anthony gismondi: festival stars make golden state wines shine - stainless steel wine cups

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anthony gismondi: festival stars make golden state wines shine  -  stainless steel wine cups
Wine expert Anthony Gismondi gave a great introduction to several California celebrities attending 2019 Vancouver International Wine Festival.
California wine ambassador Gina Gallo and Jean
Charles boissett led a long list of Golden State wine celebrities at the Vancouver International Wine Festival, which will be held in town next week.
Today, we highlight some of the tourists, as well as the wines they are known for around the world.
Our choice is based on whether wine is generally available in B. C.
Retail stores, whether it's a private wine store or a government store. • Jean-
Charles Boisset, owner of the Boisset series, was born in the wine world of Burgundy, France.
Under his leadership, the Boisset series operates 24 wineries in California, France and Canada.
As we all know, JC has been on the power list of the 50 most important figures in the wine world every year since 2007.
Recommended wine: JC Boisset 2016 Bourgogne Pinot Noir (France)$23. 99).
• Vice President Gina Gallo
President of wine brewing, real estate wine of E. & J.
Gallo finished her wine research under the careful guidance of grandfather Julio Gallo, today is the winemaker behind the Gallo signature collection, where she is most popular from Gallo
After the vineyard-
Limited process, batch wine.
Recommended wine: 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon ($35. 99)
Bob Blue, the founding winemaker of Bonterra Organic Vineyards in 1990, guided by legendary "green" California winemaker Paul Dolan and Dennis Martin, is considered a pioneer of organic and biodynamic grapes
Planting and brewing.
If you think the green and blue booth has to stop.
Recommended wine: Bonterra 2017 Chardonnay, Mendocino ($19. 99)
• Winemaker and president of Hope Family Wines Austin Hope is one of the driving forces behind the growing reputation of Paso Robles wines.
He graduated from Carl Poly, St. Louis Obispo, with a degree in fruit science, and before returning to a family winery, he worked with Chuck Wagner, founder of Caymus, Napa, put the Treana brand on the map to power the Hope family wines.
Recommended wines: Family Wines 2015 Treana Blanc, Paso Robles (
$42, private wine shop).
Joel Peterson, founder of Joel swood winery, is the godfather of Zinfandel, California, and a supporter of the slogan "No Wimpy wine.
Petersen is the fountain of knowledge on the ancient vines, dry
Agriculture, as well as the best places to plant Zinfandel in California, not to mention the absolute pleasure of tasting, especially if it involves his old-vine, single-vineyard Zins.
Recommended wine: infswood 2015 Zinfandel Dickerson vineyard in Napa Valley ,($43. 99)
Randy Olom, Kendall Wine Master
Jackson studied crop production in grape cultivation and wine at Ohio State University.
Hired by Jesse Jackson 27 years ago to drive the ship, Ullom is probably the most complete winemaker in California.
His kingdom is a coastal and hillside vineyard, including more than 14,000 acres in the state.
He is the king of chardonnay, and retains the chardonnay reserve of KJ wine merchants on number one.
The best sales list in the 25 th century.
Recommended wine: Kendall
Jackson's 2016 Chardonnay wine store ($21. 99)
Karl Wente, a fifth-generation winemaker and wine grower, grew up working in Wente Vineyards, but the family story dates back to the 1883 German immigrant C. H.
Wetter studied winemaking under Charles Kruger in Napa Valley.
Eventually, he purchased 47 acres of land in the Livermore Valley east of San Francisco, and eventually he was responsible for the introduction of a Chardonnay clone from Burgundy in 1912, the 80-cent raw material for the United States to plant chardonnay today.
Recommended wine: Livermore Chardonnay winter morning mist wine 2016, San Francisco Bay ($19. 99)
Robert Mondavi's chief winemaker, ginarella Jansen, made a rare stop in Vancouver with aides, educators and MW Mark Deville, appropriately ending the 40-year wine festival, this was first started in 1979 by the founding president John Levin and the Mondavi family.
Recommended wine: Robert mondweioakville Cabernet 2014 in Napa valle ($59. 99)
See you in the room.
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99 | 89/100 UPC: 626990248958 this new Reserve Riesling is entirely from the vineyard of the belensburg estate in loreet.
After the whole cluster was pressed, it cooled and fermented in stainless steel for 7 weeks and then stayed in the bottle for 9 months before releasing.
Juicy, strong pear meat, Mandarin, lime, rich in taste, shaped by limy sherbet, the taste is refreshing. Off-
It is both dry and comfortable, perfectly balanced and a little bit of complexity. Well done;
A lovely solo sipper. Bartier Bros.
Chardonnay Cerqueira vineyards in the Okanagan Valley are $2016.
99 | 89/100 UPC: 62805514749 Cerqueira vineyard is located on the black sage Terrace in the South East of Oliver town.
Winemaker Michael Bartier
He got his chardonnay on Tuesday.
27 precipitation from sparse granite glaciers to widespread calcium carbonate
Think about mine
There is no wood here, but the stainless steel that has been in contact with the distiller's grains for 5 months adds texture and length to this stylish chardonnay.
