adversity takes small business in a new direction - stainless steel swizzle sticks

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adversity takes small business in a new direction  -  stainless steel swizzle sticks
The e-
An email from a Ford Motor Company executive
It has reached a critical moment.
"I'm not interested in pursuing anything," the executive wrote to a part developer earlier this year when the auto industry fell into a historic crash.
KVA Stainless steel company is so small, a 5-year-
Old startup in escondition, California
Dedicated to the development of light gas-
Saving stainless steel
Ford's steel parts are dumped and how it finds new directions in the workshop. The e-
Mail challenges Ed McCrink, KVA founderyear-
His career includes the development of other steel companies and smoke alarm companies.
Small businesses with a major product and a customer need to be prepared when the market changes or customers are looking for other places.
McCrink has found new uses for the company's stainless steel
In an older transportation industry: Bicycle steel pipes.
The company is also exploring possible uses of stainless steel
Steel pipes for golf clubs, golf clubs and other sporting goods.
Bicycles and steel have a long history, but in recent years, the industry has been attracted by aluminum and carbon fiber as host materials due to lighter weight.
Fortunately for McCrink and his family businesses, the bike industry is discovering that the new formulation of stainless steel is light enough and more durable for frame structures.
KVA has a patented method of turning stainless steel coils into pipes used by custom bike manufacturers.
"Even when we work in the automotive industry, I always think that bicycles will be a smaller but worthwhile avenue," McCrink said . ".
The change in strategy has paid off for five countries.
Employee Business.
KVA started shipping earlier this yearStainless steel grade
Steel pipe of Renault Technology Co. , Ltd.
British companies that have been providing bicycle frame materials for more than a century.
KVA will start selling its own MS2 brand stainless steel in the coming months
Steel pipes are a small and influential group of craftsmen who hand-made bike frames for up to $5,000.
David Bohm, alistusson.
, A bicycle manufacturer known for its complicated work such as inlaid mothersof-
The Pearl is already using KVA prototype tubing in his frame.
"I'm fairly confident that this will be good, but there's nothing more to see how it works than time," Bohm said . ".
Mike link says sports
The goods industry has also matured to introduce light stainless steel pipes and other parts made by his company.
"I think these guys are playing well at the golf market," says Dick de la Cruz of nearby Carlsbad, a golf club designer and a former executive of two caraway golf companies.
And Godwin golf.
Stainless steel, he said, allows designers to reduce weight from the club's shaft and redistribute it to the head to change performance.
"This is the pursuit of golf today: lighter and stronger," de la Cruz said . ".
KVA has a patented method of making tubes by heating and cooling large flat stainless steel coils that become more difficult.
The company shapes the flat metal into a tube and carefully controls cooling when the pipe weld is welded.
This prevents the breakdown and weakness of the previous problem.
The KVA shift from car to bike happened when steel came back as a popular building material, even in the massesmarket brands.
Morgan Hill's professional bike parts will be re-launched this year for the $610 Allez road bike.
Volkswagen producers Rory and Fuji are expanding their steel bike products, emphasizing the leather saddle and other accents reminiscent of steel racing cars decades ago.
"Our steel bikes hit the bike messenger crowd, people who like to ride in the city and people who want a beautiful steel bike when they are young but can't afford it.
It's almost a fashion statement, "said Kaitlyn Gang, a spokeswoman for Fuji's senior sports company.
But people in the bike industry say the trend is more than just fashion.
Jim cardenhead says the steel alloy used today is lighter and stronger than a generation ago
Orange 20 bike owners in Los Angeles.
Steel is less prone to cracking of carbon fiber and aluminum frames and other structural failures, he said.
Owner Chris Kelly said that about 85% of the bikes sold by tobanga Creek bike companies now have steel racks.
People like Errin Vasquez at the Alhambra are buying them and they recently paid $1,500 for a steel
Fargo bike.
"I like the simplicity of steel.
"It was very comfortable and absorbed a lot of road bumps," Vasquez said . ".
While mclinke is the boss, generations of his family are also part of the kVA.
Mike Link's daughter, Laurie mclink, served as vice president.
His grandson Joe McCrink is the chief engineer and his grandson Danny Codd is the chief engineer.
"I'm glad they can work for me.
If they do their job, they will be part owners of a very successful company, but if they don't, when they go out, my shoe print will be on their back end, "said Ed mclinke.
Everything has gone well so far.
"In the next six months, we can make a profit," said Douglas Gore, vice president of KVA sales and the only employee who is not a family member, just in terms of sales in the bicycle industry.
Still, KVA did not give up the car business altogether.
"We think stainless steel has a good application in cars.
"It is corrosion resistant and it is very strong and can reduce the weight of the vehicle, thus saving gas," said Gore . ".
"We are going to make great achievements in this industry. "--
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