afl star wayne carey accused of 'glassing' girlfriend - wine glass

by:Koodee      2019-07-26
afl star wayne carey accused of \'glassing\' girlfriend  -  wine glass
AFL star Wayne Carey reportedly broke a glass on his girlfriend's face and attacked police officers trying to arrest him in an incident in Miami last year.
Miami police Lieutenant Bill Schwartz claimed today that Carey attacked the police in five.
Star Moon Oriental hotel stayed in early October 27.
Ms. Schwartz said her girlfriend, Kate Nielsen, told police that the former soccer star's commentator broke a glass on her face.
"The young woman had a wound in her mouth and neck and apparently she was hit in the face by a glass," Schwartz said on Channel 9.
"She told us that Mr. Carey had done it.
"When the officer went to speak to him, he immediately became warlike and began to shoot at the officer, and in fact he kicked an officer's face with his feet and pushed one on the side of his face.
"They had to fall him down and handcuff him.
While he was in the police car, he used his head as a batsman trying to smash a hole between the front compartment of the police car and the prisoner compartment.
Schwartz says Carey is a "mess" and should leave his aggression on the football field.
"I think Mr Carey has some anger management issues and he seems to be angry with the whole world, at least this morning.
"Carey was taken to the deide County Prison, where he was accused of attacking a civil servant, violently resisting an official and being charged with serious beatings.
Schwartz said that if Carey is found guilty, he could face 15 years in prison on every charge.
"If he is convicted, he may face some serious time," he said . ".
Mr. Schwarz said Nielsen MS refused treatment.
"She did not want to go to the hospital;
"I don't want to be seen by a doctor," he said . ".
"Unfortunately, we have seen too many cases where men and women fall into these quarrels and become violent, but the victims have not made allegations.
"In this case, we may be arrested for injuries, but it is much simpler than starting to take over the entire Miami police station.
"If he just
It can be much simpler to operate with officials.
"Carey will be in court in Miami on February 13.
But Mr. Schwartz says he is unlikely to be extradited if Mr. Carey does not show up.
Comments are being sought from Carey.
The Miami incident was revealed over the weekend after another domestic dispute between Carey and Nelson at their home in the Port of Melbourne allegedly involving Carey and MS.
Carey played 271 AFL games with kangaroos and Adelaide Crows and was arrested on weekends and subdued with pepper spray.
AdelaideNow was unable to comment on the story for legal reasons.
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