apples for alessi - stainless steel swizzle sticks

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apples for alessi  -  stainless steel swizzle sticks
In the world of advanced design, the fruit bowl has many shapes and forms.
Sharp bowls built with wire rods;
A woven bowl of anodized aluminum;
Molded bowls of resin and concrete;
There is even a bowl built with toy plastic soldiers.
In short, the fruit bowl is dead.
In the last year of the Royal Melbourne University of Technology, Lisa Vincitorio chose to design one.
22-explained: "Although the fruit bowl was overdone, I realized that it was not done in a different wayyear-
Graduates of industrial design
Vincitorio's approach is to design a doughnut
The unique shape of the stainless steel fruit bowl was snapped up by Italian design giant Alessi.
This is the dream of many well-known designers, and also the quiet talking Vincitorio who lives in the reservoir with their parents, alessi will venture with an unknown designer, which is both an honor, it was also shocking.
"You can't imagine the third one.
"The annual university project will be acquired by the same company that produces designer works such as Philip Stark," Vincitorio said . ".
"It's not true, it hasn't really hit me until today.
"This week, when the bowl of young designers --
Called fruit circle-
Began to appear in design stores across the country.
It was recently launched in the US, the UK and elsewhere in Europe and has become the focus of talk for design lovers and retailers.
Vincitorio has not received any royalties paid by Alessi and has not received instructions on her bowl sales, but design experts say her contract may be worth hundreds of billions of dollars
If the bowl turns into a design icon, say Starck's Juicy Salif or Anna corkscrew of Allessandro Mendini, it could be worth millions of dollars of senior industrial design lecturers at RMIT, one of the mentors of Vincitorio.
Grant is the founder of the Melbourne movement-
A group of young designers, Vincitorio is one of them --
Vincitorio says its bowl looks like an Alessi product even before it's finished.
Grant came up with the name of the fruit circle, and Vincitorio praised him for helping her on the road to international success.
"It's a very different bowl.
This is a very new breakthrough for a fruit container, "Grant said.
"It sounds precocious to me, but I think they would be silly if ellessey didn't pick it up.
"Vincitorio, who is Italian, has several pieces of Alessi at home and thinks her teacher is dreaming.
One of the most innovative aspects of the fruit circle is that the fruit is incorporated into the design of the bowl.
"A lot of fruit bowls just show and save the fruit.
My bowl allows the fruit to be part of the design and define it.
There's nothing you don't know what it does.
"Said Vincitorio.
The fruit is placed inside or on the ring.
The bowl can be displayed upright, lying flat, stacked with other bowls, or on the wall.
Vincitorio originally planned to make bowls with polyurethane, but decided to use stainless steel after visiting the local metal at the University
Textile factory.
She thought it was an important decision because it would be easier and cheaper to build a decent prototype with stainless steel.
It also changes the overall look of the bowl.
"It adds value, adds a sense of quality, and is far superior to plastic," she said . ".
She spent only a few hundred dollars on the project.
In Vincitorio's last year at RMIT, Grant sent a photo of the fruit circle to Alessi and invited the company to visit vincirio at the Milan International Furniture Show in 2004, A group of RMIT students are at the Salone de satellite exhibition.
Annual presentation of new design talent.
At first, Alessi's interest in this bowl seemed tepid, but Vincitorio persisted and found Alessi's product buyer at the Milan fair and gave it
"I almost just handed over the bowl with the word" please consider "," she recalls . ".
A few weeks later, Vincitorio received the first of several calls from Alessi during a backpacking trip in Europe.
The company loves the design, but it has to test-
Before we are committed to manufacturing, we will bring our products to the market first.
Six months later, a contract was received in the mail.
In a few months, the product will begin production.
Alessi, who surprised Vincitorio at the speed of making bowls and distributing them globally, is now hired as chief designer by Melbourne furniture company Zihlmann & Co.
She heard that Alessi and other Italian design companies usually take two years to decide on new projects.
Among the few Australian designers who signed contracts with Alessi --
The most famous of them is Mark Newson of Sydney.
Most people have proved themselves in the business world.
Another member of the Melbourne movement, James Hannon, a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2001
Tan, completed a fruit bowl in the form of stainless steel giant leaves for Alessi in 2004.
But Vincitorio was the first designer to get a contract for an undergraduate program.
Grant said it was Alessi's credit, and they were ready to take risks with young people like Vincitorio.
"They are confident in their design.
"They seem to know when it's a good design," he said . ".
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