anti aging hormones - what types of hormones keep you young? - cheap plastic drink bottles

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anti aging hormones - what types of hormones keep you young?  -  cheap plastic drink bottles
Anti-aging hormones are commonly called estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
There are many symptoms of hormone imbalance;
Therefore, if you have some of the following symptoms, you may experience hormone imbalance: symptoms for men and women :-Wrinkly skin-Weight gain-Insomnia-Loss of libido-
Headache and hormone imbalance symptoms unique to women :-PMS-
Symptoms of bone imbalance in male cystic frog :-
Loss of fat to replace muscle (
May also happen to women)-
Erectile dysfunction
Women with enlarged prostate need testosterone to maintain mental clarity, muscle retention, healthy sexual impulses, and more.
In addition to helping to maintain a healthy prostate, men need testosterone for the same reason.
Prostate enlargement may be due to decreased testosterone levels.
The two doctors interviewed mentioned male hormone replacement (
Sometimes used as hormone therapy to prevent prostate cancer.
Young people rarely get prostate cancer.
Testosterone plays a part in supporting prostate health and reducing prostate inflammation.
Not only can anti-aging hormones make you look younger, but proper hormone levels in women can prevent breast cancer in some women.
When estrogen is properly balanced, it is now considered a protective breast hormone for women.
Estrogen helps keep women's hair growing.
If you are a woman with hair loss or sparse eyebrows or eyelashes, you may need it.
Even men and women in their 20 s are experiencing hormonal imbalances. Why?
We have animal hormones in our milk and meat.
These hormones are combined with chemicals in car exhaust, cigarette smoke, some prescription drugs, herbicides, pesticides and plastic beverage bottles with the hormone "receptor site" in your body.
These chemicals and animal hormones are called "xeno estrogen" and they can cause serious damage to your body.
Instead of getting a "human hormone" signal, your cells will get different chemical information.
These xeno estrogen may "tell" your body to keep moisture, grow larger fat cells, produce fat masses, and slow down metabolism.
They can also cause anxiety or depression, causing migraine.
Because some xeno estrogen binds more closely to your cell receptors than your own natural endocrine hormone, you may encounter even if your laboratory tests show that your hormone levels are balanced
In addition, testosterone levels can be neutralised when men are exposed to xeno estrogen.
This lack of testosterone can lead to a loss of interest in the belly, the growth of the male breast and the activity you once liked.
Yes, aging is a factor in the imbalance of hormones.
Even if you live a healthy lifestyle and eat an organic diet, your hormone levels will fall too early as you get older.
Decreased memory, irritability, and weight gain are symptoms of decreased testosterone levels in men and women.
Tell your doctor all your symptoms.
Although your blood work looks "good", it is always possible that your body will not be able to use hormones properly.
Hormone saliva test or 24-
The hourly urine metabolites test can show you what type of hormone your body is using and how to use it.
The breakdown of hormones used by your body is present in your urine.
Even if you may have "normal blood level" hormones at your age;
Your body may not use them in the best way, or may be converting them into non-beneficial hormones.
Let you check the thyroid hormone and also check your sex hormone level.
Thyroid hormone levels affect sex hormone function.
Some doctors report that their patients look younger, stronger and more energetic when using these anti-aging hormones appropriately.
Work with your doctor to determine if your symptoms are related to the aging hormone that causes hormone imbalance.
Your anti-aging regimen may be as simple as balancing hormones.
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