Look for a fruit scent that includes apples, peaches, and pineapples that will allow you to continue drinking wine as long as there are enough flinty, smoky, leesy notes.
It's new Okanagan.
Rodeni Strang Chardonnay Chalk Mountain, Russian River Chalk Mountain, Sonoma County, California, US $2016.
95 | 90/100 UPC: 087512923256in-house high-
The End Chardonnay project is infiltrating the breadth of the rodenny Strong Chardonnays, replacing them with less visible oak and fruit, and replacing them with more texture and complexity.
The center of this bright and juicy mineral, pear/Apple, Meyer lemon, fruit-flavored chardonnay wine is the light, volcanic, white lime nut wet stone base color of the name Chalk Mountain.
There are crabs, big hali fish, mahi, roast chicken and French Brie.
Leida Manor, Leida, Liva heibino, San Carolina, 2017, San Antonio Valley, Akua, Chile, for $10.
99 | 87/100 UPC: 7804350599626 we think this is a good deal for $13.
99, but $10 is stolen. 99.
Spices, ripe fruits, and soft texture are well beyond the price of Pinot.
The fruit was taken off the cool slopes of the coastal mountains and fermented in open barrels for a quarter.
Flower with red cherry, rhubarb and pepper, dill, Cedar, raspberry preview.
The freshness of the circle is very good, the mouth is full, the price is affordable, and the party Pino.
Reverse the truck.
Van Qianxi County vineyard, V 2015, Naramata bench, that Valley $35 | 88/100 UPC: 626990120803The V, Roman figure, is a mixture of five Naramata grapes from two vineyards, less than 2 km from the winery.
49/17/16/9/combination of Merlot, cabernet, Malbeck, Cabernet and Petit Verdot mixed in sweet, spicy, floral black
Finish the long time and warm fruit red with delicious balsamic vinegar.
This is the seventh release of this label, and while it is intense, it loses a little bit of complexity in a very warm growing season, where alcohol tends to dominate.
Our suggestion is to wait for five years or eat a rare steak or lamb leg now.
Private wine shop.
Read all the information about the Vancouver International Wine Festival read more from wine expert Anthony giemmundi Reid salute, our quarterly wine and food publication, his Andrea Chessman's instruction manual, fat kitchen, should take the place it deserves in any serious recipe collection.
Freshly baked home
Pickled lard, butter and schmaltz can bring both flavor and satiety.
Start with this classic Louis Anna StatePork chops.
3 cups of choking pork (750 mL)water1/4 cup (60 mL)
Fine Sea salt1/4 cups (60 mL)
2 cups of light brown sugar packed firmly (500 mL)
1 teaspoon of Ice Cube 3 Bay leaves1 (5 mL)
1 teaspoon of passion fruit (5 mL)
Black pepper 4 bones-
Pork chops, 3/4 cups of seasoned flour 1 inch-1/2 thick (125 mL)unbleached all-
Flour2 teaspoon (10 mL)
Fine Sea salt2 teaspoon (10 mL)
1 teaspoon of garlic powder (5 mL)
1 teaspoon of onion powder (5 mL)
1/2 teaspoon smoked pepper (2. 5 mL)
1/4 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper (1 mL)
1/2 cup of white pepper (100 g)
Any animal fat (
Recommended lard)
2 onions, 2 cups (500 mL)
2 cups of pork or chicken (125 mL)
1 cup of cream (250 mL)
Add salt and sugar water to the glassware.
Heat in a microwave until salt and sugar are dissolved.
Stir in 2 cups of water, ice, bay leaves, spices and pepper and cool to 45 degrees F (7 C)or lower.
Place the pork chops in a glass baking tray and add salt water and cover plates.
Refrigerate for about 2 hours.
Throw away the salt water and dry the ribs.
Mix flour, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, black pepper and white pepper in a shallow bowl.
Chop each grain in the flour.
Place the spareribs on the wire rack and keep the extra seasoned flour.
Melt fat in a big heavy frying panhigh heat.
When the fat gets hot, the brown ribs on both sides are about 3 minutes. Set aside.
To make the gravy, reduce the heat to medium, add onions and cook to gold for about 5 minutes.
Add the stocked seasoned flour to the frying pan and cook until the flour is baked in golden yellow, stirring continuously for about 5 minutes.
Add broth and boil.
Reduce the heat to sim and stir in buttermilk.
Seasoning and adjustment.
Put the ribs back in the frying pan and cook for 5 to 15 minutes until the ribs are cooked.
4 copies.
The Matcha pork chop served us in medium portions.
Red wine of Paso Robles UHE, Obispo County, St. Louis, California, US $2015.
95 rich, vibrant black fruits and cedar with mocha background and warm, spicy, rustic black cherry flavors make it easy to complement pork.
The 3-seat Reserve Pinterest 2016 in hayster Creek, the Golden Mile Bench in the Okana Valley, for $28.
95 Cassis, wild blackberry, and Violet combine structured Danic and juicy, cool black plum fruit to give the dish plenty of motivation.
For all information about the Vancouver International Wine Festival, read more from wine expert Anthony gismondirector Salut, our quarterly wine and food publications click here to report typos.
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