arizona's stretch of route 66 a cooler, more comfortable ride - steel cubes for drinks

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arizona\'s stretch of route 66 a cooler, more comfortable ride  -  steel cubes for drinks
Not all Arizona is hot.
Along the old Route 66 that spans the top of the state, you will reach the higher land at about 2,000 above sea level.
It's cooler in winter, and there's a chance of snow.
And less travel.
But with the sunshine of the desert
Most of the old highway is now Interstate 40, and many drivers know that it is a highway from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.
However, there are a lot more to see if you have time to stop on the road.
The wind is best at sunset, so let's drive from east to west.
The New Mexico line is hundreds of kilometers west, passing from Albuquerque, or in half
A day trip from Phoenix is Petrochemical Forest National Park.
This is a vast park located in the depicted desert, named for its rocks, sand, and buttons.
In the park, the seemingly barren land is littered with 0. 2 billion-year-old forest ruins-petrochemical Wood.
The ancient wood was buried for a long time, absorbing minerals from the ground, so now it is crystalline into almost solid quartz.
It takes about 45 minutes to drive through the park, but it is a good idea to allow half an hour
Various amazing lookout and hiking paths in the visitor center and in the desert.
The Painted Desert Visitor Center near I40 has a restaurant, but the only hotel and motel rooms are in the community outside the park.
If you want to experience the real Route 66, try the Village of Wigwam, located 40 kilometers west of Holbrook.
The room was basically comfortable and started in 1950.
It is one of the seven original motel courtyards on the highway designed to mimic a local tent village.
Each of the 15 concrete and steel "tents" has a classic car parked outside, but inside, they are like a normal motel room with a bed, dresser and attached bathroom.
The price starts at $62. S.
, It is a good idea to book in advance at sleepinawigwam. com.
There is also Winslow 55 kilometers west of Holbrook, the most mentioned in the Eagle band's 1972 song "relax.
Route 66 was bypassed by the interstate in more than 1970 kilometers, but the driver now detours the city center to the "grandstand" of the corner Park ", "Hundreds of engraved donated bricks were laid around the corner of West 2nd Street.
North Kingsley Avenue.
You can take your picture with your life.
A bronze statue of a young man with a guitar, who "stood" in a corner of Winslow, Arizona, and saw such a beautiful sight: This is a girl, my Lord, in a flat Ford car, slow down to see me.
Yes, there is a flat Ford parked on the street.
On the wall behind the brick Park area there is a mural of the storefront window, the Ford car is painted as a reflection on the glass, a young woman behind the steering wheel, smiling at you.
This will be one of the coolest places you visit in the southwest.
If you want a more luxurious place to stay than the Wigwam Village in Holbrook, La Posada Hotel in Winslow is a restored 1930 s resort offering more than $119
Most drivers continue 100 kilometers west to Flagstaff or Williams at the bottom of the road leading to the Grand Canyon National Park.
The canyon is another hour north of the interstate and should be bypassed for at least half a day, or a proper visit in a few days.
Accommodation is also available in the park.
The passage follows the south edge, about 40 kilometers from the main entrance of Grand Canyon Village to the reconstructed native lookout tower, and the Canyon moves north.
If you only have a few hours, you can at least drive to the tower to enjoy its natural grandeur.
West of Williams, Route 66 departs from the interstate of Seligman and runs north through the ranch.
There are several kitschy restaurants and gift shops worth a visit, but after 120, the two highways meet again in Kingman.
Here, the temperature will be slightly warmer due to the low altitude of 1,100.
There are a lot of places to eat and stay, but if you want to stick to the theme of Route 66, El Trovatore Motel is basic, but real, just recently renovated.
It has an independent theme room named after a movie star who once came to town to shoot Western films.
It's two from Kingman-
Las Vegas or three hours drive away
It takes an hour to drive to Phoenix, but if you're still heading west to California and want to live on husband 66, it's worth walking the twisted mountain road to Altman.
This is the gold of the past.
The mining town now serves mainly tourists from nearby Laughlin.
There are many restaurants and bars on the quiet main street, which used to be a busy section of Route 66, and in early 1950 the town was bypassed by Interstate.
It's so quiet wild donkey walking down the street can handle
Feed carrots and dry hay.
Be sure to go to the Altman hotel.
There is no place to live now, but you can see the suites that Clark Gable and Carol Lombard stayed in during their honeymoon in 1939.
First of all, though, you need to go through the halls and restaurants, the walls and even the ceiling of the halls and restaurants with signed dollar notes.
Early miners used to leave a bill there when they needed cash to pay for their drinks, and now it is estimated that at least $200,000 was pinned into the room.
Altman is only one and a half.
One hour from California, a brand new adventure begins, but for the cool north of Arizona, it's an unforgettable end --
Cool in many ways.
For information on the petrochemical Forest National Park, see. nps. gov/pefo.
Ten dollars a car for seven days.
See nps at Grand Canyon National Park. gov/grca.
$25 per car for seven days.
Wigwam Village, AZ Holbrook: sleepinawigwam.
Hotel conra Posada in Winslow, AZ: laposada.
Motel ogel trovore in Kingman, AZ: eltrovatoremotel.
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