a spritz in time - colored glass water bottles

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a spritz in time  -  colored glass water bottles
When my father was a boy, seltzer water was a traditional dinner drink at Grandma and Grandpa's table.
The vibrant things are old
He talked about spraying it on the glass like a miniature fire extinguisher and its cool, refreshing taste.
On special occasions, children will be "drunk" on seltzer trying to feel like they have grown up --up.
A few years ago, on his 50 th birthday, dad asked for a bottle of seltzer (Called siphon)
With chrome-
Plated pewter nozzle top, internal glass tube and decorative label from pre-etched to glass
World War II.
He wanted to experience his amazing drink when he was young again. So I met 71-year-
Old Julian Diamond
1 Seltzer & Beverage Company
A small man with silver hair, he is now sending a box of old wooden boxes
My grandmother had old-fashioned Selce on her front porch.
He arrived in a Volvo wagon or Dodge van from the North Hollywood bottling plant (
Depending on the shipping load of the day)
, Pick up the empty box and even stop to say hello to the dog-
A little personal service that has apparently not disappeared.
Today, Diamond is one of only two glass siphon dealers in Southern California;
The other is FreMo Selce of Van Nuys.
But Diamond remembers that in the first half of the 20 th century, at least 500 home improvement bottle companies sold glass siphon straws across Southern California.
1920 and 1930 are the heyday of the industry. By mid-
In this century, however, only a handful of seltzer bottling companies remain in Southern California, including arrows, sparks and Shasta.
According to Richard Siegel and Carl Rhine's Jewish Yearbook, Eastern European immigrants settled in the country in their 1890 s to continue their practice of drinking seltzer water.
Due to the popularity of disposable bottles and mixed soda, seltzer's industry fell sharply in the 1950 s.
Diamond also mentioned that the introduction of carbon dioxide tanks in the bar this time eliminates the need for siphon bottles.
Diamond is the third generation of the family.
The courier business, which started in the UK, moved to Los Angeles after the turn of the century.
There are hundreds of customers on. 1 route (
Diamond has delivery assistance from four other employees)
If you talk to this man about Selzer, you will find the light shining in his eyes.
Diamond speculated that Selce was the key to longevity: his mother was still Selce --drinker at 102.
In fact, the word "seltzer" comes from Niederselters in Germany, and it is said that their natural carbonated pool can relieve digestion.
Because diamonds are selling pure carbonated water today--both salt-and sugar-free--
This is a healthy drink.
He also serves East Coast food if you want to have a taste: U-of Fox-Bet syrup. Lemon-
Lime, raspberry, root beer, Coke, vanilla, strawberry, cherry and classic chocolate flavors 24-ounce jars;
They can also be found in the Jewish section of most supermarkets.
You can mix with seltzer and you can make your own soda.
Or try egg milk (
No eggs or cream required).
To make this New York cuisine, mix chocolate syrup with cold milk in a glass, spray it with cold seltzer and stir quickly until a foam-like head peeps at the edge.
At home, we also like to make ice cream floats.
Ice cream in high glasses plus seltzer)
Sometimes we toast each other with what we call "another bubble (
Apple juice mixed with seltzer).
Seltzer is so versatile because of its simplicity.
Diamond and his staff.
Filter regular urban water, pump with carbon dioxide, and fill with sterilized bottles (
He has about 40,000 hands)
By siphon mouth.
As the top valves remain sealed, they will never lose pressure and the bubbles will remain fresh at the last drop.
Glass bottles come from all over the country.
The diamond is etched.
Glass and color label on the side-
A nostalgic reminder now
Bottling companies that have closed down
"No more," explains Diamond . ".
The date of the old bottle is before 1920. And the blue-and green-
The siphon of colored glass is the rarest.
As a result, diamond's return policy is clear: "They are the best, otherwise we will shoot them.
"I think what he meant was a spray of seltzer water.
But I did not ask. A-
1 Seltzer & Beverage Company6878 Baker Avenue
North Hollywood ,(818)765-3879.
A box of seltzer (six bottles), $7. 20 to $9. 50 (
Prices vary by region). Fox's U-Bet syrup (24-ounce jar), $3. 50 to $4. 50 (
Prices vary by region).
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