a nice place to rest - colored glass water bottles

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a nice place to rest  -  colored glass water bottles
If you want someone to feel uncomfortable immediately, ask him what he intends to do with his body when his heart stops beating and the meat gets cold.
A few months ago, I received an envelope from a memorial park and garden mausoleum in Pinelawn, Farmingdale, New York.
There is a free brochure in it titled "Let's face it now" and a letter explaining how to control your death --
Although the word "death" has never been mentioned --
It provides a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind.
I'm 31 years old.
I am healthy in addition to mild asthma and occasional colds.
So Pinelawn targeted me as a potential customer, which made me feel uneasy and even angry.
But maybe these people have chosen the right people after all.
One of the things death scares me most, as an uncured procrastinate, is that I'm not prepared.
Death is not suitable.
In the novel I was reading, didn't I get a call from the last meal? I may never know how it ends.
To make matters worse, I may not have realized my legacy yet --
There is a house in the backyard, grandson, the Pulitzer Prize.
As Pinelawn's letter reminds me, living in a city of 8 million people, I may not have space at the moment I pass there.
Since I couldn't control so many other variables, I decided it was time to find a place to rest after my death.
It feels adult.
31 not so young-
Besides being a little sick, I went to Green by train-
Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, looking for a place to start my afterlife.
* Green name-
According to Wood, there are lush grass and hundreds in the cemetery. year-old trees.
Country signs indicating different paths-
Flowering, berries and Birch
Curled up on so many hills.
On Sunday after the Holy
I took part in the "outstanding tour of Ireland ". ” Green-
Wood offers tours every Sunday afternoon and every Wednesday.
At one stop, our tour guide Ruth edbeers shared the story of an energetic Irish immigrant moving from rags to riches, at another stop, she tells a story that she is known for her fascinating Spanish Spider Dance.
Her admirers include Andre Dumas, Victor Hugo and Balzac.
When we lean sideways to certain, Edebohls, who has been touring for the past 15 years, explains that her "clomping" is due to two hip replacements and one knee
Obviously, these two hours are the labor of love.
When I heard her tell the story of the deceased, I was also looking at the new grave, writing down the location, and looking for the open space.
I'm looking for a place to rest.
* The first pioneers in the United States keep a simple funeral
People are buried where they died.
Friends of the deceased are unlikely to return to the scene and do not want to attract the attention of any stranger, so they do not mark the grave.
Over time, people began to mark the burial place with wooden boards engraved with the initials of the deceased.
In the 1700 s, as the border home turned into a farm, isolated graves became a group of tombs shared with neighbors.
For some families, the cemetery replaces the Farm Cemetery.
As the village enters the bustling city, the cemetery of the church becomes more crowded and the visit is not so pleasant;
Both of these factors have led to the development of rural cemeteries today. Green-
Wood Cemetery was founded in 1838, earlier than Central Park and Prospect Park.
It's built on the ice aine pier.
Glaciers extend from Staten Island to rock debris deposited in Brooklyn and Queens.
Rural Cemetery like Green
The wood was not only used as a cemetery, but also as a garden retreat, just like Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts and the Lacey River in Paris.
In addition to the wealthy late residents, its gentle hills, glacier ponds and magnificent views of New York Harbor attract more than 1850 visitorsa-
There are millions of tourists every year.
Among them were Charles Dickens and the King of Hawaii. As a U. S.
Jeff Richman said that the 19 th century tourist destination, which may be second only to Niagara Falls, wrote a book about green culture and historyWood.
It's easy to be one of the best cemeteries in New York, and finding a location there in advance may take between $12,000 and $22,000 today.
In recent years, in order to create more space for the grave, the cemetery has re-opened the old path and some ponds;
Ten years later, however, there may be nothing to sell.
Blonde Edebohls love the hair style of movie stars
There is a love for everything in Victorian times, talking about death, and even her own death is comfortable.
"It's just a matter of temperament," she told me when we met a few weeks after the trip.
She believes the dead will watch us.
One media once told Edebohls that she could see the soul in the tree for every period of time on the hike.
Edebohls agreed happily.
On a pleasant Tuesday morning, she and I stopped on an open meadow on a hill, behind a pile of firs.
This is where Edebohls chose for themselves and her exhusband.
"It's hard for a lot of people to understand why I have such a happy cemetery," she said . ".
But she and her ex
Husbands are happy that part of their future or fate has been resolved.
