actor adrian grenier is cutting out plastic. here's how you can, too. - collapsible silicone water bottle

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actor adrian grenier is cutting out plastic. here\'s how you can, too.  -  collapsible silicone water bottle
Is this story part of a planet or plastic?
We have been working for years to raise awareness about the global plastic waste crisis.
Find out what you can do to reduce your own single
Use plastic and fulfill your promise.
Actor and environmental activist Adrian Grenier is perhaps best known for his leading role in the HBO series "Entourage.
But he is also making his name at the forefront of the world's international struggle to reduce dependence on singles.
In order to reduce the harm to the sea, wildlife and human health, plastic is used.
Grenier has been working to promote the issue of plastic straws and other disposable items to the public through his foundation Lonely Whale.
He is also a celebrity ambassador for the United Nations World Environment Day on Tuesday.
Grenier is helping the United Nations spread news about the impact of singles
Using plastic is the focus of this year's World Environment Day.
I spoke to Grenier about his work in plastics and why he cares so much about plastics.
How do you deal with plastic pollution?
I have been doing environmental work for a while, but when I realized that the ocean may be the least serviced aspect of the environment, I was eventually directed to the ocean as my focus;
We sometimes forget that it exists. However, the ocean is 70% of our planet.
We have a lot of photographers working underwater and they always say the same thing: people don't see what's going on at all.
We really need to find the root of the problem, and it really goes back to our relationship with convenience, and how we feel about things as a one-off, which is not the case.
What are some actionable things people can do?
In the Lonely whale, we came up with the lowest hanging plastic, the only one --
Use a plastic straw.
We said, you see, just do one thing. try it on;
Look at how it feels and see how easy it is.
I think the straw not only symbolizes the great first step, it's a portal if you want, but it's important because it's the smaller plastic we want to prevent.
A straw is a good idea. What else?
I don't use plastic water bottles.
I said that they should only be used in the most desperate situations, walking in the city and getting scorched is not a desperate situation.
If I am thirsty, I will wait until I find a more serious way to drink water.
In the US, when you run out of your plastic bottle or bag, throw it away, or you can't see it anymore even if you recycle it.
But all these things are there if you live in the Philippines, China or Bangladesh.
For Americans, it is invisible and has no mind.
But the others are our dump.
I would say you're right, but I would also say that no one in the United States is going to experience plastic contamination, whether it's on the sidewalk or on the street or on the beach
You might say, "I didn't throw it away, that's not mine," but the truth is, it's all our responsibility.
I was told that you can build a house without plastic. Is that right?
I am in a place in my life and I miss spending more time with my mom who lives in a residential area.
I decided to invite her to be a little closer to me in Brooklyn, so I'm going to build her a home.
Of course, if I were to build a home for my mom, it had to reflect the values that she instilled in me.
What else can people do in their daily lives?
At least one person is found to join in this lifestyle change.
It inspires new ideas, so you can combine them and come up with new ideas on how to live a more serious lifestyle.
You are also responsible for each other.
What's more interesting.
I think a lot of times people will feel arrogant from environmental activists.
I think it's because they believe they can change the world.
I do believe this is true, but I also think they are alone in this struggle.
It is difficult to avoid plastic products.
What do you see when you buy something?
There were some minor changes in the way we got there.
I won't beat myself when I'm not perfect.
We want people to feel that this is an easy opportunity every moment.
In fact, plastic is a very useful material.
It has improved our lives in many ways.
The problem is not plastic.
If we start to realize its value, maybe we won't let it disappear into a landfill or ocean.
What do you think is the balance between personal behavior and corporate behavior?
I don't think the company is an independent entity.
They need people to run, so the value of people should be the same as the value of the company.
At Lonely Whale, we have partnered with Dell and some other companies with an international footprint to find new ways to handle a single businessuse plastic.
We are looking to build infrastructure in developing countries to recycle waste plastic and intercept it into the ocean and then use it again.
Can you tell us more about how your mom brought you up with this set of values?
My mother taught me to respect myself and my health, clean the room, and respect others.
It's my community now, not my room.
My neighbor is the Earth.
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