baby food jar that's older than the baby - food jar

by:Koodee      2019-07-28
baby food jar that\'s older than the baby  -  food jar
Debra Gill, like any young mother, wants to make sure she's 17month-
The older daughter ate a healthy diet, which is why she gave her baby organic food.
But she was scared when she noticed it.
After baby Catherine started eating rice and carrots
The cans have been sold for over a year-by date.
According to the label, the meal should be finished by November 2002, older than Catherine himself.
Pots with whole wheat rice and carrots were bought from Sainsbury in Warrington a few days ago.
MS Gill said: "I was in a panic when I realized that she had already eaten what was outside --of-
So I called the environmental health department and they said it was not dangerous for babies but it still hit my confidence.
When people buy baby food from the supermarket, you will want it to be dated.
The jar is bigger than my child.
"After checking her cabinets, Jill MS found two cans of baby food from another branch in Sainsbury, which has been out of date for six months.
A spokeswoman for the supermarket chain apologized for the mistake, but insisted that food was not at risk for health.
A statement from the company said: "Sainsbury's took this very seriously and immediately removed all related products from the store.
"A comprehensive survey was conducted and a very small number of products were incorrectly labeled.
"We immediately reviewed the labeling process to ensure that this does not happen again.
This product is sterile and therefore does not pose any risk to health.
Jill MS said that the Warrington store gave her a jar of baby food and gift certificates, and as a gesture of goodwill, Steve Suriji, the branch manager, said: "for this incident, we sincerely apologize to our customers.
It seems that due to the mistakes of colleagues, some jars of food were inadvertently left on the shelves.
"Last week, lawmakers were alarmed by calls for a tough new food labeling law.
MP Richard Bacon called for "clearer, more accurate and more honest information" in the House of Commons ".
What is a recent report from the consumer association?
The magazine raised the question of food being "repackaged" by producers to make it look fresher than it is now. The Which?
The study reveals how chicken is sold
Re-periodically by date
Label the supermarket shelves by the manufacturer.
According to the study, this means the "fresh chicken breast" section with shelves
The 7-day life was sold 20 days ago, increasing the chance of food poisoning.
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