Edebohls said that while they are not involved in romance, they have been re-connected "mentally" and are now talking every day.
A grave usually holds two or three people.
The coffin is piled on top of a coffin with two to 3 feet dirt in the middle.
Edebohls, his predecessor
Her husband is 10 years older than her and is expected to be on it, but "you never know", she said ".
When she talked about her future neighbor, an Irish woman, her pink cheeks sparkled under her sunglasses.
"She passed away in 2007.
She said: "She seems very happy to have received a lot of tourists.
Like my mother, an Irish.
Born Roman Catholic, not moved by death
Her own or someone else's.
When she first started working as a hospice nurse, I was nine years old.
It reminds me of death all the time.
I stared at the ceiling for a few weeks and was worried that I would fall asleep and not wake up.
In the evening, I listed the names of those who died: my nanny;
My grandfather and two teenage boys came from my hometown, yadley, Pennsylvania. The list grew.
I don't know whether to pray or deliberately give myself a nightmare.
Our family is full of reminders from the mother's former patients: a photographer left her a frame photo of the ocean;
We asked a woman from grandma to give her a scene of the birth of Jesus made entirely of corn crust;
A rare collector gave me one of my favorite novels.
These souvenirs are bothering me.
It wasn't until I grew up and lost my friends myself that I realized how special it was to have an item --a T-
Shirt, tape, photo-
Remember them by the way.
* I'm back in Green-
The Wood, a few times, lost itself in it, dwarfed by elegant statues and bedrooms, distracted --
The size of the mausoleum
I looked at the grave, read the tomb and slid the card to one side so I could see the picture better.
People leave more than flowers.
They left bracelets, windmills, balloons, prayer flags, paperweights, teddy bears, Barbie dolls and small bottles of wine.
In front of a tombstone.
With the image of a young man wearing a back baseball cap engraved on it --
Sit on a huge birthday cake made of artificial flowers.
The banner says "Happy Birthday to Heaven" and "Love your heartbreaking mother ".
"Even though I find it strange and even though I may be upset about anyone who sees me, I am still being told by Edebohls about what the deceased appreciates their visitors
I counted the stones left by others.
Jewish traditions adopted by other beliefs
Sitting in the church.
From the outside, the Green Church
Wood is three times more exquisite.
Terracotta Warriors dome masterpiece.
While it was designed by the same company that built Grand Central, Warren, and Wetmore, the church was more understated and refined, as if the building itself understood the need for restraint.
Still, I still envision a couple taking wedding photos on the front steps, and I'm not wrong.
The space is also available for weddings, book lectures and gallery exhibitions.
Once people are emptied, it will reflect quietly.
I walked through the gates, through the striking domes, the Gothic spires, the flying-up walls, and the scenes that Jesus and his Apostles carved with stones.
On the gray day of my first visit, these doors were ominous, begging for a clash of Thunder and ghostly invisible laughter.
In a bright spring, the scene is amazing, in the opposite way --
There are birds and squirrels everywhere, flowering gardens and towering oak trees.
I hope to have more time there.
* A few weeks later, I walked through a more mundane entrance to the Evergreen Cemetery, which spans Bushwick in Brooklyn and ridgwood in Queens.
I'm not alone this time.
"This is the cemetery of evergreen trees.
This is its legal name, not the Evergreen Cemetery, "former architect and local historian Alan Smith told me for the third time.
Smith wrote a book about a cemetery and helped to fix another one.
I ignored the brochure and the website because the name is important to Smith and it does sound better.
Smith, in his 70 s, has been visiting the cemetery since the 1940 s.
Carrying a green schoolbag, he looked gloomy like the eight scoldedyear-old boy.
He is not the kind of person who forces a smile to relieve the stress of conversation, but he is not unfriendly.
He was excited when he talked about the cemetery.
Smith explained that New York experienced a funeral crisis in early 1800.
The population has nearly tripled, and in addition to overcrowding, there are concerns about the spread of diseases such as smallpox.
The water level is rising, which at least residents think.
"They think the body is mixing with water," Smith said . "
Lower Manhattan is banned from housing, and the Rural Cemetery Act was passed in 1847.
This allows investors to build commercial cemeteries outside Manhattan.
Two years later, the Evergreen Cemetery was built.
