a personal shopping tour - colored glass water bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-31
a personal shopping tour  -  colored glass water bottles
PUTNEY, Vt. --
The Thanksgiving weekend marks the 27 years of the Putney Craft Tour, a prototype of open studios across the country, both in quality and in environment.
Crafts tours tend to go through previous factories and city blocks, but in puteni the artisans are scattered around 12-
The miles radius between grass, woods and hills inspired them to create.
Search them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you will be sure to discover the beauty of nature and humanity --made.
According to glassblower Robert Burch, his iconic cobalt perfume bottle and vase with delicate silver bubbles reflect the night sky at a height of 200 --year-
The old barn they were bombed. With large-
Photographer Lynne Weinstein focuses on fruits, flowers and vegetables in her orchard and garden.
Carol Cather painted and tiled her view of Hickory Ridge.
"Every thing that a man makes by hand has a little bit of their spirit," says Ian Eddy, a blacksmith who makes exquisite handwork with traditional hammers and plierswrought iron.
"People are fascinated and look at things as hard as the leaves under the hammer," said Eddy . ".
"When they take something home, or give it to someone else, they feel where it starts.
"Participants in the Putney Craft Tour represent a wide variety of media: Pottery (
Both practical and decorative), glass (
Dyeing and blowing), wood (
Carved and made into furniture, into bowls), wool (
Woven with a soft scarf and shawl)
Handmade Books, metal art, jewelry, painting and--
Remember, this is Vermont. -
Old handmade cheese.
The price starts around $15 and each artist gets a gift (
All visitors are eligible to win).
Discount seconds are also available in some studios.
Obviously, the idea is that shoppers buy from the source more satisfactorily than from a store or gallery.
The resident artist of Putney also likes this way of selling.
Dena Gartenstein said: "I have done retail shows and gallery tours, but speaking and weaving in my own studio is completely different.
"Here I have the opportunity to present the use of one loom on another to compare old and recent works.
Burch said, "I kept showing that his passion for his craft was contagious.
"The beautifully shaped form and color from a large amount of molten glass is one of the main attractions of the tour.
Burch, a pioneer in art glass media, often attracts students from Boston.
For Josh Letourneau, 28, this will be his first year of presentation in his own studio.
Letonuo specializes in a fully functional, brightly colored glass decan water, wine glasses, lamps and vases.
He promised a reasonable price for a few seconds.
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