basic instinct - beautiful wine glasses

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basic instinct  -  beautiful wine glasses
Jeni Port wrote that Henry Jaye did not know pinot as much as others did.
First Ryan Evans, now Henry Jaye.
The world is losing wine giants.
Jeyer is a microcosm of the traditional Burgundia vinelon, who rarely leaves his village, but is hailed around the world as one of the great winemakers in France.
He died of cancer in September 27. He was 84.
While he offers full vigneron photos, always working diligently in vineyards and wine cellars, he is also a passer of beautiful wine poetry, not just in glass.
He once told Anthony Hansen, a famous British writer: "The mission of pinot noir is not to have purple . ".
"It must not be like syrah.
It must look beautiful.
A 1992 glass of wine
He continued: "Look at the flash of glory. Step back.
It's like silk shining in the sun. "Nice, eh?
Even if you have never tasted Jayer wine, you may be exposed to wine
France or Australia
This was affected by his brewing.
For generations of winemakers in the world, he is a powerful and influential figure.
So influential, he even got his own list on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.
Jayer reminds people of the old ways that these traditions are sometimes forgotten at the age of 1970 and 80.
"There is no secret," he once said, and he is serious.
He is the most generous sharer of his time and his talent.
Frank Prial, the wine writer for The New York Times, described Jay as a typical Burgundia vinelon because his knowledge of wine was through observation
This is instinct, says Jayer.
His specialty happens to be pinot noir.
You feel that no matter where he was born, he will make great wines.
Jayer is, in many ways, a product of a difficult period before World War II. Born in Vosne-
He left school at the age of 16 in 1922.
When his brother joined the French army, he took control of the family's three small vineyards.
There is a story about him being controlled by a local wine grower.
He was also considered untrained.
Anyway, his intuition, his instinct, was a powerful tool from the beginning.
When he wanted to improve the vineyard cultivation, he chose the best vines as grafting instead of importing new ones.
Whether in a vineyard or in a cellar (the winery)
He likes to let go naturally ".
You will get a firm impression that from the early days he has full confidence in the natural order of things and is a strong supporter of Occam razors (
The most economical and complex moves are usually the best)
Even if he doesn't have to say that particular theory
But the most important thing is that Jaye's brewing is balanced.
In vintage, he sweated on picking dates, and the typical French obtuseness described it as "neither Late nor early ".
This may mean that the weather will allow late hours.
In the cellar, he will remove all the grapes. Too bitter.
What is important is that he re-introduced the era. old pre-
Soak in fermentation.
For the past decade, any Australian who drinks Pinot Noir will smell a sweet scent and enjoy the eye appeal of the week soaked Pinot Noir (
Or more)
Before fermentation
"Cold bubbles" are almost an institution in Australia.
Jayer likes native yeast instead of farmed (
"Everything is in yeast," he said . ")
The second natural fermentation.
After the wine is fully mature (
Usually 18 months later in the new French oak)
Jayer was ready for the bottle and he insisted on not filtering and only allowed mild fines.
He believes that in terms of flavor and color, it is much lost than ever before.
Henry Jaye's personal vineyard in the village of Nuyt, Watson, and Prime Minister Klaus les bokes --
Monts and Cros Parantoux are never big.
However, he leased some other small companies and took care of the vineyards of his brothers Lu Xi 'an and George (
Some wines are bottled under their name).
But signing a contract with Noirot is a wise decision. Camuzet family
Current name. Meo-Camuzet)
It was in 1945 to help him become famous.
He took care of their vines and made Domaine wine in exchange for half of the wine he made in his own name.
The contract relates to the fruit of the Richebourg Vineyard (grand cru)
Brulai and Barstow (premier crus)
Among other things, it has been going on for more than 40 years before Jayer's semi-finals
Retired in 1988
But most importantly, there is a wine that will always be linked to Jayer's name: Cros Parantoux.
In 1951, Jayer bought a small piece of Cros Parantoux in the north.
Located on the eastern site at the top of Richebourg, there is a thin layer of clay limestone on the rock bed.
Perfect land of Pinot
Even by Burgundy's standards, the place is very rocky and cold, resulting in a high natural acidity of the produced wine.
On 1953, an old Mrs. norlow
Camuzet provided Jayer with a small vineyard and in 1970 he picked up the last available Stand (
Made of cro Parantoux proprietary Jaye and Domaine Meo-Camuzet).
The grapes were always mixed together until 1978 when Jayer produced one --
A new benchmark has been created.
Only 300 boxes of wine were brewed each year, making itprized (and expensive)benchmark.
Jayer hallmark is always amazing focus and delicious.
Remington Norman, an expert in Burgundy wine in the UK, called it "elegant, round winemaking style ".
Jayer completely stopped the production of wine in 1995 and handed everything to his nephew Emmanuel Rouget in 1996, which proved to be a man worthy of inheritance.
The winery's Emmanuel ruire is still in the tradition of Jahir.
Finally, the master's last sentence: "The age of the vines and the paw marks of the wine growers have their importance, but the dominant is always the characteristic of the wine itself. "Nicely said.
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