The conversation about the body and the water mix reminds me of my Sunday as an altar attendant on our little altar
The town church of Pennsylvania, weaving the tassels on my robe, staring at the bronze plaque hanging between the two stained glass windows, saluted me: "Gwendolin, daughter of Charles and Mary Spone, died at sea in April 27, 1903.
Nine months old.
"I was wondering if Gwendolin was buried under the church or in the yard or if her parents were under pressure from other passengers and had to leave the body in the sea.
I imagine a swaddled Gwen, freed from the mother's hands, falling from the water and becoming darker and colder.
Attacked by sharks and dolphins, Gwen became a sacrifice for starfish, anemones, and eyeless creatures who don't even know how dark the sea is.
At this point, a layman reader will push me gently, pointing with his chin at the entrance of the altar or the cushion that the usher waiting for the Eucharist to place.
My daydream is over.
When Smith was in his teens visiting the Evergreen Cemetery, the family came to attend more than a funeral.
On the weekend, they will take a walk in the gorgeous promenade on Busch Avenue, when the Busch Avenue is dotted with luxury houses --
Brooklyn's own Park Avenue
From there, they will enter the cemetery.
"This is a row of Brewer," Smith said, taking me along a path inside the gate of the cemetery, a plot called Hickory Noel, and a plot called "lawn"
These little white houses
Some gorgeous, other simple art deco blocks with clean straight lines-
It is a resting place for some of Brooklyn's richest residents.
The mausoleum is located on either side of a sloping lane that bends to the right.
Smith then pointed to several short marble columns.
He explained that a broken column symbolizes a cut-off life, like a broken bud or branch.
The sculpture of a lamb or Angel is usually located next to the grave of a child, representing innocence and purity.
Half of the sites in Evergeens cemetery are named Whisper forest;
The rest are biblical, like Mount Olives and Mount Nazareth.
Although the cemetery of evergreen trees is not-
Sects and non-sects
Sects, groups tend to selfsegregate.
In a place with Chinese tombs, families leave notes and incense, as well as oranges and other foods.
Some Chinese believe that the dead need everything in their afterlife journey.
When we arrived at a plot called Ascension Island, Smith squatted in front of the Stone of his grandparents, picked up a tulip pot that was turned over by the wind, and put it up,
"Few people come to visit.
I can tell you, "he said.
He repeated the process in North Mead because of his greatness
His grandparents, his grandparents and his parents.
Along the way, only security guards and landscape designers drive.
I asked Smith if he felt lonely when he went to the cemetery.
"That's why I appreciate when that green truck passes," he said, referring to landscaping and maintenance workers that go through every half month.
About an hour, then wave.
Unless you have a deed, a legal document to prove that you are related to another family member already buried here, you cannot book a piece of land at Evergreen Cemetery.
No room.
First is the lotcome, first-served.
Even if I wanted to be buried in this cemetery, I was not allowed to go in.
Smith's own funeral was a matter of logistics.
No matter where there is room, he will lie with his parents or grandparents, so he does not need his own tombstone.
It seems sad to me that former architect Smith could not design his own work.
When we sat on the L train and left the cemetery, he raised his neck and drew a grave for himself behind the map of the cemetery.
If he is not going to live in the grave of the family, this is the tombstone he will choose.
This is a simple long rectangle inside another slightly smaller rectangle, and all capital letters have the name "Alan Bocher Smith.
"Deep-cut letters," he said . "
I don't want Smith to be buried in this desolate cemetery.
It's too quiet.
Of all the cemeteries I 've been to, the Evergreen Cemetery feels the most like a cemetery --sad.
Even if Smith was by my side, everything seemed calm as I walked through it.
The grave was forgotten.
I never thought there would be monthly visitors, but it would be a comfort to know that occasionally there would be a few strangers passing.
I crossed the cemetery of evergreen trees from the list.
* On a Saturday morning in April, I visited Cypress Hill Cemetery in Brooklyn.
At least six cars were parked along the driveway, and I had a few more when I left.
The grave here is closer than the green one.
A forest or cemetery of evergreen trees.
The new tombstone is lined up close to the driveway, while the old grave is tilted against each other under the shadow of tall trees and shrubs.
Smith told me during my last visit that for aesthetic reasons, the cemetery often leaves open space at the front entrance.
Cypress Mountain ignores this practice.
Anthony Desmond, the office manager and family service consultant at Cypress Hill, sits behind his desk in the dark --wood-paneled office. He is thirty-
Things with sympathetic eyes and warm smiles and baldness
This is no harm in his work.
