are 'performance' wine glasses the ultimate investment for serious oenophiles? - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-27
are \'performance\' wine glasses the ultimate investment for serious oenophiles?  -  wine glass
There was a recent debate between old technology and new technology . . . . . . You won't be much older than glass.
Of course, with the development of science, this most basic material has been developed for thousands of years, so that it can withstand the attack of a hammer or bullet, extremely hot or extremely cold, and other things that may cause damage to it.
But how much higher? tech-
Can people use it on old wine glasses?
Small confession: I like wine very much, but I am too respectful of it, especially because 1)
I don't want to flirt with alcohol and 2)
Because I only drink the vino I can't afford.
It was the latter that inspired my curiosity about wine glasses, and I even had a Zalto pair of glasses designed specifically for bold red people who were so precious that I did not dare to use them.
Somewhere along the way, someone instilled in me that good quality wine should get good quality drinking utensils that cheer me up whenever I hear the name "Riedel.
Nevertheless, when I saw a press release titled "Introduction to the riddle show", I admit that I laughed;
Ultimate speaker for boutique wine.
"At first, I thought Riddle had entered hi-
For "speakers", the fi business has only one thing for me: audio devices.
However, I think in this case the prolix copywriter confused what it meant to think of it as a pioneer of the new glassware.
Then my brain says to the third word: "perform.
"From what point on, there is even a measure of" performance "related to fixed, passive, immutable wine glasses?
This is what I have to investigate.
Of course, Riedel is one of the most famous suppliers of professional glassware, making it similar to Rolex for drinking water equipment.
The company's three generations of research and development "functional, grape-varietal-
So whether you're in Bordeaux or Barolo, they have the exact glass to taste.
However, Georg and Maximilian Riedel set a goal to improve what their company has achieved.
If you think that the wine glass is just the interface between you and the bottle, think again: Riedel tells the whole experience, including the effect of the wine glass on drinkers and contents.
This gives us a performance perspective, a term-
Like "digital" or "manual"
This has been applied to so many other harmless objects that its meaning is exaggerated.
Riedel's use of the word commitment is "technical --
Advanced and user
Friendly collection of grapesvarietal-
Specific glasses.
"It starts with vision, and the new glasses are the first Riedel wine glass series featuring bowls with a slight optical impact.
The company's research focuses on "improving the sensory wine experience ".
"They found that increasing the inner surface area of the glass had a positive impact on the perception of the wine smell and flavor.
Of course, this verifies the ceremony that every wine connoisseur has performed before drinking, or, more dramatically, lets the sommelier continue to pour over the table.
Riedel has achieved unique optical effects with the design of the bowl.
Physically, however, the aim is to increase the internal surface area so that the wine can be opened and accessible to every fragrance and subtle nuance without any hindrance.
Performance consists of 7 machines
Manufacturing, light weight, durable (and dishwasher-safe)shapes.
They are made of exquisite sparkling crystals with slender stems and a large stable base.
Although none of my grapes represent --
I wouldn't be interested if it wasn't Italian.
Serious oenophile has the option of glasses for chardonnay, champagne, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, syrah and spirits.
Glasses from RP number-1 to RP-
7, make sure that the user matches the code of the glass to a specific grape variety.
Most people don't care so much about the details of the wine glass, but I have to admit that there is an inch of dark stuff at the bottom of the glass and the opening is almost large enough to accept the fist.
Riedel's new collection will surely find followers worthy of this wine glass among those who especially like French and American wines.
I mind-
Italy missing?
Not at all: the glasses are as good as these, and even if they are only worn for the sake of my beloved dinnero, I am afraid to use them. riedel.
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