ardagh bottles a sparkling 16pc gain - the best glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-01
ardagh bottles a sparkling 16pc gain  -  the best glass water bottle
ARDAGH performed best in the Irish market this week as the former glass maker's share price rose by 16 PCs.
Shareholders want chairman Paul Coulson to operate Oracle and squeeze value from the group's assets, including its Linson-based website.
Glanbia's PC sales this week increased by 8 units, the second best performance.
The group benefited from a substantial reduction in the group's debt and took a valuable position in the European pizza cheese business.
Iona recovered some of its advantages after a recent bad run, and shares also rose 8 PCs this week, while the fourth best was small print company Oakhill, which rose 6 PCs;
The fifth is Galen, a drug company, up 5 percentage points.
The horizon topped the list of losers.
Despite new agreements with lenders, educational software manufacturers dropped by 6 PCs while IWP dropped by 3.
After the well-run results of the exploration drilling, Dragon Oil shed 3 pc, Ryanair was hit by turbulence affecting the low-cost sector.
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