His customers are generally older.
Much bigger than me.
"Some people feel that if they come in and pre-arrange the funeral, they will die the next day," he said . ".
Cypress Hill Cemetery is located near the east of New York and is known for its high crime rate and violence.
"It keeps us busy," Desmond said . ".
"It's not the way we like it.
Desmond went to a law enforcement School where he began training the police and then changed his mind to join his father's family business.
But his training is very useful.
He helped capture criminals seeking asylum at the cemetery at least three times.
Since most of his customers live in the surrounding community, Desmond and his family try to engage them in activities that are not related to death care.
Last year, on Memorial Day, they invited a high school marching band to perform. over 200 children visited Santa Claus over the past Christmas.
The kids are excited about the free gift and don't seem to be bothered by the tombstone.
After comparing the price of the urn and the grave
The price of a cemetery in Cypress Hill is between $5,000 and $8,000, and the price of a URN is around $300 --
I asked Desmond if it would upset him to work with so many sad families.
He said it was good to be able to help others.
If a family is struggling, Desmond will share a little sadness for himself.
When they walk past the cemetery, he points to the grave of his sister who died five years ago.
"You have never fully recovered," he said . "
"You just want them to know that things will get better.
"When I asked Desmond about his own arrangement, he paused and looked uneasy for the first time.
He said he tried not to think about them.
"I 'd rather be cremated and stay on my cloak with my family.
I think it's okay.
It was no different after my death.
Desmond made sense.
I can scatter my ashes by the creek in my hometown or rush down the toilet.
I can squeeze in the cemetery of Cypress Hill, or spend my whole life buying a green mausoleum worth $250,000 --Wood.
When the grandmother, mother and son gather next to the lawn pump to collect water for the flowers of a grave, matterI walks on Cypress Hill.
Across the driveway, an old man kissed his finger gently, then bent down and touched the tombstone with his hand.
The graves may be crowded, but at least there are more tourists.
Perhaps it is a comfort for them to see each other and know that their pain is common.
* When Alan Smith and his colleagues meet again
Author Stephen doer presented their book about Cypress Hill cemetery at a gathering of death care professionals in New York on the Park Slope.
At the reading session, I discussed my research with Duer and casually listed the cemetery I have been.
"You have to go to Woodlawn," he said . "
The man is very determined.
The green mausoleum-
He continued that Wood was a joke compared to Woodlawn.
So, on a Tuesday morning, I met Susan Olsen, the official historian at Woodlawn Cemetery, in the Bronx.
She was wearing a pleasant pink shirt under her black suit coat, but she was not happy.
She admitted that the allergic reaction caused swelling in her eyes, which made her grumpy.
"Let's end this," she said . " She took me to a small room in the main entrance administration building of the cemetery.
"I have the history channel this afternoon.
She explained to me what made Woodlawn unique.
List the selling points because I am a potential customer after all.
It all comes down to history, architecture, and art, says Olsen.
Then, when she explained the history of anti-corrosion, our conversation made a detour.
"The best anti-corrosion ad is the death of Abraham Lincoln," she told me . ".
After Lincoln's death, two of his bodies were killed.
A week's funeral tour before arriving at Springfield, Illinois.
Every stop along the way is seen by strangers.
Prior to this, anti-corrosion was thought to be experimental, but it started soon afterwards.
Soldiers who died in battle can now be transported on the train for miles and buried with their families.
At the same time, the role of the underta has also developed into the role of the director of the funeral home.
Instead of cleaning the house or inviting all of your guests to come over, Orson explained, people send them to the funeral home.
"For those who are rich, it makes them look good, and it makes them look better if they are poor.
Olsen was born to be a storyteller.
She pretends to be indifferent, but the more she says, the more important death care is for her.
When asked what her own final wish was, Olsen rejected the question.
"Oh, I don't care," she said . ".
"I think it's a cremation.
Olsen gave me an audio guide, a stylish black device that looks like a TV remote and revolves around the most critical places on the tour map: the graves of Duke Ellington and Miles Davis, and some graves she thought would interest me.
There are 1,300 tombs in Woodlawn.
"There may be more than any other cemetery outside of New Orleans," said the audio player rather than Orson's voice.
They are magnificent.
The highest is 70 feet high, detailed with cherubs, flames and gargoyles.
Many are the size of small churches.
There are sculptures in any direction I look.
