good reason.
He got up early in the morning and spread the news.
The bathtub on Pearl Street you see today means the Bridgeton pipe is moving.
If you see Evelyn Hoffman in one of the rooms, don't tell Eddie.
Bridgeton plumbing will be the new Chapman company, but it will sell bathtubs instead of cars.
Speaking of the bathtub, there was news from plumbers all over the weekend.
Plumber, dentist Sam Feinstein, famous glass house and Ferrat company of Cumberland County Historical Society
Oberlin Smith
Meet today at Frank Burton & Sons, from 2 to 4. m. , at 333 W. Broad St. , Bridgeton.
You saw a picture of Sam in the news and see him in person now.
They will be there before May 12.
You will be hungry before you go to see Russell storms.
So, on Cohansey Street, knock on the door of the Eagle Federation and say, "Buch sent me!
"This will give you a comprehensiveyou-can-
Breakfast on Sunday for $8 per person and $3 for children under 10.
Guess what, topper is the famous sausage gravy made by Faye's mother with homemade biscuits. Whoa!
My Town: it would be nice to see the green grass again one day.
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