anthony gismondi: it's time to make friends with food wines - stainless steel wine cups

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anthony gismondi: it\'s time to make friends with food wines  -  stainless steel wine cups
Have you ever thought about what wine critics mean when they say "this is the wine of good food?
Some people think this is a derogatory term because food wines have a reputation that requires food to make them taste better.
I like to think of gourmet wines as wines with special attributes that can make food better.
To a large extent, this is a twoway street.
For example, certain foods can be used to improve Danic acid, acidity and/or alcohol in certain wines and some wines, such as wines full of acidity or Danic acid, which can be used to illuminate flat plates or to fight against proteins.
If experience tells me anything, it's that most of the food is made better with wine, and strangely, wines with all the necessary attributes to enhance certain foods will eventually benefit from this combination and taste better.
Let's explore some better today.
Good grapes with food.
I'm not sure there's a better meal than champagne and the best model of sparkling wine.
The sour taste is very fresh, from nuts to cream to complex yeast, plus a proper amount of alcohol and almost no oak, to make sparkling wine a much better food wine than you think, you have to work together.
There was a time when chardonnay meant only white Burgundy and all the existing flavors.
Citrus, tree fruit, nuts, yeast, stone mine with toast and butter.
After 50 years, New World chardonnay began to show the same high quality as certain foods.
You can eat lobster, crab, chicken, quail meat, turkey, pork and veal;
Your job is not to spoil the game with too big or too rich dishes as it will overwhelm wine.
Riesling was a hot topic a century ago.
Almost any table in the world is decorated with wine.
What we know now is that Riesling is about sugar, or lack of sugar.
When it is dry, you can use it to season the dishes like a lemon squeeze.
With the addition of residual sugar, Riesling can tame the spices/calories and smoke in the dishes until it becomes the sweetest incarnation, magic on the rich fruit desserts and cakes.
Pinot noir stands out with mature fruits and lower Danic acid, and is a good example of food matching.
Cheese and Pinot are a wonderful match. the more beautiful Pinot is, the better.
In this case, it doesn't matter whether the cheese is young or old or soft or hard.
Simplicity is the key to matching, especially the old French bottling.
You can eat roast beef, roast chicken and roast mutton.
For mushroom dishes, this is also a great wine, whether it's risotto or pasta.
In fact, any simple vegetable can be achieved with a cup of pinot noir.
Syrah or Shiraz is an underrated food wine if you like, if you match the right one with the right one.
Little or no new oak at all is the key to making this large red best express its origin and its rich pepper, meat flavor.
Fresh, earthy and fruit-flavored peppers, which seem to effortlessly blend with comfort foods such as roast lamb, beef and poultry, coq au vin, game, duck, pork or various cheeses.
Shiraz is also a wine that can tame Russia, so you can stew and roast with wild boar.
Sangiovese is the vague grape name behind many famous wine names (
Montalcino and Montalcino)
Probably the best bottle on the table.
This is a very good meal wine with a healthy natural acidity, moderate Danic acid and alcohol content.
Steak, grilled wild birds, beans, mushrooms, etc.
They're all working with Sangiovese.
It's time to make friends with gourmet wine.
Wine expert Anthony gismondirector for more information on BC.
WinesRead Salut, our quarterly wine and food promotion company, has a weekend wine price of $2013, Rioja, Spain.
99 | 86/100 UPC: 8410406311006 this young Rioja wine is filled with black cherry, pepper spice and ample Cedar Daning.
The wood and cinnamon bark of the sand is covered with a young juicy taste, including a rustic Daning, but full of youthful vitality.
Lamb sausage or kebab is the best choice.
The deer Shepherd added "youth 2016, the Valley of penilillo for $ month.
99 | 87/100 UPC: 626990292621 Joven refers to young wines with very little, if any, wood aging that, in most cases, are expected
This is almost what you get here: a young, juicy, fresh, fun red wine with little pre-tension and immature raspberries and pomegranates to attract saliva in every bite.
Tempranillo grows in Naramata, the Ramuda Vineyard, on the silt clay site, on the hollow vineyards of Stag, grown on gravel and rough glaciers.
Try the roast chicken.
Narrative Footage of Okanagan Crush Pad 2016, Okanagan Valley $22.
90 | 89/100 UPC: 626990267645 winemaker Matt Dumen from one vineyard to another bottle, using natural yeast fermentation in concrete before the extra aging of stainless steel.
The wine is bright and juicy, mixed with complexity and sweetness.
The taste is mild and tropical, and the pineapple/pear red apple fruit remains strong before and after, but balanced by its minerals and acidity.
The narrative line is the pure or natural point of view of Okanagan and is also the poster child of Riesling. Winery direct;
Private wine shop. Murphy-
Blackpino 2014, California, US $21.
99 | 87/100 UPC: 08 3722023489murphy-
Goode is a round, juicy, simple-
Drink Pinot with Cherry, compost, spicy nose.
It tastes sweet with the taste of dirt, cherries, beets and oak trees.
Simple, soft and fun to drink without any complications.
Great for pizza and chicken.
La Crema Pinot Noir 2015, sooma coast, Sonoma County, California, US $33.
99 | 89/100 UPC: 04933100307well-
The number of businesses offered widely at fair prices.
When was the last time you heard this?
Fruit is a mix of Manor and vineyard growing, but all fruit grows in the cool ocean
The vineyards of Sonoma County were swept.
The aroma is fresh, the fruit is red, with the aroma of wild strawberries and a small amount of baking spices.
The taste is similar to the soft and silky texture.
Delicious, drinkable and authentic Pinot Noir aged in French oak, of which only 20 are new.
Recipe kitchen gadgets can appear under the Christmas tree.
A few months later, they also had a way to hang out in the box.
This week we give you a recipe for you to try the kitchen feel of 2017.
This is a very eclectic kimchi chicken created by Daniel Shumsky.
1/2 cup of Korean kimchi Chicken1 (375 mL)
1 cup of heart (250 mL)reduced-
Chicken soup with salt (30 mL)
2 tablespoons of brown sugar packaged (30 mL)
1 tablespoon of roasted sesame oil (15 mL)
Soy sauce 1 tbsp (15 mL)
2 lbs of peeled and ground fresh ginger (907 g)
Boneless, skinless chicken thigh sesame seeds for mixing kimchi, chicken soup, brown sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce and ginger in an inner pot.
Add chicken thighs and stir well.
Close the lid and lock the lid.
Set the valve to exhaust.
Connect the condensation collector.
Press the slow cooking and select the lowest temperature using the slow cooking or adjustment button (“Less”).
Use-or button to set the time to 8 hours.
After the cooking time is over, press Cancel and remove the lid.
The chicken is tender.
Use pliers to carefully transfer the chicken to a platter containing the chicken.
Put some cooking liquid and kimchi on the chicken and decorate it with sesame seeds and hot with rice if you want.
4 copies.
Wine matcha kimchi chicken with brown sugar, soy sauce and ginger elements is challenging.
We chose lovesickness.
Mission Mountain reserve in Okanagan Valley lovesickness $21.
A tropical, mature, confident suvion with the ability to accept the dish.
New Zealand Marlborough lovesickness seven terraces $17.
The scent of 49 lively citrus fruits previewed the fresh passion fruit, with the addition of the jalapeno and the faint sweetness to better present the kimchi.
Wine expert Anthony gismondirector for more information on BC.
Our quarterly wine and food promotion company winesRead Salut click here to report typos.
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