Usually refers to a woman with long hair, wearing a flowing robe, with petals between her fingers.
In addition to these elegant characters, there are statues of children and Angels.
Woodlawn is proud of the "beauty before eternity", because they erode faster in bad weather, so allow stones prohibited by other cemeteries, such as white marble and limestone.
Near, some surfaces of the sculpture seem to be melting;
Other sculptures lack fingers and limbs;
One is headless.
A privately contracted gardener told me that one night a drunken ground man knocked his head off with a shovel.
In the 19 th and 20 th centuries, strange tragedies are usually recorded on the tombstone of the deceased.
Woodlawn hotel 15 years oldyear-
Old George Spenser Xiaomi's Stone says: "In the office of the Metropolitan Life building, six young women have lost their lives by trying to give him a birthday kiss and being stabbed.
At Evergreen Cemetery, another monument describes how two groups of brothers died in marbles when the gas tank next to them exploded. If Green-
Wood is a park, then a sculpture garden.
To some extent, the statues and tombs of Woodlawn are amazing, amazing and admirable, but this art is human
Make and rapidly erode.
What's special about green?
Wood is not a monument, but an atmosphere.
It is true that the church and entrance are amazing, but centuries ago it was the winding path, the hills and the layers of branches that drew me there.
It is heaven on warm and sunny days.
On a gray afternoon, the cemetery surrounded me with sadness, making it difficult for me to leave.
* On Thursday afternoon, I stopped at a memorial shop called Century Memorial not far from Green on Fifth Avenue --
Wood, ask the tomb.
White side panels and old fonts that look like post offices from a countrywestern film.
I glanced at the door and thought I would see a man in the Spurs wearing a turban in his mouth and nose.
Instead, I found an older lady wearing a necklace with the words "grandma" on it ".
"She looked at me with a smile from under the blue eyeshadow, drew her eyebrows and invited me to sit down and introduce herself to Monica harcora.
Banners celebrating the 150 th anniversary of the store are hung from the ceiling.
"It's old," she said . "
The office is full of documents, documents and pictures of Tombstone.
I asked her when she became so ordinary.
So many graves repeat the same thing;
"Beloved Wife", "beloved husband" and "beloved son "--
If she ever saw anything special
"Let's ask John," Hakola said . ". “JOHN! !
"A man sitting in a cubicle behind the front desk, John harcora unfolded from his chair and steps to his entire height, about 6-foot-three.
He has tired blue eyes, is almost 70 years old, but still very handsome.
His enthusiasm for tourists seems to be inferior to that of his wife.
But he was willing to accommodate me in order to please his wife.
I asked John if he could remember seeing anything memorable.
"Unforgettable or quirky," he asked . "
This is not the first time I have raised this question.
I just didn't find the answer.
Anthony Desmond of Cypress Mountain told me that his favorite cemetery belongs to Jackie Robinson: "Life is not important except for the impact on the lives of others.
When I asked Olsen why she thought the final expression on the tombstone was not so creative, she replied bluntly, "because people are not so creative.
"I know what you're thinking," said Monica harcora . ".
She turned it out from several files in the drawer and handed me a picture.
"This is a real comedian," she said . "
The gray stone in the photo belongs to a man named Alfred.
The top line says, "This is a wonderful life.
Below is his name, date of birth and date of death.
Hakola pointed out that there is still room for two names.
Under this space, Alfred ends in capital letters, "I love you all.
Thank you for coming.
"Even though I knew that Hakola had ironically called Alfred a comedian, I still imagined an old man standing behind a microphone with a shimmer in his eyes and saying the last word before bowing. It was perfect.
* So far, I have tended to graves and tombs, but there are still some areas that need to be addressed for burial.
So I asked New York University's biology friend and PhD candidate Melissa Conrad about the breakdown.
She told me, "multiple mechanisms prevent your cells from breaking down when you're alive.
"But when your heart stops beating, your blood will not circulate and will not be washed.
This leads to chemical changes in those cells used to receive clean blood, and these protective mechanisms fail.
This chemical change will trigger the release of the enzyme, which will deceive the body by high decomposition
Theft of energy bonds and energy stores.
Opportunistic like worms, bacteria, fungi, and even starfish --
If you are a man in the water, like poor Gwendolin Speng
Speed up the process.
They are called harmful creatures.
"In the end, what you have is simple building blocks that are available again," Conrad said . ".
