accord reached on piping water to juan de fuca area - steel cubes for drinks

by:Koodee      2019-08-03
accord reached on piping water to juan de fuca area  -  steel cubes for drinks
The regional director of the capital reached a compromise on supplying tap water to Juan de Fuka constituency.
"It's a great thing for me," said Mike Hicks, director of CRD in the area.
For years, Hicks has been working to ensure that regional growth strategies do not prevent the provision of urban water to residents in need in his community.
Currently, there is a need for unanimous consent from all 13 cities in order to obtain any CRD water supply service in Juan de Fuka
Even if the owner's well has dried up.
According to the revised draft regional growth strategy, there is no need for unanimous consent.
"So now, if I want to expand the water supply, I just need to get the majority of the agreement from the District Commission, and that's feasible," Hicks said . ".
"It was impossible before.
"The proposal has been unanimously endorsed by the CRD committee to allow water supply if urgent public health, public safety or environmental issues in existing residential units need to be addressed, or to serve agriculture
Some directors are concerned that the unincorporated Juan de Fuka constituency, which allows urban water to be delivered through pipelines to outside the boundaries of urban control, will be inconsistent with the Regional Growth Strategy Statement on urban control, and expand.
But it's unlikely, says Hicks, noting that communities like donsok and Shirley grow only a few people a year.
Running a CRD waterline would cost Shirley $6 million to "serve two people a year for growth.
This will never happen.
This is impossible.
Shirley will never have a water line, "he said.
"I picked up the newspaper and saw that we were looking at an 11-
"There are 148 apartments in the floor tower of saniqi," Hicks said . ".
"This is bigger than what we will do in 100.
"He also argues that it is hypocritical that CRD recognizes the environmental rights act of the David Suzuki Foundation, including the right to drink clean water and then reject the water of certain residents.
He said: "We didn't supply water for our own tax paying residents, but we sold our precious drinking water to 225 cruise ships with 500,000 tourists on board to make ice cubes for their umbrella drinks. Metchosin Coun.
Another director of the CRD, Bob gwangna, said his Municipalities proved that public water supply did not necessarily lead to a spread.
"So far, I would think, at least, there would be some fair appearance in the Juan de Fuka area and other areas that want it," he said . ".
Highland Mayor Ken Williams says there is no reason to provide infrastructure for so few homes.
"I believe in the right to clean water, but do not believe in the right to pipe water," he said . ".
The regional growth strategy is the vision for the future of the capital region, guiding decisions on regional issues such as transportation, population growth and settlement patterns.
As part of the five strategies, existing strategies are being updated
Annual review process.
All affected local governments must agree to the document before the CRD committee can adopt it as a charter.
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