Simply put, the molecules that make up your body are ready to take a different form.
A fly called the or family, but often referred to as a coffin fly, is the eighth one-inch long, brown or gray, attracted by damp, rotten substances.
I know they are picky eaters.
Choose between the steak and the potato and they choose the steak.
Little monsters devour my hair, skin and nails and spawn so that their offspring can continue the process, which makes me uncomfortable.
Cremation looks more attractive than before.
I'm back in green.
Explore the wood of crematorium.
Santos Rivera, who worked in sales, took me through a room with a small garden and two mat-free benches.
It may be a waiting room in the Upper East Side doctor's office, if not a glass cabinet arranged with decorative vases made of stone, onyx agate, marble and stained glass.
There are also some people holding cast iron boxes engraved with names, dates and Chinese symbols.
Each shelf is lit from above.
Rivera took me out of the main building to the tranquil garden, where the rush of rushing water was reminiscent of the spa scene.
The urn can also be buried here.
Rivera pointed out a small flat plaque on the grass.
There are two pits somewhere under the earth.
"One on the right and one on the left," he said, tapping a shiny black shoe in each place.
On the other side of the grass, the water in the lily pond is spinning.
Bamboo plants point to the sky with huge pots on both sides of the narrow path, which forms an asterisk with other paths through the pond.
Each path leads to a glass house known as the ash settlement, and together they form a half.
Turn around the pond.
There are more waiting rooms and more toilets in the house.
We went back to the main building and I followed Rivera in his blue shirt and shiny shoes.
He took me through a church and looked like a huge home theater with several sofa chairs to see the podium.
Before sending a coffin to a crematorium, families usually deliver services in a church.
Rivera told me that the service lasted only 15 minutes.
"Otherwise, there is another wait.
Two empty biers in the back room
Movable frame for transporting coffin-
Wait in front of huge stainless steel cabinets.
Biers looks like a hospital stretcher, only stronger and the mattress is gone.
The newer ones have been built-
On the level so that the body can be weighed and moved at the same time.
I realized that the steel cabinet was an oven.
2000 degrees Fahrenheit is the right temperature to burn the body.
"You put the heaviest body on it in the morning," Rivera said . ".
Otherwise, the oven that refutes and sends the body is overworked and will break down.
Unlike the old model that the worker manually operated, the newer model Phoenix has timers, warm-up buttons, and indicator lights to indicate when the machine will cool down.
"I used to think it was an open door to hell," Rivera admitted . ".
Now he sees things more practically.
"Cremation is just a quick way to get the Ashes," he said . ".
Although it takes two hours for the body to be cremated, it takes an hour to return to the mouth to cool.
"Then you open it and take out the handle," Rivera said . " He refers to the knobs and bars used by the coffin bearer to carry the coffin.
"Sometimes you get a nice coffin with a spring mattress in it or you get a carton.
"When brass and metal pieces are removed, an employee sweeps the ashes into the tray and cools half of it in the trayhour.
Remains, including larger pieces of bone, are poured into a mill of the size of a normal mixer.
Rivera told me it would take only a few seconds to turn the bones into ashes.
The Ashes are poured into a black trash can, the size of which is equivalent to a small book with a plastic bag in it and finally placed in a URN.
Depending on the container, the whole process can last 4 to 5 hours.
The final product including the body and the coffin weighs between 7 and 12 pounds.
Screening is the process of separating ash from wood. in the past, it was a standard procedure, but this is not foolproof.
"You will lose some remains in the process.
So it's illegal.
"Now, you give me everything back," Rivera said . ".
Rivera's service needs have doubled over the past decade, from 1,200 to nearly 2,500 per year. Green-
Wood is building a second church and another waiting room.
"So we can handle two services at the same time," he said . "
The reason for the popularity of cremation may be economic.
The average cost of a funeral, including a coffin, is about $5,000.
The cost of cremation is generally around $350.
The niche cost of a urn can be only $700, while in Green-Wood is $15,000. In Green-
Timber is an upscale place that can be used to build larger headstones and grow for about $22,000, but the price of private tombs can be as high as $300,000.
It sounds expensive until you compare it to the Forest Hill Cemetery in California, where the home mausoleum with sea views costs more than $825,000.
Each funeral home has a closet, usually unclaimed remains or ashes in the urn.
Rivera confirmed this.
"The law requires them to wait 120 days," he said . ".
After that, the law allowed the families to dispose of the remains, but they rarely did so.
Sometimes the family never comes back.
"They have no place to put them or they can't afford it," he said . ".
Elegant as urns look, the concept of being made to fit a smooth square box or vase seems too delicate and hygienic.
I don't want to be put under artificial lights like Chinese food.
In Rivera's office, I noticed that there was a row of scattered urn on his bookshelf, each of which had a different color --
There are clouds, American flags, military disguises, and sunflowers.
They work like Salt bottles and put a little gray out at a time.
I imagine my brothers and sisters and their future children, and perhaps my children, shaking out ashes on a favorite land by a creek in Pennsylvania.
Before I left, Rivera gave me some brochures about cremation.
One named "explain cremation to the child.
"The image on the front shows two models in blue sweaters and kha pants, looking up at a young girl sitting in a window for no reason --
After careful examination, it is not actually a window, but there is still an ethereal light behind it.
The brochure says, "in explaining cremation to your child, avoid using words such as" fire "and" burn "that may have a terrible connotation.
It then added, "Be sure to point out that there is no pain in the body . ".
"Out of context, the brochure is ridiculous, but the concept that parents have to rely on the brochure to explain the death and what happens to the body is not so ridiculous.
* While the prospect of worms and flies recycling my meat still makes me sick, after seeing the pulverizer, my excitement for cremation is reduced.
I don't want to be mixed.
It's as charming as spreading your ashes, and it's the last.
Once you're gone, you're gone. Forever.
But not all death care must be so unromantic.
Women working in the funeral industry do not treat death as traditional.
A guided tour of the green tour by Ruth edbeers
Wood, she has considered the clothes she will be buried. It’s a long-
High collar shirt with long sleeves, velvet.
"It would be perfect if it was in winter," she said . ".
She added that although it does not have a zipper, it may be difficult to pull the body.
Angela Ragusa, 21year-
The old man, who grew up in the Memorial business, said she wanted "something simple" on the tombstone ".
She chose a black stone with rosary beads on it;
Although it is not so natural, it is more fashionable.
"Everyone wants black," she said . ".
I have struggled with rotten nightmares, weird sucking of flies, tunnel of worms and gnawing of rodents and think it's still better than cremation.
What is missing during cremation is clean, even spiritual.
By burial, you are an intimate, inseparable part of nature and a living and dead community.
It's a way for me to always belong to myself.
I decided to wear a short one.
At my funeral, there were long-sleeved navy dresses and small, timeless earrings.
It is much more difficult to choose the tomb.
At the moment, I think Albert Schweitzer's sentence is closest to expressing what I have learned in 31 years.
"Sometimes, our lights go out, but because of the encounter with another person, we are blown into an instant flame.
To put it simply, people need someone else.
This is both a thank you and a reminder to friends and strangers.
As for my grave, I chose GreenWood.
I found a place under the canopy of oak and maple trees on a series of winding roads.
It's enough from civilization to peace, but $22,000-a premium lot.
This is my dream plot.
It seems possible ten years later, but when I asked about the feasibility of my application, I was told
Five years, not ten years, the wood can actually be filled. (
I'm sure this is not the case with its urn garden. )
It seems I need a backup plan.
Luckily, I know another place with a room.
Half a mile in the dull brown gate, the front lawn of the Cypress Hill Cemetery was packed with people, and I left the driveway and walked along a split path that was partially embedded in the Earth.
I finally gave up the road and climbed a hill through a grave.
This cemetery is much more exposed than the green one.
Wood, less winding paths, smaller hills, no one
There are ponds and fountains, but there are quiet corners.
I was pulled up the hill by a huge, spreading tree, an elm tree or an oak tree, and I was not sure.
Under the great shadow stands a brown obelisk with a covered urn of bones;
Next to a woman's limestone statue, she had only one arm with Lily.
I looked at the graves in the fields below, imagining them crossing the season, autumn dotted with leaves, winter covered with snow, and then spring rotated with muddy puddles.
I imagined them as morning dew, sparkling water beads on the tomb, and I imagined how cold the air was at night in winter.
Of course, there are crickets, cicadas and birds.
The cemetery has never been completely quiet.
The leaves under the tree rustle like shells.
In the distance, I can hear the grunt of the car on Jackie Robinson Avenue.
I sat down and leaned back on the tree.
No guide, no tourists, no strangers.
I'm alone in my sanctuary.
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